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  • MR_Heraclius23 February 2020
    It may be unfair to say, but its easily admitted that the most interesting ploy this film can rely on was the media storm surrounding "THE affair" that led to "THE Hollywood couple to be" Brangelina. As a matter of fact, the film is actually rather good and the playful yet genuine chemistry berween Pitt and Jolie excuses the ludicrous plot and reliance on marketing gimmicks. The film really isn't a serious one, but it is a sexy one.
  • This is a daaaamn fun movie! Heh. To all the critics, yes, there are a lot of explosions, gunfire, unrealistic battles, plenty of times where you think "they MUST have been hit by a bullet by now..there is noo effin way...", and over-dramatized violence, but there's plenty of good stuff too that should not be ignored.

    Probably the best part about this movie is the couple. I know it's been said before, but it's so true that I'm gonna repeat: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have incredible chemistry. It's no wonder they're still together today. Even when the movie couple, John and Jane Smith, where in their "off period" of marriage, you could feel something between the two. They are an amazing screen couple, they work incredibly well together. Their dialogue is just right...when one says something to the other, it's smooth and real. And of course, Pitt and Jolie are both extremely attractive, so they're fun to watch. Haha.

    The plot is all right..nothing extraordinary. It's a typical action movie plot, simple enough to leave plenty of room for the battle shots and violence. Nothing special. The dialogue wasn't bad, it wasn't lame action movie words. No stupid puns or anything. There was really nice cinematography, some shots that really were stunning. Usually the emotional aspect of action movies is dense and easy, cliché and boring, but I liked it in this movie. You could tell that they really loved each other, yet at the same time were committed to their jobs. You could feel the conflict.

    I own this movie and I'm glad I do. It's a good time. I recommend it.
  • This is a very funny movie. Brad Pitt is excellent as the frustrated Spy/Husband. Angelina Jolie is as beautiful as she can be and plays the role wonderfully. All very tongue in cheek and enjoyable to watch.
  • Since going through most recent action movies is like chewing through cardboard, Mr. and Mrs. Smith is pleasantly energetic for an action flick. Mr. Smith and Mrs. Smith is good fun, and does a decent job of satisfying the occasional need for summer-movies.

    The effectiveness of the film lies in the exploration of what happens to a failing marriage when the couple are at their wits end ... and ... for the first time, come to realize that the other is a professional assassin ... and ... subsequently push the ceiling on what is termed 'spousal abuse' ... and ... of course, get to play with guns.

    The success of the film, however, lies in how Jolie and Pitt actually bother to exercise some of their acting talent. They look like they are having fun, and genuinely enjoy the other (surprise! surprise!). The chemistry is good, and the actors are super sexy, which is always a plus for any film.

    The movie fails, naturally, when the ending summarily degenerates into what is expected of action-fare, the shootouts, gun battles, and kisses. Enjoyable, nonetheless, even on its final wonky legs.

    (Note: it is also a shame that in a film with so much shooting that no one gets to shoot Mr. Vince Vaughn. My, is that guy a terrible actor who can't resist hiding himself.)
  • thefilmguru-320 October 2006
    I find it quite hard to..i don't know..analyse this movie.

    On one hand this could be a masterpiece, with the swirling clever cinematography and the obvious chemistry between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (as they hitched up in real life during the filming). But, on the other hand, this is a stupid film, just an action flick, trying to be emotional and meaningful but turned out trying to be a blockbuster.

