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  • It's riveting, it's controversial, it's explicit, and it's steaming up the small screen! Nip/Tuck is certainly not your average cable television show, but its material is presented in such a way that you're hooked after the first couple of episodes. It's real, it's bloody, and it gets under your skin. But personally, I think Nip/Tuck is a real gem - and the acting is totally off the page. Just when you think it can't get any better, Ryan Murphy throws you another delicious twist. I recommend that everyone watch at least one episode. This show offers the opportunity for talents like Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon to shine in truly unique roles. FX definitely scored with this one.
  • I have little patience for people who get bent out of shape about TV shows like "Nip/Tuck" that push the envelope when they are warned, up front, that the show contains material not suitable for the average viewer.

    There is a lot of mindless, self-serving crap on Network TV today with all the reality garbage that only appeal to the lowest common denominator. Thankfully, "Nip/Tuck" is not one of them. What makes "Nip/Tuck" different is not that it seems like a cross between "ER" and "Jerry Springer," -- which it is -- but that it keeps the viewer engaged by being both off-the-wall and unpredictable.

    Yes, all the characters on the show are dysfunctional (with the possible exception of Liz), but they are far more realistic than all the characters on "Father Knows Best" where everyone only had a good side.

    On "Nip/Tuck," both the good sides and the dark sides of each character are brought to the fore. Irony has a field day on this show as those who you deemed to be stupid and insensitive turn out to be just the opposite when situations change.

    The main problem with this series lies in where you, the viewer, make your entrance. You will be at a great loss to figure out what is going on now if you have not followed the show from its inception. Every successive show builds upon the events of all the previous ones, straight back to the pilot episode. For example, the turmoil in Sean and Julia's marriage was there from Day One as was the competitiveness between Sean and his womanizing partner, Christian Troy.

    At the core of it all is Sean's ongoing identity crisis in which he has gone from a prudish wimp to a man at war with himself and everyone around him.

    Although the tagline of the show is when Drs McNemara and Troy ask patients what they do not like about themselves, the underlying theme is about all the things that these two perplexed plastic surgeons hate about their lives. In trying to make others "feel better about themselves," they confront their own inadequacies, and invariably direct their hatred of themselves towards others.

    Psychobabble aside, the show is damn funny, too!
  • Competing with cable is a tough job for the big networks with shows like Nip/Tuck around. While the networks are busy giving us "The Bachelor," F/X is giving us a beautifully written, gorgeously acted show about plastic surgeons. I have to say that this season is even better than last, definitely a more intense experience for me, anyway. The Siamese twins episode, the stigmata episode, the custody episode, the blind woman episode were all outstanding. You never know what you're going to get from this show - sexually explicit talk, soft porn, gut-wrenching drama, humor - it keeps you on your toes. As a side note, the episode about the blind woman getting the eye implants was remarkable for its accuracy. I have experience in the prosthetics field and it was right on, 100%. Very interesting to watch. I really love this show, in case no one noticed.

    Some trivia - one of the producers is Lyn Greene, who starred in her own series in the '70s, "On Our Own" and later played the young Dorothy on "The Golden Girls" in several episodes. Bravo, Ms. Greene, you are a multitalented and remarkable woman.
  • The first time I heard of Nip/Tuck I was hesitant and reluctant to see it. Plus I felt that the show was not going to last and that it stereotypes plastic surgeons. But as I continued watching the show I got addicted to the offbeat humor, the gross surgical procedures, and its characters. Julian McMahon is sexy and gives his character a vulnerability and humanity that is not typical in sex-crazy handsome male characters. He gives his character a reason to like him and yet he will also give audiences a reason to despise him. Dylan Walsh shines as Dr. Sean McNamara. Proving himself worthy as an actor, he shows us a character with everything in the world and yet has inner self-destructive part that is hidden from everyone else.

