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  • this show is more than good. Its NOT a soap with all flat characters and stupid and predictable situations. Its about a man who has two sons and a woman who has three daughters. When they get married, the worlds collide and you get hell of a lot fun and drama and action (well, not so much action). All the characters are more than unique and constant. The acting is brought to near perfection even by the youngest characters who seem to have a great future. The situations that the families and their friends get into are unique in every episode and what makes it interesting is that some problems stretch through 5 or 10 episodes and some get resolved right away. The show is beyond watchable. if you have the opportunity to follow the adventures of the family Serrano, do it. Its fun, dramatic, full of jokes and feelings. Again, its not a soap, its real acting, real situations, and all that in what is most important - a real world.
  • veo13 July 2007
    I usually don't like telenovelas and soap operas. Still, I accidentally bumped into this one and, to my surprise, I was extremely pleased with it, as it had two major qualities: excellent humor (the kind that you don't get from soaps, telenovelas and this kind of series) and very well played. Previously there have been some attempts to make a telenovela that features real humor, like "Betty la fea" for example, who partially succeeded, and managed to mix telenovela-style acting (which "we", those who don't like that kind of shows, say it's overacting) with really funny situations, characters and gags; still, it wasn't really THAT funny. But I recommend the "Los Serrano" series even to the viewers who don't usually watch telenovelas and generally soaps; they'll love it and may see it as the equivalent of a good family sitcom. The humor is also unexpectedly sexual for a telenovela, but it manages not to be crude or heavy, mostly in the line of questions that kids innocently ask their parents about sex.
  • chuckiesf4 July 2006
    After enjoying four seasons I can tell that this is one of the best series ever, though the writers has been slacking of as of recent. The best feature is the use of the language the way it's supposed to be, uncensored. Television rules are different in European countries. If you are a Spanish speaking person you'd have a blast watching this series. The elder actors and actresses are veteran Spanish talents. Closed caption is not available until the third season. Season six finished up, however the first half of season five just became available on DVD in Spain.

    By the way, the DVD version of this series is only playable on PAL video. During the first seasons on DVD you could see behind the scenes, bloopers, etc. Seasons three and four only contains the main episodes.
  • "Los Serrano" has been broadcast for the last two years to a great success among people of all ages. The secret of its success lies partly on the wisdom of writers, who have successfully aimed viewers from all ages as their targets. Thus, the Serrano family portrays the daily lives of a Brady Bunch-like family with a widower and a divorcée marrying and creating a new family with each one's children.

    Antonio Resines, one of our finest comic actors, plays the father, while Belén Rueda is as effective as ever as the mother. The eldest of their children (Fran Perea from one side, and Verónica Sánchez from the other) have at some points been the center of the series with their unsolved sexual chemistry, but perhaps writers should focus on other characters too.

    As it usually happens with Spanish TV series, the supporting cast excels the main one in many instances. A special mention should be made to Jesus Bonilla's uncle Santiago, and Antonio Molero's family friend, Fiti. Among the youngest actors, Alejo Sauras and Alexandra Jiménez are a lovely pair of goofy sidekicks to Fran Perea and Verónica Sánchez.

    Maybe it's not the best comedy ever made, but it's extremely watchable and the whole family can have fun with it. I hope we will be seeing a lot of "Los Serrano" in the years to come.
  • mhx-125 August 2007
    I think this is the best TV show ever. Comedy/drama/romance/whatever...Any on those genres will fit in every episode and always leaves you in a good spirit. Doesn't matter if you're a man or woman.

    I think this has something to do with Spanish culture and natural charm of the Spanish people.

    Me, personally I'm finnish and got addicted to the show while on summer holiday as hundreds of thousand more of us in Finland (at least dozens of people i know).

    I'm sure i'll buy a DVD-compilation if i'll find one somewhere! Most definitely recommend!
  • I loved this show! In 2004 I studied in Spain for a semester and I lived with a family and we would sometimes watch TV together. Now when I first got there, my Spanish was elementary at best, but when I saw this show for the first time I found it hilarious. And I didn't understand majority of the dialog! As my Spanish improved (and with TV subtitles for me to read), the experience of watching the show got even better. I even had my host mom tape an episode for me when I went out on 'Los Serrano' night. (And watching TV in a foreign language can be a great study tool.)

    This show has such a universal appeal. At first it brings to mind the 'Brady' Bunch with the blended family, but that's where the similarities end as it's updated for this day and age. The antics of Fiti, Diego, and the sometimes cranky Santiago are reminiscent of Lucy & Ethel of 'I Love Lucy' and the chemistry between Marcos and Eva is hot! Unfortunately, I've only been able to witness the humble beginnings (and confusion LOL)of their relationship. And let's not forget the sweet, but often misguided Raul. Gotta love it.