    I hope you see what i mean. I have rated this film 7, because of the reasons above, as the clever cinematography mixed with some good fun comedy and watchable action can't be that harmless can it. Can it? See for yourself.
  • tvgirljen25 May 2005
    I saw an advance screening of this movie tonight, and I must say it far exceeded my expectations! Of course, due to the stars involved I knew there'd be sex appeal. And due to the advertising I knew there'd be plenty of stuff "gettin' blowed up real good." But what I wasn't expecting was the tongue in cheek jokes, dark humor, and respectable plot twist! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will only fuel rumors of their relationship with their performances - their chemistry on screen is scintillating, to say the least. The allure of each actor as an individual is undeniable, but when they're together, whether getting busy or getting pummeled, the screen fairly sizzles. It's a popcorn, Hollywood movie, of course, and you'll have to get past the fact that the two leads are the only two among many professional killers who seem to be decent shots! But the action is kickin, the acting well above par, the leads luminous, the plot is lots of fun, and the laughs are plenty. Enjoy! I sure did...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    My God, is everyone who reviews this movie here brain damaged? This movie's plot crosses the believability line halfway through the feature and never returns. I like action but I hate action that is this blatantly dumb. I thought movies like "Sahara" rewrote the dumb action book but this trash just adds too the new low.

    SPOILERS - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Why on earth did their respective agencies try and secretly set them up to face each other instead of just flat out eliminating them with bullets to the head at their offices? It's a good thing those agencies sent hit men by the dozens who couldn't shoot straight. This whole plot was extraordinarily dumb.
  • John Smith and Jane Smith has the perfect marriage. Well, not quite so perfect. And they've been keeping secrets from each other. They work for rival firms that do outsourcing work for the CIA. (Sadly, this would be better if viewers didn't know this for the first twenty minutes of the film, but the previews already gave it away.)

    Based on the preview, I thought this would be a Pitt-Jolie lovefest. I have enjoyed many of Pitt's films but not so many of Jolie's. And together, it was like a showcase of perfection for the American masses. Do I need to be reminded I'll never be handsome or rich? (Some will say movies help us escape this, and maybe it does, but still...)

    My concerns were unfounded. This movie is well-acted, well-directed and well-written. The story is layered and brilliant, as well as quite funny. The direction fits well. The acting is superb, some of the best from Brad Pitt yet. And the explosions and gunfire and things breaking and high-tech gadgets? Very nice - someone put a lot into this film and/or has some natural talent I hope we see more of in Hollywood.

    I don't know if this film is PG-13 or R. I heard it was PG-13 because a sex scene was cut. Well, let me say: you should have kept the scene and kept the R. With all the excessive violence (really over the top) and the cussing, a little smut isn't going to make much difference. I mean, as an action film, I expect a solid R rating (look at Bruce Willis and "Die Hard" or "Hostage").

    No real complaints about this movie. I really want to say something bad, but I cannot. I was entertained the whole time and found the film very persuasively believable. I don't know who wrote or directed this (I guess I could check, but I didn't) but they just scored points in my book. Unless it was Michael Bay, but I'm pretty sure he had nothing to do with this.
  • Movies, like books, can't be judged by the packaging. When it came out in '05, the reviews were above average, but didn't appear to ring everybody's chimes so I avoided seeing it.

    Buying the DVD seemed like a safe bet when it came out. It had lots of action and two marquee stars. But having been burned buying movies I hadn't seen - Sideways, Lost In Translation (O.K., not burned but a bit disappointed) - I passed. I'd wait till it dropped below $10.

    Time passed and now it's on T.V. I happened to be flipping channels when I stumbled on its opening scene at the marriage councilor. Right away I was hooked. It had the marriage milieu nailed in a few minutes, like Orson Welles in Citizen Kane: the awkward questions and answers, the poorly disguised discomfort, the seething resentment.

    It got even better with the banality of home life: the glaring silences, the perfunctory politeness, the stilted discourse, the hidden frustration, ennui, equivocation, avoidance, and interior decorating conflicts. Maybe you actually have to be married to appreciate how true the representation was.

    Then the plot twists that accentuated the facade. More twists. Don't let your guard down for an instant, or you may get killed! The subtle, pleading moments. Like when Jane hangs up on him in the car. Additional twists and action all the way into a grand finale with scads of bullets, bombs, etc.

