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  • Robert W.19 October 2004
    Modernized for a new fairy tale generation!
    I have said before and I will confess again, I am just a sucker for the Disney cutesy live action movies. Princess Diaries, Freaky Friday, Parent Trap. They are predictable but always fun and light hearted and humorous. It's a recipe for film that has worked for Disney far longer than any of us care to think about. In saying that I am not a Hillary Duff fan, although she seems multi talented, her characters never change and her scope as an actress will seemingly be limited to Lizzie McGuire for the rest of her career.

    A Cinderella Story is exactly what one would expect. It's a retelling of the old classic fairy tale with the modern day twist but director Mark Rosman, who has really nothing to claim fame to does a terrific job at truly modernizing the story without coming across as stupid or blatantly obvious. Duff plays Sam, a girl who's father is tragically taken from her after marrying a wicked woman played perfectly hideously by Jennifer Coolidge, you can't help but despise her in this role. She is accompanied by her two daughters, Brianna and Gabriella who are spoiled little brats that like to make Sam's life a living hell. Sam's "wicked stepmother" takes over Sam's father's pride of joy, his diner and turns into her own little cash cow while keeping her late husband's staff on to torture them. She always makes Sam grind her fingers to the bone in between school classes working in the diner. Sam has an online boyfriend whom she's never met, there is a school dance in which he wants to meet her, he turns out to be Mr. Popular, she sneaks out having to be back at the diner for twelve before her stepmother finds out. The rest of the story unfolds as you might expect.

    As with all live action cutesy Disney type films, the cast shines...yes even Duff. She's too goody for her own good which works in this case as you feel sorry for her. Her surrogate family, the diner staff are delightful and funny and they help us root for the underdog. Rhonda played by Regina King, who has been some great family movies ie: Mighty Joe Young, and Daddy Day Care is perfect as Sam's protector and Fairy Godmother you might say?? And Chad Michael Murray is great as her Saviour and Prince Charming. The best part of this film is the way the retelling is handled. It's not done in such a way that you are blatantly watching another rehashing of an old fairy tale but rather handled delicately and done in such a modern way that you think to yourself "Hey that's almost like Cinderella." You actually feel for each character the way you are supposed to feel, and you want to see each and every one get what they deserve and incidentally they all do which leaves you satisfied and happy with the film.

    This movie won't rake in any critical acclaim but it's fun and you'll enjoy it if you like this style of movie. I suggest checking it out!! 7/10
  • sportsman20312 March 2005
    Perfect romantic comedy
    I thought this movie was a funny and a romantic chick flick. Hilary Duff is one of my favorite actresses and she plays a perfect Sam in this movie. This movie is pretty predictable but still fun to watch. If your bored one day go to the video store and check this movie out. It is very interesting to watch from beginning to end. Chad Micheal Murray is a great Austin for this movie and has what it takes.I never get sick of watching this movie.Every character in this movie was the right pick.I'm so glad Hilary played Sam instead of somebody else.If you are not interested in this movie, at least give it a chance! From a scale 1-10 i give this movie a 8. Two thumbs up!
  • cassandramusicred24 June 2005
    A lovely movie
    Warning: Spoilers
    I personally loved this movie and cried like as many times as I saw this movie. I saw this movie about 10 times. Still seems like a surprise every time I see this Beautiful spirited movie. This Cinderella Story has a modern twist like no other. Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray were great actors in this love story. This Love is about a girl that loses her father but then meets the worst woman if her life and her two stepsisters. But then she takes control of her life. Samantha(Duff) showed girl power and her true colors in the end of the movie towards Austin (Murray) and Fiona (Jennifer Cooliedge). This movie inspires many people to go for their future and dreams and to find their true love of their life.
  • Kaylee Perez13 February 2005
    Sweet, and heart warming
    Your perfect family film. Has your normal crushes and such. Lots of self confidence, and showing how much you need your friends. That timeless, and useful quote, "never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game"...after I saw that movie, and heard that line, i changed my lifestyle of leaving everything, calm , boring, and not the way i wanted it. I was afraid that I wouldn't be accepted if i didn't do a certain thing, or if I did a certain thing. I was wrong, and this movie, strange as it may sound, gave me the nerve to do some things I never would have done on my own. Definitely something to see if your feeling left out, or need something that will show you, that dreams can come true.
  • gorejuice5 May 2005
    Cracking, feel-good fabulousness!
    A fantastic interpretation of an age old classic. This movie has it all, with a modern spark.

