Robert James Sr.: [after Tia dreams she and Neesee are getting married, Robert discovers her packed bags at the door] Tia, why...why are you getting so worked up over a dream?

Tia Jewel: Because it's not a dream, it's reality. I marry you, I marry Neesee. I guess that makes sense because it feels like I've been dating her for the past year and a half. I go to school, she's there. I come home, she's here. I go to your office, she's there. And now, we go to sleep, and boom, there she is, right in our bed.

Robert James Sr.: Tia, I don't enjoy having Neesee around all the time. But she and I have a son together.

Tia Jewel: I know, and I love him. But I guess I didn't realize how much his mother was going to be a part of our lives...until now.

Robert James Sr.: What do you mean, until now? It's always been like this.

Tia Jewel: Not really. Because, baby, now she's in your dreams and showing up in mine.

Robert James Sr.: Look, baby, I know what you're saying, okay? But, this is're overreact...

Tia Jewel: When you asked me to marry you, I just took that ring, put it on, and I said yes, because I love you so, so much. But I guess I didn't take the time to think how things would really be between us. And when I say "us," I mean ALL of us. And baby, you didn't either.