    Additional performances by Joely Richardson as a woman who may have some skeletons in her closet and is loved by both McMahon and Walsh. Excellent writing and dialogue that leads you to want more.
  • The first episode I caught of this show involved a talking disembodied head and a poignant suicide set to Elton John's "Rocketman". I was hooked! As soon as the DVD set of season one came out, I bought it and watched it within a couple of days. This show is completely immoral, shockingly disturbing, undeniably fascinating. It is like a bad car accident... you know you shouldn't look, but you just can't help. By far it is the best show on TV now. The stories are entertaining, twisted, and smart. The acting is what makes this series great. Dylan Walsh, Julian McMahon, and Joely Richardson give some top-notch, powerful, and gripping performances on this show!!!
  • I began watching Nip/Tuck by renting the first DVD of season 1 and since then I've been hooked. I'm a fan of other TV dramas like Law & Order and The Sopranos, the latter of which I think is the best drama of all time. I have to say that I never thought another drama could even come close to The Sopranos in terms of writing, direction, and acting. But in my opinion Nip/Tuck is as close as it gets. The first few episodes of season 1 draw you in by the sheer audacity of the subject matter. (I don't want to get into any details because I would hate to spoil it for anyone who hasn't watched and would like to start.) However, in episode 10 of the first season the show takes an unexpected turn and actually reveals a lot of heart. This came as a complete surprise to me because prior to that episode I watched the show as a guilty pleasure. From that episode on, I watched it because it was a powerful and gripping drama. And I must say that I haven't been disappointed with the show since. In my opinion what makes it so great is the fact that it tackles issues that are rarely seen on other dramas. And the way that the issues are presented oftentimes makes you think and form an opinion of your own. I don't think you can say that about many other shows. I haven't caught all episodes of season 2, although I have seen most of them. Luckily, the sophomore season of the show doesn't let up a bit and is as entertaining as the first. I recommend Nip/Tuck to everyone who enjoys superbly written and acted dramas but is sick and tired of the same cops, lawyers, and doctors formats that are prevalent on network television. Lastly, be advised that this is not "The OC" or "Judging Amy". This show deals with disturbing subject matter, and is not afraid to graphically portray any of it.

    I just finished watching season 2 reruns on F/X and am at last caught up with the show. I felt compelled to come back to IMDb and add a comment about the second season. In one word, this show is nothing short of amazing. Just when you think that it can't get any stranger or more outlandish, it hits you right between the eyes with subject matter that would make a sailor blush. On Nip/Tuck, truly NOTHING is off limits. Every facet of human behavior, no matter how deep and dark, is covered with such brutal honesty that you don't know whether to look or turn away. However, at least for me, turning away is nearly impossible. This show is an addiction, and I'm afraid that I'll go into withdrawal until season 3 comes out. When season 5 of The Sopranos ended I thought that nothing would be able to fill that void, until I started watching Nip/Tuck. Now I can honestly say that it is the best show on television, an absolute masterpiece in its own right. I may start sounding like a broken record, but I'll say once yourself a big favor and rent Season 1 on DVD. Whether you love, or even hate, the show...I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  • "Nip/Tuck" is one of the craziest, outrageous, most graphic, and fascinating shows I've seen. It is a story of two Miami based plastic surgeons and the drama of their friendship, careers, personal lives, and other social difficulties. From the first second, it is a wild ride – amazing pace, incredible situations, twists and turns, and it is very well done. I did not watch this show when it first started but my younger son is a huge fan and he always tells me how much I've been missing. Finally, he gave me the First season on DVDs for my birthday. I trust my son's taste in shows – because of his high recommendations I started to watch "24" and was completely blown away with its first season. Anyway, "Nip/Tuck" is very controversial, and its graphical surgeries moments are difficult to watch – do not watch it when you eat or right after your dinner – but it is entertaining, twisted, smart, and disturbing.

