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  • Gucci1955-117 December 2007
    Light Time
    Yes,I remember that series of the early 60's when I was 6-8 years of age. The TV shows in my area were Philadelphia-based being I lived in Southern New Jersey.This show aired on Channel 6 (WFIL-TV,at that time) early Sunday morning right after DAVEY AND GOLIATH.I remembered Jim Stewart was seen in stories with or without the puppets. There were even at times social stories where no dialog was used. Great time to be a kid. I loved that theme song......IT'S LIGHT TIME...THE RIGHT TIME...THE RIGHT TIME IS LIGHT TIME. If I wasn't watching it for its stories,I certainly was always there for the theme song. How I wish that serene,holy song was on the music market for purchase.It's regretful that he's no longer with us. - Keith Sewell
  • arlamank16 October 2009
    If You Want To See An Episode:
    If you'd like to have a look at this series, out of curiosity or nostalgia, Google Videos has at least one entire 'Light Time' episode you can watch online. 'Kindness to Animals' is posted at this URL:

    I'm happy to report the opening and closing animated sequences are included in their entirety. When I was a kid I watched this series regularly, largely because I enjoyed the theme song and firework visuals. Most of what the show had to teach I'd picked up elsewhere, but I suppose a bit of reinforcement doesn't hurt. If anybody's still making shows of this sort, they're certainly not conspicuous.
  • Tom Barrister16 November 2009
    Excellent religious show aimed at children
    This 15 minute syndicated show, sponsored by The National Lutheran Council (forerunner of today's Evangelical Lutheran Church in America), ran on Sunday mornings from 1960 to 1964. The show was targeted to children and had a religious theme. It opened with a short song sung by James Stewart (no relation to actor Jimmy Stewart), accompanied by fireworks graphics.

    There was nothing fancy about the show, nor was anything fancy needed. The set, graphics and music were simple, and the props consisted of a few hand puppets, the most prominent being Reggie the Rhinoceros and Digby the Duck. Mr. Stewart was the main player in every episode, accompanied by other actors on occasion. Each show consisted of a simple storyline, acted out with the help of the puppets, and each story taught moral values to the kids. Stewart and company taught these values elegantly, without talking down to the kids. As a result, the show's audience also had a large number of adult viewers.

    At the end of most episodes was a short mini-sermon narrated by a spokesman for the NLC.

    There's little doubt that Light Time helped guide many children of the early sixties along the proper path.
  • iamdldavidroot-130 December 2010
    Indeed I remember that theme song IT'S LIGHT TIME, and I just LOVE the instrumental arrangement as well!!!! The beginning and the end still stay with me, and I wonder if there are any episodes available anywhere. Many a Sunday morning the television set was on, and I remember this program along with Davey and Goliath, as well as the drama series from the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod This Is The Life. I was looking on YouTube for any Light Time entries, but cannot find one. If you know of any, please direct me!!!!! As for Davey and Goliath, there are some bits on YouTube, and as for This Is The Life, some of the older episodes are likewise available on YouTube.