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  • While in Mech Commander the player commands a whole unit in an effort to recapture Port Arthur, a planet which has been occupied by the ruthless Clan Smoke Jaguar, Mechwarrior 3 takes you to Clan Space, light years beyond the known space of the Inner Sphere.

    Operation Bulldog is all about showing the Clans that the Inner Sphere, although technologically inferior to the Clans, are more than a match for any of the best Clan Mechwarriors. To this end, the fiercest of the invading Clans has been targeted for utter annihilation.

    As part of a deep strike force, you are to land on the planet Huntress, a Smoke Jaguar home world, and round up the last of their leaders to make sure the Smoke Jaguar threat is ended once and for all. One of their commanders however, won't go down with a fight.

    As in true Battletech style, your lance is one of the few who survived their landing approach, you'll have to scavenge and salvage if you want to see it through to the end. On the way, other Mechwarriors who survived the disastrous landfall join up and eventually you'll lead a full Battlemech lance into combat.

    Almost every mission has you taking out strategic positions. Be they above or under ground, or even inside a Geothermal power plant.

    As a Mechwarrior game, this has been the first and only who showed fairly realistic damage and weapon effects, as well as good texturing on the 'Mechs itself. The terrain, however, was very dull. One of my favorites concerning 'Mech sounds and weapon effects. As a player, you really get the feeling that you are piloting an awesome weapon of war, towering high above most vehicles. The music, however, was very, very dull.