Narrator: We're using AC-DC because it is heavy metal.

Narrator: In the meantime, thanks ants. Thants.

Narrator: You don't have to be a brain surgeon to operate on the brain.

Futuristic Singer: Macadaynu! Macadaynu! Macadaynu daynu daynu! I'm a phallus, I'm a tetrum, I'm a tetrum, tetrum, tetrum! HOOO! OOOOOOOOHHH!

Narrator: The iron has reverted to its simplest form: Brown Iron, or Bumcivilian.

Sam: I wish I hadn't got out of bed this morning.

Narrator: Thanks, Doctor. Thoctor.

Narrator: Thanks, Tchaikovsky. Thovsky.

Narrator: The Businessmen are trying to imagine the Two Ronnies having sex with each other.

Narrator: Thanks Andy. Thandy.

Narrator: Thanks, Hanks. Thanks.

Prince Charles: [face covered in Liquid Skin]