    Is the true love of shared experience beyond the banality of everyday life realized? Well, you have to see the movie.

    Yes, the plot is complicated, and sometimes doesn't make sense, like marriage, but on closer inspection reveals hidden reservoirs of true feeling and connection.

    I guess I had overlooked a great film, just like John and Jane had overlooked each other.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Where do I start? It looked promising, it had Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt co-starring in this picture: what could do wrong? Praised as one of 2005 sleeper hits, I never got the chance to see this movie at the cinema, but last month I managed to rent a copy of this movie on DVD. I like action movies(especially the late 80's/early 90's movies), so naturally I was excited, 2 hours later I was sitting on my chair wandering what happened and thinking: were they talking about another movie? Did I see a different movie? For those who don't know, Mr and Mrs Smith is about a married couple whom both are hit men working for different hit men companies without suspecting each other's secret lives. The premise alone sounds far-fetched, but the start is bad we are «introduced» to the characters who are comfortably sitting on couches both talking to the therapist about their ever decreasing romance,I sensed that something was terribly wrong when by the end of that extended scene I was feeling sleepy and clueless. I had no idea who were these characters, nor did I care for them. Eventually after they find out about their secret lives after a failed hit, they try to take each other out, only in the end to find out that by telling the truth it makes their marriage jolt back. It's so sweet when they settle their differences that you almost forget they are both hit men and that they don't seemed troubled by the mere though that they both killed for a living, but yeah, their marriage was going down the drain so t doesn't matter if they kill for a living(I'm being sarcastic). Even with all the action I was bored out of my skull nor did I find any of the gags funny. And wow, the way Columbia is portrayed in the movie is an example of scriptwriters being dumb as heck, why didn't Angelina Jolie say anything about this, after she works for the UN and all? The major insult was after they made up, their companies put a bounty on them and decided to track them down and take them out, it's just too bad their aiming and their larger numbers couldn't compare to Brad and Angelina's super-human speed,resistance,agility and superior marksmanship. Did I mention I had no idea whom were they exactly figthing against? We never know who they work for nor who employed them? They just randomly pop out to fight them. Oh and don't get me started on the characters, watching Brad Pitt and Angelina on this movie is painful, they have no chemistry whatsoever, Brad mumbles all his lines and Angelina is a predictable tomboy stereotype and one-trick pony. Vince Vaughn's jokes all fall flat, and why is that actor called The Tank? I've seen pizza delivery boys with a scarier look.To call these characters "comic book characters", is an insult to them. But why Brad? Why Angelina? Arnold Scharznegger(who can't act) and Jamie Lee Curtis(who's hardly a sex symbol)did so much better in True Lies. In the end, the movie is boring, childish, unfunny and a waste of time, being nothing more then tabloid fodder for two over-hyped actors. Ranks as one of the worst actions movies out there, and I've seen xXx 2: State of the Union and Alone in the Dark. The rental cost me 1.5€ and I would have felt cheated even if it was for free.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith was such a great film!!! The cast overall was phenomenal. Action packed, a love story and lots more that unravels throughout the film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Cheesy story, boring as-if action that's been done a million times, what else can I say, just lame Hollywood garbage at its finest. I'm glad I got to see this for free, because it was really a waste of time. There is only one good part, and that is when Mr. Smith hits a guy in the head with a golf club. Other than than the movie does not offer anything more than a few shots of Lip Lady (Jolie) in fish nets for all the guys who think she is hot (c'mon, she really is just plain freakish with all that plastic surgery) and some shots of Brad Pitt with his shirt off for all the 14 year old girls who will probably go see this movie for that reason alone. This movie would have been better if they would have actually killed each other, and thus, brought the film to an end after about 40 minutes. I gave Mr. & Mrs. Smith a 4/10 because at least it was produced well and had some decent stunts and special fx, but other than that, I would say it is almost as bad the The Matrix 2 and 3.
  • If you look at this film as merely another glitzy Hollywood spy thriller/spoof -- in the grand tradition of say OUR MAN FLINT or KINGSMAN -- then it is merely an "8". As in great writing, acting, direction, casting and generally a lot of fun.