    After having finished watching the complete First season on DVDs, I can say that "Nip/Tuck" is certainly one of the best dramas on TV now and I am looking forward for the new season that will begin in September. I hope that Season two will come on DVD soon because I want to see it before Season 3 starts. The creators of "Nip/Tuck" did a really great job on the show with truly interesting characters - no one is perfect, they all are flawed but compelling. The twists in plot are always unexpected, the visual effects - eye-popping and jaw dropping, the acting - first rate from everyone, and then, the episode 10 comes - the crazy mixture of surrealism, dark humor, and highest drama. Fascinating.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Season 1-3 are the best television I've ever seen hands down, although they are a bit of an acquired taste. Many people take against the graphic violence and sex of this show, and the stomach churning realistic portrayal of plastic surgery. The show requires a suspension of belief because it covers such a wide variety of depraved and twisted issues that you just kinda have to go with it, but if you do, it's well worth the ride.

    Beneath the surface as well, Nip/Tuck deals sensitively with many issues not covered by other main stream shows, especially issues of sexuality and trans-gender, self harm, rape as well as many others.

    However I do end on a sour note. My rating of 10/10 is only up until the end of season 3. After that the show becomes a caricature of itself, focusing on bringing forth the most bizarre and depraved issues without studying characters or issues with any heart of sensitivity at all. Suspension of belief becomes next to impossible as characters have sex with dwarfs, a swathe of people get killed off at very coincidental and convenient moments, characters make decisions and do things that just seem totally inappropriate for that person and everything just goes a step too far. It still has it's moments, but it's definitely seasons 1-3 to watch.
  • This is one of the biggest surprises of my 50+ years of television viewing. I love this show! The characters are complex; the story lines are interesting and entertaining. I think the show is so well done. The special effects to depict the surgeries looks so real. I didn't watch the first season because I thought it would be superficial but it is so much more than that. I rented the first season on DVD to get caught up from the beginning of the series. It is intoxicating at times; funny, diverse, with the plots intertwining. Walsh's character is mostly good; McMahon's character is more the bad boy but they show the opposite sides in both making you love both for the all their attributes and flaws. We love flawed heroes. Thank you FX for some of the best dramas on television.

    I want everyone who has access to FX to watch and give it a chance with an open mind.
  • It's sad to watch one of the best series in television self-destruct, but that's what has happened to NIP / TUCK over the last three seasons. Season One contained some of the finest moments in television history. While not as good, Season Two had many memorable moments. Even Seasons Three and Four had worthwhile performances. However, by Season Six, all of the main characters are so decadent, they've become unpleasant and, worse, boring. Christian, while always dis-likable, at least had some interesting demons. Sean, on the other hand, has become a whiny pedophile. Julia, the weakest of the leads, has now become a caricature, as has Matt. Sad to watch, but thanks for the memories. Also, PLEASE GO BACK TO Miami!!!
  • I eagerly anticipated this series because of my admiration for Julian McMahon (Charmed). The entire cast is great, and the subplots are the real masterpiece of this drama/comedy. Sure, the premise is built around the issue of plastic surgery, but it is everything outside the operating room that provides the substance to this show. The triangle of Christian / Julia / Shawn is by now (second season) ripe for some real turbulence, especially with Christian's crisis and Julia's secret. I, for one, can't wait to see how the season unfolds - or explodes, I expect. The theme is also well-represented in showing how people can so easily take plastic surgery way too far - surgeons included. This show has a lot of life to it, and I can't wait to see where it takes us.
  • After watching the first few episodes, I was instantly hooked. "Nip/Tuck" was witty, full of black humor and it treated every character with the utmost respect. However, after the third season, it became clear the show's going downhill. Like so many other series ("The Riches", "Dead Like Me", "Bad Girls", "Lost", "Prison Break" being some of them) "Nip/Tuck" completely looses it's edge. Why? It was going so well! Maybe they should have ended it after the third season instead of dragging it to the point where it's no longer watchable. My advice: watch the first three seasons, which are a perfect ten. Even season 4 is passable, but anything after that is plain sad and you WILL be disappointed.
  • Okay, Okay..Some people do not like this show, for its graphic material, and mature subject matter. I on the other hand Love it. The show is a little fabricated, not every Physician is screwing there clients..but it is such a great step out of reality. I think it's very entertaining. I am 17, and from a teenagers standpoint, they really catch the feeling of being his age, with hard situations when it comes to sexual preference on oneself, and towards girls. Actor John Hensley Who plays "Matt Mcnamara" (The one I am talking about) In my eyes is pretty gifted. Not every guy deals with his girlfriend going through a stage of same sex interest, but it's a common story...Also, the whole thing about being circumcised, and dealing with parents (Dylan Walsh "Sean McNamara" and Joley Richardson "Julia McNamara") who are going through a shaky marriage. It's a very strong storyline, that makes sence, with a dark twist. Great selling point! Then we have Julian Mcmahon Who plays "Christian Troy" Who spices it up with every attractive female client that "Mcnamara Troy" get. He's a very interesting character, and it's fun to see what he does next.

