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Merle Bertrand Film Threat
There's just something maddeningly upbeat about this film's shameless hokiness. Combine that with the film's colorful art and wardrobe designs, spiffy choreography, the joy of seeing some veteran faces on screen for the first time in a while, and a soundtrack that'll make even the dead tap their toes, and Swing simply makes for some serious jump-jivin' fun.
Los Angeles Times
All surface shine with little substance.
Frank Scheck The Hollywood Reporter
Swing does have the advantage of boasting a fair amount of genuine onscreen talent.
Ruthe Stein San Francisco Chronicle
Well-intentioned but frequently inert.
Hazel-Dawn Dumpert L.A. Weekly
If there's any reason to watch this otherwise inept romance, it's to witness the late Nell Carter nail a Louis Jordan tune, and to see master comic Jonathan Winters downplay his more manic tendencies and effortlessly spin gold from straw.
Dave Kehr The New York Times
A sweet, sincere labor of love that just isn't very good.
Jack Mathews New York Daily News
As much as I love swing, all I got out of Martin Guigui's murky, incomprehensible grade B romantic fantasy was a few twitches of nostalgia for the music.
Village Voice
Repeatedly assuring us that its titular subject is really "a metaphor for life," Swing attempts unsuccessfully to liven up a tired scenario with a touch of Twilight Zone fantasy.
Lou Lumenick New York Post
Wastes some veteran performers in a slight, silly musical fantasy with two left feet.

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