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  • The movie was a riot! A parody that rivals the works of such movie moguls as Mel Brooks. I laughed throughout it, as the crew of the S.E.V. Enterforaprize have to deal with a rather unusual zit on the face of First Officer Willing Piker.
  • I love the Sev Trek comic, when the movie came out i never noticed it since i didn't even know there was a comic. I was a great fan of the comic and when i saw this, i bought it. I loved it. The puns, the story, EVERYTHING! (Well, not really). The only things I disliked about this movie was that the animation was a bit slow and made some scenes a little less funnier and the other was the length of the film. It only goes for 40 minutes but is shaped like an actual episode of Star Trek: TNG, which explains why it is lacking 30 or 40 minutes. All and all, a great movie, which i recommend to all Sev Trek fans, if there are any on this site lol. 9/10