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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Well, what could you expect from an ultra low budget Mexican horror/sci-fi direct to video flick? The plot centers around the mythical "chupacabras" a so believed alien being that sucks animals' blood leaving no evidence but two large and sharp tooth marks. David Reynoso's character comes to the place of the attacks and begins the hunt for the infamous "chupacabras".

    The acting is beyond awful. David Reynoso is the best actor in the movie and that's something to say. Lina Santos as always looks damn hot but we know that acting isn't one of her skills. The rest of the cast is simply terrible.

    The ending is MST3000 material. Mexican army plush a commando team lead by Reynoso shot the Chupacabras race to death. The monster looks so cheesy you think it's a comedy.

    Well, watch it only if you have a tremendous hang over or if you are lover of HORRIBLE movies.