    So far, so good.

    Here is the trick -- for viewers of the future, when we mere mortals have come and gone, but the IMDb lives on, this is better viewed as a time capsule.

    The two stars were, to under-state it -- at the peak of their fame and charisma. I recall from the time a survey which conclusively showed, for example, that Angelina was not merely the hottest woman in show business but possibly (these surveys tend to over-state) the hottest woman on the planet.

    (To be fair, they only surveyed living men. If the dead had also been allowed to vote, who knows, maybe Helen of Troy would have won?) And the Bradster was also at his peak.

    Once you understood the hidden and secret dynamic of the film, it becomes both iconic and classic, and will be entertaining viewers for a very very long time.

    (PS == watch Vince Vaughn before TRUE DETECTIVE, also of historical interest)
  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith is a story of a husband and wife who are working as assassins, unbeknownst to each other, and not surprisingly, are in therapy to save their marriage. Ironically, they both believe their lives together are too boring.

    John Smith (Brad Pitt) meets Jane (Angelina Jolie) while both are in danger of being exposed in a foreign country, while working. They are both experienced assassins at the time and go with the flow, and eventually falling for each other. Neither tells the other what they actually do for a living.

    Needless to say, they find each other out and both agencies who they work for, give the order to kill the other within 48 hours. Thus, the hijinx ensue. Both are vying for control and to discover how much the other actually knows. Upon finding that they both know everything, a full on mini-war begins.

    This movie has a little bit of everything. The Smiths are not without their humorous sides, especially Brad Pitt. Also, there are a few good fight scenes, between The Smiths along with some others. There are a few nice weapons to be admired here, as well as some very nice eye candy (I am talking about Miss Jolie, but I hear the ladies are fond of Brad, also). Also, I would like to give an honorable mention to Vince Vaughn as Eddie. I feel his performance was funny, but too small for this movie.

    This movie is a fun little romp through the house with some nice action scenes. Recommended if you would like a somewhat toned down True Lies. 8/10
  • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie play husband and wife "John and Jane Smith", a seemingly ordinary couple living in the suburbs, who each have a secret that they keep from each other: they're assassins for competing organizations. Their marriage is put to the test when they're assigned to kill each other, adding even more excitement to their romance.

    Mr. and Mrs. Smith isn't the best film of the summer but if you're looking for some mindless fun then this movie should fit the bill. It offers enough explosions and romance to engage the viewer and the film hardly ever gets boring. The script is the only thing that keeps the movie back from truly succeeding. It is riddled with holes and some large ones as well. Of course, they didn't even occur to me until the movie had finished. This shows that the film is quite engaging if it can take your mind off the problems with the story. The screenplay was written by Simon Kinberg and he was behind Elektra and XXX 2. So, it's no surprise the script is weak since he probably only focuses on the action sequences and not the actual plot and character development.

    The acting is pretty good and the actors make up for the weak script. Angelina Jolie offers a very good performances and she looks amazing on screen. Her co-star also gives a good and funny performance. Together, Pitt and Jolie have more than enough chemistry to carry the movie and the film works so well because of them. Vince Vaughn is the highlight of the supporting cast and his performance is pretty funny. His role may not be very big but every time he appears on screen, he manages to keep the audience laughing. Adam Brody gives a terrible performance and he isn't funny at all. Luckily, his role is small so he doesn't hurt the film too much.

