Gwen: [about Eddie] Like I said, he's so fucking cheap.

Justin: Yeah, well, I can attest to that. He never pays for lunch at the office.

Gwen: Yeah, but he's just, like, try talking him out of, like, a dime. I swear, he pinches the nickel so hard, the buffalo shits.

Max: I brought you something.

Nikita: What

[Max pulls down his pants and shows his penis]

Nikita: You brought me this last week.

Gwen: [to Carla] Stop wasting your time with all these men who treat you like shit.

Carla: I can't help it.

Gwen: I know. You love being treated like shit, don't you?

Nikita: Do you like me?

Justin: Yeah, you... Of course. You seem like a nice person.

[Nikita get some ice cream on her finger and sucks it into her mouth]

Nikita: No, I'm not.

Olivia: If you want to fuck me, let's just skip the chitchat, okay?

Max: Hey, whatever you say.