    Every aspect of the original story has been taken into account and even added to.

    But also, for the guys, hot chicks galore, and for the girls, fit AND soulful blokes.

    A rockin' soundtrack and slick feel to the whole film, with the obligatory heart-wrenching sorrow of our heroine's father's death and the hatred (oh, such hatred!) of the wicked step- mom, what more do you need for today's Cinderella lovin' breed.

    A great film to be enjoyed by the whole family.

    Massive thumbs up from OUR whole family.
  • triple823 May 2005
    It was actually better then I thought it would be.
    Warning: Spoilers

    Man do people hate this movie!!!! I guess I could See why. Oscar winner it ain't. But there are so many movies that are worse then this. I gave this a 6 which normally means OK maybe but not really that great. In this case, though, I guess my review will Be a Mostly positive one-because this was actually many points better then I ever dreamed it would be.

    First off I watched this when I was sick-now I have done that, in the past with other movies and they've put me to sleep. Cinderella Story kept my attention nicely. This movie, to me, didn't seem bad or dreadful-just unoriginal. There was not a lot of creativity that went into this, it's just basically the retelling of Cinderella high school style. But I moderately enjoyed it. I was aware, when I was watching it, that I wasn't watching anything particularly new or different, just a sweet little movie. And I can say I even liked this a bit.

    People have complained this isn't original but I actually think that's a plus. My fear was that they'd turn the story of Cinderella into an action movie. I mean Hollywood lately especially, HAS been known to do things like that. But the story's basically the same and although I'd have not originally thought of Duff for this role she's actually pretty good in it. Chad Michael Murray, who played Austin was good as well, although he looked about 5 or 10 years older then Duff but he was good in the role.

    The movie does contain a few laugh out loud funny lines and best of all, you know what's gonna happen before it happens so you can relax and enjoy yet another version of a timeless classic. This movie is nowhere near at the level of a movie like Ever After, and I honestly could not give it above a 6, but it's very much fun to watch at times and clearly not made with the makers expecting Oscars. I'd say if your in the right mood, give it a chance. My vote's 6 of 10.
  • ken_14813 December 2005
    Great Viewing Experience
    As an "old" fan of the Parent Trap, both editions but liked the modern version the best, I found this movie captivating and a must have for my limited movie collection. I love the modern story and the use of the "you have mail" symbolism. I am still emotionally high on the experience and I am watching parts of it daily for spurts of energy, romance and fantasy into my otherwise interesting but routine life. My granddaughters are laughing at me because I even bought the sound track and played it in the car when I picked them up at school. "You don't even like that kind of music", is all I hear from them through their laughter. I am determined to "like" the music at least half as much as I love the movie. Wish there would have been more buildup, ie, details of the instant message relationship and more focus on the Prince and Cinderella, their feeling and emotions before and after the ball. If your parents, grandparents or other "old" people you know, were fans of the Parent Trap, or Ever After, please find a way to get them to watch this movie. Tell them an old retired Army Colonel recommended it.
  • Charles Kelvin5 June 2005
    Unexpectedly Emotional and Hilarious!
    Well, I thought that this movie is just some teen romance flick that will not emphasize so much on feeling. Fortunately, it turns out unexpectedly. The feeling in this movie is so appealing and sensible. It is not just merely the fantasy story of Cinderella that one would have expect it to be. At least I can feel the emotions and the romance. For a romance movie, I don't expect it to be as great as Titanic, but this movie is just fine. Besides, this movie also brings forth many messages that would be useful to youth nowadays and I consider it to be very educational. The most important message in this movie I personally think is 'nothing is impossible if you just believe' and 'the fear of being rejected' as these messages are vital in the life as a teenager nowadays. Overall, this movie fulfill most of the important aspects that one movie should have. It has a good plot and well-acted by the casts. The casts managed to express their character well and this is quite remarkable as most of them are young actors like Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray. This movie also has an appropriate soundtrack to go with it. One more thing, this movie is surely hilarious and I think most of the people will like it. With all the mentioned features, one will remain seated until the entire movie ends. Quite a good movie!!!
  • Brandt Sponseller13 August 2006
    Great as a Cinderella story; just so-so as a high school rom-com
    I haven't looked at other reviews of A Cinderella Story yet, but especially because it's a Hilary Duff film, I'd expect there to be a lot of scathing comments. That's because Hilary Duff is, or was, at least, popular with tweens and teens, and lots of slightly older folks have a tendency to hate commercial or popular stuff just because it's commercial or popular. Of course, they find other ways to justify their effectively institutional hatred of this stuff, and I'd guess that the main complaint would be the clichéd and predictable nature of the material here.