    Doug Liman does a decent job behind the camera but I was expecting a little more since he also directed The Bourne Identity. He does a nice job with the action sequences and the film has a very nice style to it. However, the movie still felt a little ordinary and I don't think he really took full advantage of this interesting premise. If you do give the film a shot, keep in mind that this is a summer blockbuster and not an Oscar quality movie. It entertains the eyes and it won't make you think. In the end, Mr. and Mrs. Smith is worth checking out in theaters. Rating 7.3/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The film was a big disappointment. The actors and actresses did their jobs well - and they certainly are 'beautiful people' for the screen. But the screenplay was weak. The dialog was limited. The two main characters didn't have much to say to each other except "I'd rather be nowhere else, but right here with you."

    The film relied on the action/comedy formula of explosions, guns, and fast cars, with an occasional nifty quip, like "Those extra side doors (on a mini-van) really are handy."

    The screenplay does a poor job explaining the situations in which we find the characters. Why would two lovers try to kill each other? Any sane person would have tried to talk over the issues - but no - they try to kill each other and destroy their house while they are at it. This scene was excessive and went on for what seemed to be a protracted amount of time.

    Then they fall back in love and proceed to wipe out 52 black clad ninja assassins armed only with MP5 sub-machine guns and bullet-proof Kevlar vests. This was the other excessive and gratuitous scene that went on for a long time. There was also a car chase scene that was good - if you haven't already seen a movie with a car chase scene in it.

    There were a few comedic moments and the movie was two hours of entertainment - which is why I gave it three stars.

    But the screenplay has so many holes it leaks like a sieve. We are left with too many unanswered questions, e.g., what did Vince Vaughn's character decide to do at the end? Not kill his friend? Hire killers? Who do the Smiths work for? Why can't their agencies have them married and working together?

    On the plus side - Angelina fans almost get to see a nip - and there are plenty of gratuitous bust and leg shots. The S&M queen scene is 'bound' to please fans also.

    I'm glad the kids weren't with us. For excessive violence and adult situations the film should have been rated 'R'.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What a terrible movie. It reminded me a lot of "America's Sweethearts" because that starred A-list Hollywood actors trying to be funny in completely predictable and ridiculous situations. This movie is exactly the same, it has nothing new to offer. It is very standard formulaic fare, a popcorn movie of the worst sort, which is not even in the least bit amusing. Yes, both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are attractive actors, but that is about it. The rest of the movie is a waste and makes no sense at all.

    Their agencies send them on a hit to take each other out because they are married to each other?????? Did they not think that perhaps one MIGHT see the other and MIGHT not shoot them because they were MARRIED? Gee, that sounds like a solid plot. Or how about Jolie jumping off the roof while holding her handbag with one arm? I can take incredulous stunts, but not when they make fun of the audience. That was as bad as many of the ridiculous stunts in Charlie's Angels 2. And as many reviewers pointed out, they are apparently the only people their agencies employ who can shoot straight (didn't Schwartzenegger already do that to death in Commando?).

    And what about the bit when she said her "Temps" did all the cooking? So are we supposed to believe the temps had been living in their basement for 6 years delivering food via the magic elevator oven but Brad Pitt never noticed? What happened to his honed hit-man senses? And she has made 312 hits in the past and he never once wondered where she might be? Presumably if she dresses as a hooker for her MO, she would probably be better off whacking guys at night, but I guess old Brad is a sound sleeper. And why pick 312 anyway? That is an impossibly high number which equates to 1 a week for 6 years. Guess no one else ever figured out someone was offing people..... I know, I know, it was just a summer popcorn movie, but how about a little effort on the script? I mean the Jackal spent months, if not years, setting up his one single hit! I actually laughed out loud when she said 312, having just predicted the entire conversation.

    And I won't even start about the 97 guys dressed in black they whack, fortunately only Pitt and Jolie were smart enough to wear bulletproof vests whereas the trained assassins, (who had planned the raid), arrived wearing apparently bullet-seeking outfits, have never heard of cover, and whose strategy appears to be running into an endless spray of bullets. The entire movie was fantastically frustrating. There was no attempt to make any sense at all of the plot, even the beginning was ridiculous. The Columbian police were looking for a lone assassin, therefore because Jolie joins Pitt at the bar, it can't be her???? Come on, how about a little effort?!! There was not even any good humour, it was all the one-liner obvious put-down type.

