The film was earlier titled Street Singer. The soundtrack was released under that name.

One of Sanjay Dutt's most delayed films. The film started in 1984 during Dutt's drug phase. The film took 8-9 years to make and Dutt's hairstyle changed every frame of the film. The film was finished and released in 1991. However, the film failed badly at the box office.

The film was started in 1980s as street singer with top heroins at that time and with a big director.

The producer KK Talwar threaten legal action on Sanjay Dutt due to Dutt refusing to shoot for the film. The film lay in the cans incomplete for years. Talwar even wanted to seek help from IMPPA ( Indian Motion Picture Producer Association) and have his case redressed and loses recovered. Sanjay Dutt had another story to tell. Sanjay had viewed the reels of what had been shot and felt his performance had been affected by his drugged out state . Sanjay felt his performance was so terrible that if the film was to be continued and to be shot and released it would mark the end of his career. Sanjay stated he was willing to re shoot the movie for free but did not those old reels to be used. The producer Talwar said only 5 reels were shot and he did not know why Sanjay was behaving like this.

Sanjay Dutt left the film mid way in 1984 and went to rehabilitation center in USA for his drug treatment.

When Padmini Kolhapure and Poonam Dhillion were signed for the film in early 80s they were the top actress.When the film released in 1991 after many delays.Padmini Kolhapure had taken break from acting after son was born.Poonam Dhillon had taken up character roles.

The only time two close friends Padmini Kolhapure and Poonam Dhillon acted in a film.Many years later they acted in TV serial Ekk Nayi Pechaan in 2014

Last time Sanjay Dutt and Padmini Kolhapure worked in a film.Earlier films include.Vidhaata 1982,Bekaraar 1983 and Do Dilon Ki Dastaan 1985.

The producer had sold the music rights to CBS in 1983 when the film was titled "Street Singer". He later resold the music rights to Weston when the film was titled "Qurbani Rang Layegi". CBS served Weston a legal notice on the grounds that they were the only ones who had the rights to the music. Weston then served the producer a notice for fraud.

The film was 30% complete in early 1984 when Sunjay dutt walked out without telling the producers. He was unreachable in USA due to being in a drug rehab facility. In 1988 after legal action Dutt agreed to complete the film. By then Padmini and poonam's career was non-existent. Once complete in 1989 no distributors touched it. The title was changed to Qurbani rang layegi and eventually would release in May 1991.