    And that's true. A Cinderella Story is clichéd and predictable, but that's not a great reason to dislike it. It is a Cinderella story, after all--it tells you right there in the title--retooled as a contemporary Los Angeles-area high school romance-comedy. We all know the Cinderella story fairly well. And any film fan at least old enough to almost be through with high school is surely familiar with the clichés of rom-coms and high school films. Most of us could write the basics of A Cinderella Story's plot without even seeing the film's trailer. So for adults, at least, A Cinderella Story is going to be successful or not dependent on how well it hikes its well-trodden path.

    For me, the best material was the more traditional Cinderella-based stuff. Jennifer Coolidge (voluptuously) fills the role of the wicked stepmother. I like Coolidge a lot. She has tremendous charisma and performs her infamous, quirky sarcastic act here with verve. I also like Duff. The two actresses playing Duff's stepsisters were new to me, but just as charismatic as Coolidge. Director Mark Rosman quotes some of the cartoonish visual gags of Disney's Cinderella (1950) more than I expected, and it works amazingly well. It's one element that pushes the film into a welcomed, absurd-surreal territory.

    What didn't work as well for me was the material when Rosman and credited writer Leigh Dunlap forgot about doing a pumped up remake of Cinderella. Too much of A Cinderella Story deals with Sam's (Duff) budding cyber-romance, her typical high school problems and the caricatured, stereotypical high school cliques. It's not that these other segments are bad, exactly, but they just don't have the spark or humor that the Cinderella material has, and especially for something like the cliques, we've seen this tens of times before. These scenes would be right at home if we edited them into any of those other films or television shows--sometimes I had to remind myself that I wasn't watching, say, a Cordelia scene from the first season of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997).

    So A Cinderella Story has a bit of a split personality--as a funny and wacky remake of Cinderella and as a far less humorous, pretty generic "getting through adolescence and finding yourself" message film. That After-School-Special-styled message may be a worthy one, but intercut with a great version of Cinderella, it doesn't quite fit, even though Rosman does finally start to find a unique and admirable groove while still alternating modes towards the end of the film.
  • LFotF21 December 2004
    Fantastic retelling!
    Hilary Duff, Jennifer Coolidge, and Chad Michael Murray lead a stellar cast in this outstanding update of the classic tale. Great performances all around! Despite a few corny moments, the film does a great job of being genuinely funny. Chad does a good job, even better than in Freaky Friday! Jennifer's kooky humor adds to the merriment as do the excellent supporting roles by Dan Byrd and Regina King.

    Hilary is fantastic. She steals every scene! A truly remarkable, and talented young lady! The soundtrack is absolutely amazing! Including Hilary's fantastic renderings of Crash World, The Girl Can Rock, Now You Know, and Anywhere But Here; Haylie Duff's One In This World; and the smash hit Our Lips Are Sealed by Hilary Duff and Haylie Duff.