    Just terrible. It's drivel, tripe, brutal. They made them out to be too cool, too tough, and too perfect, and all they ended up being was moronic, sickening, and smarmy.

  • This film is a hoot, after the of so serious (but enjoyable) Star Wars and KoH, Mr and Mrs Smith rollicks on to the screen for two hours of unbelievable but fabulous fun. Yes, I've read some of the other comments, I'd have to question whether some of these people really have been to the "preview screenings" they claim, or just seen the trailer and have an axe to grind, chip on their shoulder, etc.... their comments are always so general I can't help but feel they are basing their comments purely on the trailer.

    I saw it in a full house with cinema owners, industry and press - even the film critics came out with huge smiles on their faces, everyone had a great time, the script is full of great one liners, finally an action film that all our wives will enjoy as much as we simple boys.

    Doug Liman, thankyou.
  • From the opening scene with Pitt and Jolie and the unseen therapist, it was clear that this movie was going to be a cut above the usual fare. It did not disappoint. Sharp, witty, smart writing, excellent performances. I'm not a fan of either actor, especially Ms. Jolie, but I must admit they both impressed me in this one. Great support from Vince Vaughn as well. Effective soundtrack, too.

    The movie is like an extended metaphor for the trials and tribulations of modern marriage. Fortunately it does not lay its message on too thickly.

    Yes, it does have quite a few plot holes and is a bit long - but all in all I enjoyed it.

    PS - what happened to the "steamy sex scene" with Pitt and Jolie? Was it censored? The movie still worked well without it.
  • LostInFilmUK19 February 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    Story/Plot - John and Jane Smith (Brangelina) are nothing but a normal boring married American couple living in the suburbs. Little do they know that they each hide a shocking secret. They go about their daily lives, working run of the mill jobs, hold on a minute, who said being an assassin was run of the mill. Well secretly John and Jane are assassins working for rival companies. These companies task each Smith with a new target, their other half.

    Faced with the knowledge of having to eliminate their spouse John and Jane get to know more about one an other than they did in the time they were married. You will be surprised that they each make several attempts to take the hit on the other. Who will win, who will die, who will survive........................sorry I'm not going to spoil that bit for you, you need to watch it to find out.

    My verdict - Full of fights (winner of 2006 MTV Awards Best Fight), action and tension this film is sure to thrill you and keep you wanting more.

    I do recommend this film to action lovers and Brangelina lovers. Imagine if they really were assassins.

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt work well together as husband and wife in this film, portraying a normal couple with secrets. Top notch acting and an excellent screen play.
  • In the end of the day, "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" is a classic Hollywood production: big guns, fast paced action sequences, lots of punch lines that'll thrill the audience, and two stunningly beautiful lead actors (who somehow remain beautiful, despite all the mass destruction going around them throughout the second half of the film). The pre-release buzz regarding the dynamic duo's on screen chemistry is absolutely true: as a pair, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are even more sparkling and charismatic then when they are apart (on screen wise, I mean; don't know what's happening off-screen). As a matter of fact, I could have sworn I actually saw them shining during several parts of the film. Add that to director Doug Liman's unique, if controversial, directing techniques (with many of the stylistic action scenes followed by melodramatic music and sharp camera movements) - and you've got yourself a certified crowd pleaser, and the best action film to come on screen... well, since Liman's "The Bourne Identity" three years ago.

    The plot, for those of you who haven't already read about it in almost every form of magazine or internet site, revolves around a seemingly normal married couple: John (Pitt) and Jane (Jolie) Smith. The Smith's have been married for several years now, but apparently lost their initial passion to each other, replacing it with what seems to be chronicle marriage fatigue. What they don't know, is that underneath their upper-class and dull daily routine of troubled marriage, lies a secret waiting to explode: both of them are highly skilled deadly assassins, working for rival agencies. Of course, neither of them knows what the other's occupation really is, what only widens the gaps threatening to destroy their relationship. A mission gone wrong on both sides leads them to discover they are not working alone... and that their component, whom they now have to eliminate, has been sleeping beside them for the past five, maybe six, years!