    Who would have thought a African-American girl from Chicago would fall in love with this Spanish gem? I wish it was available on DVD in the US. I read somewhere last year that Mexican/American network Telemundo bought the rights to develop their own version of the series, but I haven't heard any more on that. But it could never beat the original.
  • While it may be true that Los Serrano may not have the best writing of a sitcom ever, it contains some enigmatic element that makes it strangely addictive. The situations may be far-fetched and romances may be overplayed, but after one or two episodes, the viewer finds himself wanting to come back weekly, even for reruns of overplayed episodes.

    At this point I'm torn as to whether Los Serrano should hurry up to get off the air before it gets much worse (this fourth season has been a downer in many ways) or to continue to feed my addiction. In any case, buy/rent the DVDs and watch the old ones even if it does go off the air.
  • This is not only the best new series of the year in Spain, it's also one of the best sitcoms of the last 5 years. The cast is superb, not only well chosen, but acts remarkably well (specially Belén Rueda, who keeps raising and raising as an actress).

    One of the best things I can say about this series is that it truly has a universal humor in most of its contents, and I really mean it: A Chinese student living at my home loves the show even when she doesn't get all they're saying. A proof that the acting is very good and the funny things are a combination of spoken and visual jokes.

    I definitely recommend it.
  • I watch Los Serrano more or less regularly and I think it is a very good series. It might be true that it's becoming like most series, with lots of love triangles and such, but there is always something interesting every week. That's why I keep watching it. It is very funny how Diego, Fiti and Santiago get themselves worked up over nothing and it always ends up in difficult situations. I like the way the kids get into all kind of trouble. In conclusion, as long as you can understand Spanish pretty well, Los Serrano is a good series you are sure to enjoy. At least I do, and I don't know very many people who don't. If you like Los Serrano, other series I recommend are: - Aqui no hay quien viva. - Aida. - 7 vidas. And a personal favorite, which doesn't have very much to do with Los Serrano: - Hospital Central.
  • Los Serrano is a tv series about Antonio(Antonio Resines) and Lucia (Belen Rueda) who get married. Lucia has got two daughters Eva (Veronica Sanchez) and Teté and Antonio,whose previous wife Died,has got three boys:Marcos,Guille and Curro.

    This series tell us their lives,adventures and problems.Always with comedy and Familliar jokes (it could be the enemy of Ana y los 7)But with a different view of the family:

    1 Ana y los 7 presents an unreal family 2 Los Serrano presents a real Spanish family

    For that it is an entertainment series for Watch.

    Sentence:*** of 4
  • When this show started it had quite a simple idea: the possible love story between a boy and girl who become brother and sister after their parents get married. Once the first season was over they were completely out of ideas and they just kept making chapters with the minimum effort required and putting whatever was necessary to keep up the share rate, usually sexual topics. The female main character's (eva) quasy-nudity became common and every possible morbid issue was treated in the worst way possible. They also simplified the plot making all the chapters almost identical: There's some kind of misunderstanding (usually the men are the ones who are wrong, because in this show heterosexual men are just totally irrational and simple beings who are always horny) where something terrible is suspected, finally women show them how things really are. Fran Perea's contribution is hard to forget: he can't sing nor act and he's not attractive but somehow he managed to make people forget those facts. Antonio Resines' performance is exactly the same that he always does in every show. This show has been used to launch Perea's and the children's musical career, being both suffered nowadays. 0 out of 1348
  • I started watching the show when I was living in Madrid, and because of that I got sentimentally attached to it. At first, I thought it was only a rip off of the Wonder Years or Cuentame with the exaggerated voice over, but what I appreciate of the show now is that it's the first series to capture Spanish humor quite well. It plays on stereotypes, and many of the episodes are too formulaic, but if you give the show an opportunity it will deliver a lot farther than most of the other Spanish series I've seen. The show should play down the emphasis on marketing its music (AKA Fran Perea, and the next generation of the show) and go back to what it does best: parodying other shows and movies with a Spanish twist.
  • How i say in the title, this "show" is very very bad, very very boring, and very very very repetitive.

    I don't understand how people can stay 2 hours watching this totally boring series, seeing a bald and fat guy shouting every time and don't understanding him. A man saying always "you're brothers, don't you understand? you're brothers. And a guy that's always saying mainly.

    The kids have a huge mental deficiency believing that there are a "musical group".

    I wont see the show again even if the world's destiny is on it, because of, y say it again, it's completely boring repetitive and without sense.

    How can this series be called funny?