    A great movie for any age group. Absolutely hilarious!
  • megagob200426 February 2006
    it is great
    It is a wonderful film. And if you are like me and think that Chad Michael is fit (which he is) then you will like it. It is funny and a good film to watch. I have watched it over 20 times and i normally won't watch i film more that twice. So i would say if you like funny, romantic, girlie film then you will enjoy it. I don't think many boys would enjoy it though. It is easy to understand and is well written. I think that it is a bit to like Cinderella though. But otherwise i think that every girl should see it.:) I hope if you get it that you enjoy like i have. So have fun watching it. Sorry if this review is not that good, i am not good with reviews
  • lisafordeay1 October 2010
    A cute teenage romantic comedy based on the Cinderella tale
    I got this on DVD and I used to be obsessed with it as I watched it every day but my DVD of it broke so now I have it on VHS and I really liked it.

    Hilary Duff plays Sam Montgomery a girl who's dad died in the earthquake and she lives with her Barbie plastic stepmother from hell Fiona(Jennifer Coolidge) and her two bratty step sisters Brianna & Gabriella.

    She meets a guy online who she doesn't even know and they decide to meet at the Halloween dance. The thing is that the secret admirer is no other than Austin Ames(Chad Micheal Murray) who is the school's quarter backer and he is dating Shelby Cummings who Sam's best friend Carter secretly fancies.

    Of course she goes as Cinderella and meets Austin Ames who she becomes smitten with.But will he love her if he finds out that she is the diner girl??.

    The cast was cute especially Chad Micheal Murray who was adorable and Hilary Duff who was a great actress. The music is grand and the whole plot is a teenage version of Cinderella.

    A great film to watch on a lazy afternoon with your mates or if you want something to watch by yourself.

    I'll give it an 8/10
  • livelaughlove52821 January 2006
    loved it.
    Warning: Spoilers
    I really am a sucker for cute Disney movies; especially ones like this...This is definitely one of those movies that you can watch over and over again and never get sick of it...even though I know what to expect. This kind of reminds me of my school football team because we won both of our "big" this year and we even won the state championships...anyway back to the movie... some parts brought tears to my eyes and others i coudn't stop laughing. This movie also taught me that if you just believe in yourself anything in life can happen. Hilary Duff is one of my favorite actresses. All in all if you haven't seen this movie you should watch it because it turned out to be one of my favorite movies of all Disney ones.
  • dramaqueen4968-129 May 2005
    Great Great Movie for kids and adults!
    Warning: Spoilers
    A Cinderella Story is a great feel good movie that is not just for girls aged 8-16. This movie is almost stereotypical as a nothing teen flick, but by all means its the best Cinderella adaptation I have seen in quite some time. Using more modern things, such as a cellphone instead of a shoe and a convertable instead of a chariot, it makes it much easier to relate too. Cast does very well holding up the movie. Hilary Duff is like-able to kids and adults alike, as Chad Michael Murray will have kids and adults crushing on him. Big Time. Regina King does a great job as the Fairy Godmother type and Dan Byrd is a great comedic energy on the screen. Jennifer Coolidge, Andrea Avery and Madeline Zima do amazing as the villains and add some great comedy to the script! All in All, this movie was very good and all the characters had great chemistry. Much better than most expect! Definitely with a rental or buying! 10/10!
  • christian12328 December 2004
    Good but Predictable
    Hilary Duff stars in a modern remake of the popular fairy tale, except her Cinderella is a high school senior dealing with a self-obsessed stepmother ( Jennifer Coolidge) and two wicked stepsisters. When she meets her "prince charming" online at a Halloween dance, she has to leave their date in a hurry, leaving him her cell phone as the only clue to her true identity.

    A Cinderella Story tells the oldest story in the book and it's actually not that bad. Sure, it's unoriginal and lame but there are some original lines and fun characters. Hilary Duff is the star and she gives a good performance. She isn't about to win an Oscar or anything but it was a convincing performance. Chad Michael Murray plays her love interest and he gives an okay performance. There is a problem between Chad and Hilary though, they don't really have chemistry together. If they had more chemistry then the film would have been better but they both play likable characters so it's not all bad. The supporting actors are the real reason why this film works so well. Jennifer Coolidge steals the movie as the botox evil stepmother and she gives a pretty funny performance. Regina King is also pretty good as Rhonda and she offers a decent amount of laughs.

