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  • What can I say about this film? I loved it. I had no idea what I was getting into. I was very excited and curious about a film with such a bold title. I have seen Elaine before but never in a film like this....should i even say...porno! This film was a fun, ingenious, refreshing, original and shrewd. Elaine Hendrix was amazing. Everything seemed to fit together perfectly. I loved that you never really knew what direction the film was going in, even from the very beginning. It really was an adventure. The acting was brilliant and it was a nice change of pace from everything in Hollywood that I've seen until this point. This film also brought an uncomfortable, yet very familiar situation to the table. I can't tell you about it though, you have to see the film for yourself! There were points in the film that i thought were real and that gave this film yet another redeeming quality. The camera work and choreography were great. Bravo. How can you not give this film a 10?!
  • This short film stars one of "The Bachelor"s and a supposedly legitimate actress. They go to a hotel with a camcorder and apparently the idea of making a homemade porno. Instead, they spend their time arguing and acting stupid. The next time someone wants to waste $5,000 making brainless junk like this, I wish they would just save themselves the trouble and send me the money. 1/10
  • Elaine Hendrix is surprisingly spectacular and sexy in this short film about a couple making their first sex tape. When things start to go horribly wrong right from the beginning, a whirlwind of insults continue to the surprise ending that will leave you with a smile.