Bradley: [Badly clone has lifted Tins shirt slightly to reveal her belly button] Look at that, a built-in M&M holder!

Jon: [after Plan Q is activated] Don't worry, I've seen this bit a thousand times; the heroes always save the day

Hannah: Right, so where are the heroes?

Rachel: We're the heroes, you muke

Hannah: [Runs out of the hotel room screaming] AAAGGGHHHH!

Bradley: What goin-

[trips up]

Jon: [comes out with a baseball bat] Nobody move-

[trips over Bradley]

Rachel: [comes out with her eyes covered] Guys why has it gone all dark?-

[trips over Jon]

Tina: What are you lot doing down there?

Rachel: Am I dreaming? What's this big hard thing?

Tina: Jon

Jon: Get off!

Rachel: Oh sorry

Jo: What is going on in here?

Hannah: [still screaming] AAAGGHHHH!

Hannah: Look at the time! We've missed our flight! Alistair's gonna kill us!

[Everyone starts screaming]

Jon: We've just released a dozen Britneys, N*Syncs and Nelly Furtardos into the world. Maybe we should keep quiet about that.

Rachel: [after entering a room full of clones] Is that Posh Spice eating a steak and kidney pie?

Hannah: Well that proves she's not the real thing.

Hannah: There's Robbie Williams having a food fight with Eminem.

Tina: And Ozzy Osbourne! I can't believe they cloned Ozzy Osbourne.

Bradley: No, that's the real Ozzy Osbourne. Victor never cloned him. He's a mad scientist, but he's not insane.

Hannah: [Ccmes out wearing all of her clothes at once] I'm not taking a suitcase, I'll look far too suspicious.

Alistair: I promise you, it won't always be like this; one day, your records won't sell, the label will drop you and even I won't return your calls.

Jo: I like the sound of the last bit anyway.

Tina: [after they've been thrown out] I'm sorry but that girl was awful and now everyone thinks she's me.

Jon: That was no reason to jump on stage, grab her microphone and scream "Hello, Hollywood, it's great to be back"!