    Once you get by the good looking, mildly charming cast there isn't much else. Mark Rosman does a terrible job at directing the film, keeping it simple yet very dull. There may be a few original lines here or there but the film is pretty bland. The movie is only 95 minutes long so it's not too much of a pain to watch but it does drag during a few scenes. It is also unrealistic which is kind of surprising because this is a modern update of the story so you would expect it to be a lot more believable. Despite these flaws, the film was still mildly enjoyable and it was pretty harmless as well. It was also a lot better than Chasing Liberty and New York Minute. In the end, fans of the genre should enjoy the movie but it's more on the forgettable side. Rating 6/10
  • supersarah14927 December 2005
    The cutest film ever
    From reading other peoples comments on this film, in all honesty i must say i am very disappointed. In my opinion A Cinderella Story is a fabulous film. The setting is really good, and be transferring it to a modern setting, it made the original story even better. Hilary Duff as Sam 'Cinderella' was brilliant but the only problem was that Hilary is very pretty so how could none of the guys at school except that freaky drama guy never have noticed her before? Also would like to add her dress was absolutely amazing. Chad Michael Murray was the perfect Prince Charming, absolutely gorgeous. It made all the girls watching jealous of Hilary when she got her kiss. Chad and Hilary were the perfect couple, as the boys would fantasise about Hilary and the girls about Chad. Overall I must say this film was brilliant and a cool teenage comedy. Any one who disagrees has me to answer to as they are clearly stupid!
  • Roland E. Zwick15 November 2005
    utterly lame teen comedy
    "A Cinderella Story" is yet another instance of Hollywood taking a classic fairy tale from the Middle Ages and doing it up in modern dress. This one is set in the "Valley Girl" world of snooty bitches and pimply-faced teens, where love blooms in internet chat rooms, and romantic encounters are reduced to an endless exchange of poorly spelled and ungrammatical text messages.

    The story begins in the 1994 San Fernando Valley when Sam's deliriously happy childhood is shattered by the sudden death of her father in the Northridge earthquake of all things (I wish I were kidding about this, but I'm not), leaving her to suffer under the iron fists of a wicked stepmother and two equally repulsive stepsisters. (One wonders what Sam's lights-out time must have been, since the quake in the film occurs while her father is reading her a bedtime story - a bit odd considering that the actual shaker took place at 4:35 in the morning). The film quickly moves to the present day, where we encounter a teenaged Sam living a life of sheer, unadulterated drudgery, while still yearning for that fairy tale prince to ride into the scene and take her away from it all.

    To more comfortably accommodate the contemporary setting, all the magical elements of the story have been effectively eliminated and only the romantic clichés remain. Thus, the fairy godmother has been converted into a sassy waitress who watches over Sam and provides her with the gown she needs at that crucial Cinderella moment; the ball has become a high school Halloween dance; the glass slipper has morphed into a left-behind cell phone (though little is actually ever done with that); and Prince Charming is no longer the heir to an entire kingdom but rather a hunky quarterback with dreams of going to Princeton (ha ha) against his father's expressed wishes.

    Hilary Duff doesn't exactly embarrass herself in the role of Cinderella, but she is forced to struggle with a screenplay overflowing with annoying, over-the-top stereotypes and teen romance banalities. And the movie boasts a penultimate scene at the big championship football game that will have the girls in the audience sighing with satisfaction - and the boys groaning in pain.

