Jamie: Coop! Blow these guys up!

Coop: I can't! They're not the bad guys!

Jamie: That's never stopped you before!

Coop: I got one word for you, pal: "Game over!"

KivaJamie: [in unison] Two words.

Coop: Whatever.

Coop: [in a Planet of the Apes style, sees the city in ruins] You maniacs! You blew it up! You blew it all to - wait... hope I didn't do this...

Theme song: Living here in Jersey, fighting villains from afar / You've gotta find first gear in your giant robot car / *You* dig giant robots / *I* dig giant robots / *We* dig giant robots / *Chicks* dig giant robots / Nice.

Jamie: I'm too pretty to die!

Coop: All right, squid! You tried to wreck the city - again, made me go to some alternate dimension where Jamie is a bigger creep than usual, and you got me locked in a jail with no food? It's time to rumble!

Gorrath: [somewhat calmly] Are you talking to me?

Gorrath: [angrily] I'm on your side now, remember?

Coop: Oh, sorry. Force of habit, I guess.

Gorrath: From now on I do things MY way!

Coop: You mean the loser way.

Evil Coop: You know you don't have a chance.

Coop: I don't know nothin'!

Kiva: I should have stayed in the future.

Goat: Where's my two bucks?

Gorrath: This primitive fighs well.

Coop: I got a plan!

Gorrath: Oh, no...

Coop: All right you intergalactic snots! You ruined my car show!

Jamie: Yeah!

Coop: You trashed my friends' rides!

Jamie: Yeah!

Coop: AND! You made me run half a block!

Jamie: Ye... half a block?

Coop: Now, it's payback time!

Kiva: Coop! Wait! I haven't finished fixing the CPU core!

[Coop starts up Megas, it rampages through the wall of the car show Expo centre]

Coop: It's okay! I stopped it!

[the roof collapses]

Coop: Well it's not all bad, least we can still salvage the cars...

[Massive explosion]

Coop: Erm... yeah... okay then! Who's up for popcorn chicken?