    I honestly can't see why people talk some much smack about this show? Look at the other shows on F/X. Shows like "The Shield" and "Hitch Hiker Cronicals" They are obviously shooting for the 16-25 crowd, with horny minds, and vivid imaginations. I think it's excellent. ER is too bland..and porno....well porno doesn't always get the job done, It's redundant. Combine the two, Good acting, and provactive situations..and you hit the jackpot.

    10/10 stars, this is my favorite show on T.v.
  • My husband and I have been watching Nip Tuck, since the first show. We looked forward to it, and it was our date night with a bottle of wine.

    The first series were great. The series with The Carver were not great and just too weird & sick. Also, the series with the Life Coach, who slept with her son, was too Sick-could have left out her sleeping with son-did nothing for the show.

    The current series, fall 2006, is very disappointing. There are too many SICK sex incidents -- daughter & mom, lady & dog, daughter with mom's husband, etc.

    The events with the son, Kimber& Science religion are too dumb & weird - better episodes were when the son was dating lesbian in high school.

    Other than the wild sex scenes, we enjoy the plastic surgery scenes.

    My husband and I will stop watching, if the show precedes to get sicker. In fact, we use to always watch the rerun on Sunday, even after seeing on Tuesday; this Sunday, we had no desire to watch rerun of the daughter having sex with Mom's husband.

    Is this show promoting incest and animal abuse?

    Why can't NipTuck go back to Christian Troy just having fun wild sex? Another good episode was when both guys were having wild sex with the prostitute, and dreaming it was Julia.

    Please don't make this show sick. Sex & City was a great show - had real life sex situations, etc. Nip Tuck WAS a great show.
  • This show is without a doubt my favourite tv series of all time, you could argue the sex and violence is oftentimes gratutious. The storylines can also be overly complex and outlandish, but what the show does so well is it was able to work those otherwise over the top ideas into a viable story. It also has a bit of everything and never shies away from ideas that would never make it to screen these days. It's just refreshing to see something that is without any restraint and went head first into absolutely anything it liked.

    I don't understand the view that the acting is poor, I think Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon have definitely had dodgy projects throughout their careers. But Nip/Tuck wasn't one of them, you do truly buy into their friendship despite both characters being polar opposites. There are other characters who become very unlikeable as the series go on, Matt (John Hensley) never becomes more than an entitled whiny kid anytime he makes a little progression he finds a way to reach a new low. Julia McNamara (Joely Richardson) falls very much into the same category, very self entitled and complains constantly over non issues.

    The show is intelligent and has great use of dark humour, it amazes me so few people appear to know about it. I think they must hear the name Nip/Tuck and assume it's a surgery documentary or something. The surgery scenes are very realistic but the show is very much a drama.
  • I come home back from college and I'm already turning the TV on. It's nip/tuck on FOXlife (here in Brazil).

    I'll make it short. The show orbits around the life of two hotshot plastic surgeons on Miami. But I fool you not, this is not a House M.D. about plastic surgeries, it's beyond that.

    The photography is a bliss, this show is simply an eye candy in terms of camera, lighting, cast, gosh - the costume designs. You could watch it on mute.

    But don't.