    From here on out, "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" turns into an intense, action-packed, cat and mouse chase, as the prince and princess of modern-day Hollywood turn their guns (hidden in extremely nonchalant hideouts inside their house) - at each other. The last half hour offers the viewer some of the most stunning examples of why I love Hollywood so much, as pure mayhem conquers the screen, with bigger than-life action fragments (the best i've seen since the original "Matrix" back in '99), catchy one-liners thrown to the air, waiting to be quoted by movie buffs who'll come in droves to watch this, and intriguing (yet somewhat predictable) plot twists lurking at each turn of the script. It's hard to go into details without spoiling the film for those who are intending to watch it, but I can easily say that I, for one, was very pleased with the final result. Liman directs this summer fare with heart and style, always a lethal combination. Although many will claim it is an emotionally drained vehicle, only good for it's large-scale destruction sequences, one can easily relate to the marriage crisis the heroes are handling, proving that (as Liman said in an interview I read) you can fight off villains and pull international operations off your sleeve; until you handle the risks of married life, you ain't seen nothing yet!

    Clocking in at nearly 120 minutes, there are some obvious "dead moments" throughout the film, especially after the excellent beginning and somewhere towards the middle (before all cinematic hell breaks loose). What saves these moments from crucially sabotaging the film's experience is the numerous cynical remarks the Mr. & Mrs. keep throwing at each other. At times, they are so cute, you just want to pause the film, cross the screen into the movie, and give them both a big hug. This is, by far, one of the best on screen pairings I have ever seen; where the relationship part of the film feels a lot like the 1979 classic "War of the Roses", and the action will even make the almighty Jerry Bruckheimer gaze at the screen with envious eyes. Another positive angle in the film is Vince Vaughn's character, Eddie, the comic relief of the film, who plays Pitt's long time business buddy and best friend, in a parodic appearance that sheds new light on Vaughn's portrayal of Norman Bates in the 1998 remake of "Psycho".

    All in all, "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" is made up of all the right ingredients to turn it into a classic action piece, one that could be watched over and over again throughout the years, and yet stay fresh and entertaining as it is today. True, this isn't the most intelligent or thought-provoking movie I have ever seen, but it sticks to what it's good that, and for that i'm happy.

    I gave it a strong 4 out of 5 stars, and a 9/10 IMDb rating.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The film starts with Brad & Angie in couples therapy, a bit like the therapist bits in the Thomas Crown affair, with an unseen questioner. Vey funny responses, and then we're straight into the story of how they met, followed by the two of them in suburban hell - exchanging wary disagreements about dinner and the decor, while presenting 'the perfect couple' to their neighbours. At the same time, they're both sneaking around performing 'hits' and trying to be back in time for dinner, in a house that James Bond would be proud of.

    Inevitably they realise who they both are, it turns into naked animosity, and we get a great build up to a surprisingly rough, no-holds barred gunfight (and hand-to-hand). It's not spoiling it for anyone to reveal that they suddenly realise they do love each other, and then spend the rest of the film bickering over the lies they've told each other through the years, during a pretty cool car chase, and extended gunfights. Back with the therapist for the final shot, which is guaranteed to leave you laughing.

    Brad and Angelina are both fine actors in their own right, with some superb films behind them. The humour - from start to finish - is both visually broad and verbally sharp. Brilliant support from Vince Vaughn, who gets to steal a scene or two. The action is top-notch, with a higher body-count than most action films, hard-hitting fight scenes, and some nice high-tech espionage too. Special mention must go to the script, which could have been so OBVIOUS and tired - but instead was sharp, very witty, fresh, not dragged down by exposition, and consistently brilliant. When I did notice the soundtrack, it too was just right - original music, and a few cool/jazzy tunes (again, a la the Thomas Crown remake).

