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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sanjay Dutt is one of Bollywood's most polished actors although he too has faced some of the worst things in life. Drugs ruined him in the early 80s after which the Tada weapons charge got him into prison in the 90s. During this time, all his movies were stuck and most of them released delayed and unfinished. Qurbani Rang Layegi is not from the middle 90s period and most of it has actually been shot in 1983-1987. There are a few scenes shot from 1988-1990 and then the film released finally in 1991. The film was stuck for many years and didn't see a release till 1991.

    The film tells the story of a famous but poor artist(music) who gets framed by the Thakur of the area because he didn't want to go to the THAKUR'S place and sing his songs. His son is left all alone and he grows up to be the deadly Dutt himself. Raj is poor and he lives with his uncle who adopted him because the guy was a fan of his father's voice. Raj slowly gains fame and becomes popular with the help of a girl named Poonam and with the sacrifice of the heroine who gives him up so he can sing and achieve success. Basanti didn't want to be an obstacle in Raj's path and Raj starts hating Basanti for this sacrifice which he thinks is not a sacrifice as he didn't understand why Basanti(the girl he helped out and loved the most) left her like this. Raj attains fame, but then he comes face to face with that same Thakur and his gang of villains. To make things worse, Poonam's lover Sunny hates Raj and wants him dead which leads to a conflict between the two.

    The movie may seem like it has a realistic and decent storyline but actually the movie only gets credit for having an idea like this. The story is badly handled, horribly narrated, and to make matters worse stretched quite a lot. The movie contains lots of typical unconvincing romance, childish moments with a few decent jokes. The flow of the movie is bad and the editing is simply not up to mark. Scenes don't even match, it's like some of them have just been put together and there are some of the stupidest things ever. In one part, Raj' father says it will be hard to convince the Thakur to become good but in the next scene he easily does it. Seriously, the scenes don't fit with what the characters say in parts and that one example proves my point.

    Sanjay Dutt does a decent job portraying emotions correctly but he fails to act serious in the earlier scenes. This was the expressionless Dutt from 1983 when he wasn't much of a good actor but in the mullet scenes(shoot in 1990), he does a good job from all aspects however, his hair style keeps on changing from the 1983-1985 look to the 1985-1989 look to the mullet scenes from 1990. Padmini Kolapure is typical heroine and she fails to act properly in many scenes. Poonam Dhillion is good, Shakti Kapoor and the rest are adequate.

    Direction by Raj Sippy is not up to mark, he handles a few emotion scenes and the entry scene properly but the rest seems unfinished and put together although not as bad as another delayed unfinished Dutt film Namak from 1996, still a lousy effort. Sippy never directed any particular great films, one of his worst films have to be this. Action by Veeru Devgan is okay, action is more of an expansion in this film as the film is mainly a serious kind of film. The movie didn't require action at all but that was one of the few decent things about the movie.

    On the whole, Qurbani Rang Layegi is one of Sanju's not too good films and one of Raj Sippy's worst films. At the box office, the film was a disaster.