    The screenplay is well done to say the least. When the writers are inspired, you got yourself a fifty minutes masterpiece. This is not as nearly as a good review making justice to this great show, but hey, stop reading this and go watch it. If you don't, you lose.
  • jayson-43 September 2006
    For years friends expressed amazement that I had never watched "Nip/Tuck" -- just my kind of show, they insisted. And so, spurred by the recent assault of pre-season publicity, I decided to pay a first-time visit to Nip/Tuck last night. I was expecting sly and witty satire. What I found instead (in repeat episodes that focused on a serial mangler and a deranged racist) was a puerile, unrelenting torrent of violence and sadism. Robotic and/or hysterical acting, moronic plot contortions, and enough deep shadow (in Miami, yet) to make Edgar Ulmer spin like a top. It was like watching Joel Schumacher direct Ricky Martin as Hannibal Lecter. Nice to know what my friends think of my taste.
  • Nip/tuck's greatest irony lies not within its vast web of lies, deception, cruelty, satire, and tragedy, but within the fact that most of the show's fans have completely missed the point. This show, along with The Shield, is one of the most challenging pieces of art ever crafted. The creators of the show are wise enough to understand that most will interpret the show as a glorification of sex, desire, selfishness, etc. For those reasons, viewers will either love or despise the show. But both parties are wrong. Nip/tuck is a satire of superficiality and a thoughtful portrait of human misbehavior and its damaging results. But unlike the so-called "insightful" attitudes of most satires, this series is subtle in its commentary. So subtle, in fact, that at times it seems to be promoting superficial beauty and selfishness. But underneath all of this, there is a cosmic layer of feeling and emotion that I cannot describe in words. Throughout all of the wickedness and absurdity of the events depicted in Nip/tuck, I realized that I deeply care about the characters. They have become more real to me than some actual people I know. This series could have easily been just another medical show or even trashy pornography, but it cuts too deep and sees far too much honest pain for that to be the case. It is a brilliant series and I recommend to those with the stomach for it.
  • After a few years, I've finally finished the entire series of Nip/Tuck and it's a mixed bag. From season 1-2, you won't get one complaint out of me. The characters were complex, the writing superb, and the acting beyond stellar. We shouldn't care for confused, privileged Sean, Christian, and Julia, but somehow, we do. It's the writing and acting that take this far above your standard night time soap and into something far deeper and more meaningful. This is a show that has an awful lot to say and doesn't apologize for any of it.

    The show reaches its pinnacle with the introduction and storyline of Ava Moore (a brilliant and sexy Famke Jansen). The Ava storyline, in fact, is so fascinating and unique that it ends up making everything that comes after it feel bland.

    After a genuinely wicked season 2 cliffhanger, the show returns for season 3 and gets off to a rocky start with a confusing dream sequence, but after that, the show gets back to normal and is better than ever...until the reveal of the evil Carver. It's so dull and obvious from the get-go that you just have to sigh and hope for something better next season.

    Unfortunately, season 4 is when the show really starts to fly off the rails. Season 4 amounts to what is basically a series of (fairly amusing) celebrity cameos. Everyone from Brooke Shields to Catherine Deneuve to Rosie O'Donnell shows up while our three leads suffer a series of dull story lines.

    Season 5 has the show move out of Miami and to LA - the plastic surgery capital of the world. This sounds like it could be interesting, but by this point, it seemed like everyone - writers, directors, and actors - had checked out and were just there for the paycheck. Besides a creepy, unexpected turn by Sharon Gless, this entire season is truly unmemorable.

    The rest of the series hits a series of depressing lows before it tries to redeem itself by bringing back fan favorite, Ava, for the final two episodes. Sadly, even that feels half-baked.

    Basically, bask in the brilliance of season 1&2 (and they really ARE brilliant), give 3 a watch, and then call it a day.
  • I've been hooked on this show for the past 2 months. I've watched the first 3 seasons on DVD (im writing this review right before watching the season 3 finale).

    Season 1 and 2 are great with some interesting story arcs. But season 3 is the darkest thus far and the one I've enjoyed immensely. The Carver storyline is just phenomenal.

    Plus, Christian Troy is the heart of this show. He is such a complex character with impeccable taste in wardrobe.

    I cannot wait to find out who the Carver is and look forward to viewing Season 4 on DVD.