    With one preposterous scene after another, this lame and insipid, by-the-numbers concoction is an insult to thinking teens everywhere.
  • Kristinartist7924 July 2004
    Hillary Duff was perfect for this part!
    This was a great movie! Hillary Duff is great for this part! All of the other cast are great! This movie was funny and entertaining throughout the movie! I have not seen too many movies with Duff, but I would love to see more! I found the part where the step mother and the step sisters had to work cleaning the diner to be hysterical! I liked laughed through the film! That actress that played Fionna, I forgot her name but I have not seen her that much. She is funny. I loved the line where one of the mean girls in school said, "What can I get that has no carbs, no fat and no calories, (or something like that) and she says, "Water!" She looked very pretty in her costume at the party! Overall, I loved the film!
  • tkn2005lp28 February 2005
    Predictable and Boring
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is your ordinary Hilary Duff movie. Overwhelmed with innocent, cutesy-cutesy, girlie-ness. The plot is simple. Sam (Hilary Duff) is miserable. Her father died in an earthquake when she was little (wow! real creative!) Her stepmothers and stepsisters make her work. She falls in love with a football jock, Austin Ames (Chad Michael Murray) by instant messaging, and he doesn't know it's her. They meet at the school dance, and she has to leave by the stroke of midnight so her stepmother won't find out that she wasn't working at the diner...then she drops her cell phone on her way (which is a replacement for a glass slipper...cute), and Austin tries to find her, and blah blah blah, you know the story.

    That's just how the whole story went. SO unbelievably, disgustingly predictable. Of course, the beautiful blonde Miss Hilary Duff HAS to go out with the handsome blonde Chad Michael Murray. It's meant to be. And then there are the "popular" crew...the guys are all big dumb jerks, and the girls are all beautiful, snobby, bitches. And then Austin Ames, who's supposed to be the MOST popular guy in the whole school, is this totally nice, down to earth guy.

    Of course, it's always the popular people who are so mean and evil. Every cheap tween movie has that. And it's weird, really, any bozo can see that Sam is just as beautiful as those girls in the popular crowd. And with a likable personality. Maybe they could've made it a great movie, by casting an ugly, weird girl as the part of Sam. That would've made it at least realistic. The stepmother and stepsisters are overly done. No one like those people exist. Especially the evil stepsisters. Seriously, fans, I ask you, are there people who really act like that? Come on, they're just there to make Hilary Duff look good.

    The reason why I gave this movie a 2 (pretty generous of me, huh?) is because, I guess for Hilary Duff's fans, and some little girls under 10, it is an enjoyable movie. Normal, cute, predictable, plot with a normal, cute, predictable ending, I guess. If you're looking for that kind of movie, then Hilary Duff would be a good Sam. She's normal, cute, and predictable. Maybe not with the best acting, but not embarrassing either. She recorded some songs on the Soundtrack, and anyone can see she's no singer (if I hear that helium whiny voice again, I'm seriously gonna snap), but she's likable, because in every movie, she plays the good part. The innocent part.

    But if you ask me, it was a cheap, boring, tween movie, that made me laugh SO much (though not intentionally) with all the worn-out stereotypes.
  • luciogirl24 December 2004
    A cute, modern twist on a timeless classic...
    Although, I agree that Yes, this movie is quite cheesy. It is a cute movie. For the girly-girl in all of us, it isn't a tear-jerker but it isn't laugh out loud. I rate it 7 out of 10. Hilary Duff is not my favourite actress...yet by far...however, she pulls this one off. Slightly. But I would rather her in this movie than Ms. Wannabe Teen Queen Lindsay Lohan. I mean, come got a boob job honey, we all know. I applaud Hilary for being herself and not feeling pressures to go under the knife. I think that this movie shows girl power to the fullest, and when Hilary's character 'Sam' stands up and tells off her step-mom, it really shows how far confidence can go. Also, when she tells Chad Micheal-Murray's character where to go, I applauded her. I also think that this quote in the movie, is a great message: NEVER LET THE FEAR OF STRIKING OUT, KEEP YOU FROM PLAYING THE GAME.
  • livewire-625 July 2004
    I slept like Sleeping Beauty
    About the only thought and imagination that went into the making of "A Cinderella Story" was the name of the main character, played by the ubiquitous Hilary Duff. (Translation: she's everywhere these days.)

    Duff's character is called Sam Montgomery, and if you're a boomer like me, you should immediately realize that this is an amalgam of Elizabeth Montgomery and her TV role as Samantha Stevens on "Bewitched".

    Oh, and the glass slipper is replaced by a cell phone. How very 21st century.

    Apart from that, "A Cinderella Story" is so faithful to the original fairy-tale plot -- even when it flies in the face of what we now accept as logical and psychological -- that the film becomes mind-numbingly boring and as bland as the diner Sam's father founded (the interior is as pink as Pepto Bismol).

