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  • lor_11 October 2020
    Hardly worthy of its director Bud Lee's movie resume, this is the usual bottom-end slop from Sin City's gonzo division, credited to its subsid Sinister Productions.

    Insulting title is irrelevant, as we have prominently featured the busty, sexy (and outspoken) Brit import Layla Jade as well as several Oriental actresses, a specialty in Bud Lee's universe.

    He interviews them, with the actresses introducing their vignettes, but what counts of course is the yawn-inducing mechanical sex that results.

    A funny moment comes during some sex when Bud is heard saying: "Jane, did you get this?", as both he and Jane Waters were manning the cameras. Jane Waters is a man (a la Alice Cooper) and I hadn't wondered about the specifics of his masquerade until hearing good old Bud call him by the fake name in real time.