    The audience agreed - all 2,000 of us laughed at every joke, and "oooh'ed" at every punch landed. There's just something very funny about a domestic in the middle of a firefight (when the filmmakers get it right), and the verbal sparring which comes from being a fairly repressed married couple.

    A superb film on all counts, and way above what I expected.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is one of the movies that makes me want to move to Paris learn french and forget all about the idea of "Hollywood". I went to this film because i was forced, i tried to fight but it was no good and thought to myself "ok i'll give in it can't be that bad maybe the action will be good" - WRONG.

    The film revolves around two assassins who don't know they are married, god knows how anyone thought that was a good idea but you i just like to think they were very drunk or stoned.

    The story is diabolical and the acting is some of the worst i have seen since Vin Diesel made his debut. The whole idea of assassins is quite a dark one which has been dealt with, seriously - Leon, comically - Point Blank, by many of films greatest talents. The only time it is discussed in the movie both characters say they never feel guilty this shows the kind of macho American attitude which has ruined Hollywood.

    I walked out of the cinema with a tear in my eye, no wonder Bush won the election with Hollywood displaying such Jung ignorance. I made a mental note of the director, Doug Liman planning to avoid all further outings of this buffoon.

    To calm my nerves i went home to watch my favourite film in this genre, The Bourne Identity,when the credits rolled my nerves were calmed "Hollywood can make good films" i thought, and then i saw it: DIRECTED BY DOUG LIMAN My head span: how could this be? the same man behind the beautifully satisfying motion picture i had just watched was behind the travesty i had witnessed earlier at my local multiplex? And then i came to a satisfying conclusion - it was Hollywood as i knew there was a strong European presence on the Bourne Identity. With this in mind i slept tight content in the fact that i am English and have no problems, unlike many Americans, with European and french cinema.

    My advice: DO NOT GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!
  • When you think of a movie like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, you probably imagine brainless bloodshed and empty plot; but thats not what you'll get in this film. In a subject that has been seemingly overdone, this movie explores more than emotionless assassins and the crazy situations they get themselves into. It gets more personal than that, and takes on another level. I saw a metaphor for marriage itself, with the couple's problems manifested in guns and bombs. This is by no means a realistic movie, but it seems to know that and doesn't take itself too seriously, which is also part of its charm. I laughed, cried, and suspensed my way through the twists and dialogue. The trailer doesn't do this movie justice, so if you are expecting predictable male violence, you'll be happily surprised. This could finally be the perfect date movie: fun action for the guys, deep heart for the gals, and romance for all.
  • This was the movie I was waiting for since we had snow on the ground and I am pleased to say, I was NOT disappointed. It was extremely entertaining from start to finish. It opens this Friday and I will be standing in line with my friends waiting to see it again. The trailers mislead you a bit. You are certain that the movie will be a hot sex romp filled with explosions and bullets flying everywhere. What it doesn't tell you is that this movie is a huge comedy. Anyone who has been in a long term relationship will find themselves laughing the whole time at the sharp tongue-in-cheek stabs they inflict on each other. Brad has never been more likable in a movie. I've never thought of him as a comedic actor before, but comedy is his calling. Angelina... my God that women is incredibly gorgeous. After watching her for over an hour and a half, women will go out to their cars, look in the rear view mirror, and sigh because no reflection could compared to hers. Their chemistry together is so electric that you don't want them to be apart. Besides Catherine Zeta Jones, I can't imagine any other actress playing her part. She is strong and takes the lead quickly. Bottom line is when the movie was over there was major clapping in the audience. It is a must see. The only reason I gave it a 9 instead of a 10 is the lack of naked sex. Dropping this movie down to a PG-13 was cruel. Let's hope the DVD will be the unrated version.
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