    The main problem, I think, is that the wicked stepmother (Jennifer Coolidge) and her daughters are made out to be vile and mean and cruel and stupid, but are given no reason to be so -- no motivation, as they say in the acting biz. Add to this the cruelty of just about every teenager at Sam's school, and it's all a bit much to take. Even the "prince" in this story is a spineless scumbag who doesn't deserve "Cinderella".

    I was disappointed that Sam didn't see the light and choose her nerdy male sidekick instead. (P.S. He looks uncannily like Velma in "Scooby-Doo".)

    The only other bright spot in the film is Sam's "fairy godmother", a Black waitress named Rhonda. Like the song says, "Help me, Rhonda!" -- and help she does.

    If you're going to remake Cinderella, at least give it a new twist that will rattle the audience's cage. Unfortunately, this "Cinderella Story" knocked me out like Sleeping Beauty -- and didn't even provide a prince worth waking up for.
  • ha-how8 December 2004
    If your a female u must see this!!!!
    My friend and i went to see this movie 3 times in the cinema, not just because Chad Michael Murray was in it, but because it was one of those feel-happy films. We took our boyfriends to see this as well and they secretly admitted to enjoying it!

    Although some parts of it were quite corny, the movie wouldn't have been the same with out it, its an American chick flick, what can i say? The acting was better than expected and to be honest the cast were pretty good looking too!!! So good acting and gorgeous actors make a god damn good combination and gives plenty of reason for this movie to be seen!!!

    Definitely have a girlie night in with this movie (don't forget the chocolate)!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • katiebug614314 July 2004
    grasping at straws...
    Did we really need one more "cinderella type" story this decade? Between "Chasing Liberty", " The PRince and Me", and "The Princess Diaries" I believe that we may have that genre sufficiently covered. Like the rash of teenybopper horror movies from the late 1990's , this movie continues to beat the dead horse of an increasingly younger and more immature teen scene flick epidemic. Aside from all that, this has to be the least oscarworthy screen jaunt that I have even encountered. Hilary Duff has managed to play Lizzie Mc Guire in every movie she has been in. Her over the top valley girlesque persona is, at best, flat and lifeless. Chad Michael Murray, as cute as the boy is, has stooped to new lows. It is obvious that he is far too old for the movie, plus this is a complete departure of anything that Murray is qualified to play. The football player is a stretch for someone who is so in tune with his bad boy image. Overall, I would not recommend this movie for anyone over the age of ten. Ignorance comes with youth, and in this case ignorance to decent movie making is,without a doubt, bliss.
  • dvadinga2 July 2005
    This movie is awesome!!!
    This movie is fantastic. It is the classic Cinderella that we all know and love with a modern twist. You do not have to like Hilary Duff to see this movie, but her amazing acting skills help. She adds so much life to the screen that you would not have had if the lead role was played by someone like Lindsay Lohan. (nothing against Lindsay) Jennifer Cooliage is also very funny is this movie. And Chad Michael Murray just scored another gig. Hilary and Chad had great chemistry on screen. But Hilary Duff shined the most. She is untouchable in this movie as she always is. This movie has a great message. (not that it needed one) And it's a great family film. Not that I would want to watch it with my family. I prefer to watch a lot of movies by myself so I cannot be influenced. If you have not yet seen A Cinderella Story, go out and buy it right now!
  • hilrocks3 September 2006
    True fairytale
    This is just an amazing movie. I've watched it about 10 times, and I still like it so much! Hilary is just awesome and Chad is very good to. My cousin and I play sometimes some scenes. Like this one:

    Carter: "Yellow means slow down not speed up." Sam: "I need the Fast and the Furious not Driving miss Daisy!"


    Sam: "I'm late." Austin: "Fot what?" Sam: "Reality."

    Love it. It's fun and romantic. The perfect fairy tale. I've seen it that much, but I've still got to cry and the end.. Hilary plays it so well. Chad looks cute. They're both very good actors. Keep up the good work.
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