    Excellent Show!!!!!!!!
  • johnny-088 April 2007
    Original script,unexpected developments and very good acting is something that is positive in this series.The place where everything happens is South Beach,Miami.This one "cuts" deep under the surface of the plastic surgery world and dramatically discovers fragile nature of the patience's who are trying to hide their flaws by going on expensive surgeries.

    Heroes of "Nip/Tuck" are doctors Sean McNamara and Christian Troy.They are also best friends and partners in popular clinic for plastic surgery which they founded together.After years of hard work they are the best in their job.Christian doesn't doubt in morality of the services they are providing to their customers and he enjoys in everything that this job offers.His friend Sean is totally opposite.Sean is not very satisfied with lots of aspects of his work and he wants to make something different in his life.His wife Julia is a housewife and a mother of two children.She is quite unhappy with her marriage and she always looks back at her life.She is even thinking of divorce and she's not happy about the relationship between her husband and son.Son Matt is in better relationship with Christian then with Sean.

    People,who are working on this series,put together life of rich people with lots of problems that every man has.Like marriage and teenage problems.They also added some details from criminalistic series.And there is also humor,often "black".Script and special effects are amazing but also I have to say something about actors who are great.Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon are leading this show to their highs.Excellent show,really knocked me off.I recommend this to everyone.Pure 10/10.
  • xomegax-121 October 2006
    Nip/Tuck is one of the best shows on TV. The story is deep and there are plenty of twists and turns. The show is about two plastic surgeons, Christian Troy played by Julian Mcmahon and Sean McNamara played by Dylan Walsh, and their lives. Christian Troy is the type of person who looks out for himself, and wants the best life he can get. Sean McNamara is more of the family man, who really stresses out at times. Dylan Walsh did a great job as a Sean, he really makes Sean realistic. This show is amazing, and if you have FX I highly recommend you watch this.Ryan Murphy did a great job inventing this show, its much better than most of the stuff that comes on nowadays.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This could be a Spoiler, so please, if you haven't watched season 2 then stop reading now.

    Did anybody notice the similarity between All That Jazz's Angel of Death and that of Julia's Lifecoach during her near-death experience? The way she is dressed (the Angel that is) and the end where Julia is moving through a corridor of friends and family is so reminiscent of Rob Scheider's ongoing death scene that almost immediately I recognized the similarity of outfits I was alerted to what she really was...not really a lifecoach at all.

    I'm not saying this was a misuse of it, because All That Jazz really had a brilliant thing going on with Jessica Lange's character, and I really enjoyed this new interpretation, especially with a female (Julia) rather than a male (Rob Scheider) as the latest "victim." I'm still in the middle of Season 2 on DVD, but this was the first time I'd seen something "lifted" with such obvious results.

    A quality show, and an off the hook soundtrack to match.
  • Personally, i think no other show can top Nip/tuck. with all the great characters to come together and make a great cast, the great story line, and the great atmosphere on the show really makes it a classic. i love it, and would die without it. as the carver says, beauty is a curse on the world. i recommend everybody watch this show, because you will not be disappointed! it is now coming back in its 4rth season September 5th, and if you haven't seen the others, they are out on DVD now! GO OUT AND BUY! i give this show a 10 out of 10, and give it the name of, a Disturbingly perfect drama. so once again, a perfect 10, and Lady's and gentlemen, do yourself a favor, go out and get it, NOW!
  • Finally, something worth watching! In a sea of mediocrity, infested with imagination and creativity-destroying reality t.v. crap, Nip/Tuck is a shining pearl. Sharp writing, interesting story lines, attention-grabbing plot twists - not to mention beautiful babes like Kimber - make Nip/Tuck a must see. The first episode alone is amazingly good. The only question was whether the show could sustain such a hight level throughout the season.

    Well, there may have been a few dips along the road (and noticeably less nudity) but the show doesn't disappoint, even in season two. The show does not shy away from tackling the difficult subjects, be they taboo or not. Cudos to the writers and thank you for saving us from more reality junk!
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