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  • gridoon202028 December 2008
    "Strike Force" AKA "The Librarians" is strictly routine B-movie action fare about a team of mercenaries who are trying to locate a kidnapped girl (the granddaughter of the team leader's best friend) and bring down a powerful and sadistic crime boss operating in Miami. The locations are well-shot and the action scenes get as crazy as the budget will allow, however the good guys are just too outnumbered for the outcome to have much believability, and the fight choreography is nothing to write home about. Andrew Divoff makes a convincingly slimy and hateful villain, while Erika Eleniak is a knockout in more ways than one (I don't want to spoil her best scene, but it involves a barrel full of water). Nice to see Matthias Hues again - but is it just me or did they cut out his final scene? And why is Burt Reynolds - even if he appears in only 1 scene - not credited in either the opening or the closing credits? He shouldn't be ashamed of his involvement - he has appeared in worse films than this! (**)
  • Thank Zeus for B movies, a realm where the 80's never died. A place where elite do-gooder mercenaries, secret underground death-matches, and cops who play by their own rules all live on. I don't think Strike Force had any cops who played by their own rules, but then it wasn't a cop movie. I'm sure if it was, it would, if you catch my drift. It's that sort of flick.

    Anyway, despite being terrible, I couldn't stop watching this movie. William Forsythe (who also has a writing credit for this one) manages to convey more gravity than the movie deserves, and the forgettable plot chugs along at a reasonable pace with such blithe absurdity that you can't look away.

    Some guy: "I don't even know your names."

    William Forsythe, with utter and complete seriousness: "We're called the Librarians."

    I can't explain it. You'll have to see it. I almost fell out of my chair laughing. This inspired a bit of an exchange between my dad and I as we watched.

    "We're... the Caterers!" "We're the Beauticians!" "We're called the Veterinarians!"

    Anyway, if you find this on cable or you're hard up for something to rent, go ahead and give this a shot. It's dumb, but it's more amusing than it should be.
  • I'm not going to bother mentioning any of the plot - this is strictly a B movie on its way to obscurity. The shock to me, though, is seeing what has become of some of the actors in this film. Erika Eleniak, never anything you'd call a thespian anyway, seems to have morphed into Anna Nicole Smith (in her Big period). Daniel Bernhardt - I almost shed a tear. He's always been a favorite of mine because of his martial arts prowess, as seen in the Bloodsport series (also B movies but, if you like martial arts, eminently watchable). Here, he is a shell of his former self - sure, he's older, but doing the mercenary thing and not even looking interested ... I just don't get it. Don't these people invest? William Forsythe is another "heavy" that I've always liked, but his last several roles are what you would call "mailing it in". I'm not going to even mention Mr. Reynolds - his gig here amounts to a throwaway, nothing more. The only winner is Andrew Divoff, as usual a creepy, evil, pockmarked villain with a sandpaper voice that can curdle milk - the best kind! This is a movie you watch for laughs. There's nothing else to it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After reading all the negative reviews, I expected this movie to be so much worse than it was. Actually, I didn't think it was bad at all. I have seen hundreds of far worse movies in my time. The only thing that really had me shaking my head was that the main girl took out Matthias Hues' character in a physical match at the end. Haha...please. I liked her tough character and all, but seriously... (Yes, I know, 'it's just a movie.') :) Anyway, because I am a big fan of Hues, that's why I watched it. (And that above comment is the only spoiler I will give here.)

    Although there are a few slower parts with lots of talking, there is still plenty of action (both physical fighting and shooting) to keep it from getting boring. I wish they had done a little better with closure on the story however. Nonetheless, if you like medium to lower budget action/detective/crime drama, this one is worth watching at least once.
  • tarbosh220005 May 2005
    "Strike Force" or "The Librarians" is a fun action movie that doesn't take itself too seriously. William Forsythe stars as Simon, who is looking for a missing daughter of a wealthy client. He meets up with Sandi (Erika Eleniak) who is also looking for someone-her sister. But there are evil bad guys afoot. The most evil of them all is Marcos Canarious (Andrew Divoff). Marcos likes to kill people. So now, Simon and Sandi have to team up to bring down the villains. The whole cast is great, with Divoff stealing the movie. There are also cameos by Ed Lauter and Burt Reynolds. If you are looking for a good action film, watch this and have a good time.

    For more insanity, please visit:
  • I wrangled up this movie just to see William Forsythe and Andrew Divoff, who both performed wonderfully. Divoff is truly one of the most riveting villains ever! Granted, the movie itself has a beyond laugh worthy script, and some of the acting is putrid, if you like a good B-Movie after smoking a joint, then this will not disappoint (you will enjoy it if you like the actors, as I did.) Burt Reynolds fans flee, he is only in one scene and is terrible (worst Irish accent ever next to Dennis Hopper in 'Ticker' and Tommy Lee Jones in 'Blown Away').

    There is also a great little cameo from Michael Parks.

    Use your good judgment on this, though, half the people who will give it a chance, will probably hate it.
  • QUESTION: How does a film merit two different titles like "The Librarians" and "Strike Force"?

    ANSWER: The film is sooooooooo bad that the filmmakers couldn't even decide on a title!!!!

    This film is a hodgepodge of martial arts, death wish-vendettas, melodrama, romance, and other cliché film techniques. The story focuses on a vigilante group called The Librarians led by Agent Simon (WIlliam Forsythe). The group is hot in pursuit of a nefarious, multi-lingual, pockmarked creature named Marcos (Andrew Divoff) who captures women and holds them hostage in the lawless urban world of south Florida.

    Burt Reynolds appears as a cameo in this film, and his scene is entirely extraneous to the action. Burt delivers a long monologue in one of the strangest drawls I have ever heard. This may have been Burt's attempt at an Irish dialect, but the overall effect is a kind of perverse imitation of Marlon Brando in "The Godfather."

    Also appearing in this film is Erika Eleniak, who has infiltrated the inner circle of Marcos' bizarre world. Erika's character kick-boxes her way into an alliance with Simon. The Librarians and Erika will become a powerful strike force against evil in a film that has been delivered directly from the editing room to your cable TV converter box.
  • Boy, this one was quite a chore to sit through. The first and second act move at a snail's pace with drawn-out dialogue / exposition scenes that really don't add up or go anywhere. The camera work is boring, being shot in the typical bland, "flat" look of 90's action films. Only this was made in 2003, so there's little excuse for that. And Burt Reynolds' bizarrely random cameo only added to the incoherence.

    Daniel Bernhardt is always awesome, though he's not in the movie much. He does have a cage fight with Matthias Hues at one point, but it's done pretty poorly so there's nothing much to see.

    However, the climax is fairly well done for this budget and genre and definitely helped save it from being a complete waste of time.
  • I heard the stories of the ravers in the movie and thats great but that is only 1/100 of the movie. The problem with this movie is the cheesiness. I never really got the plot or why the guy was stealing girls. That makes no sense but hey...why they were in a club randomly was curious also. Many parts of this movie make no sense but overall I was interested. It was confusing on many levels...maybe I am just not indie enough for this movie but judging from the B looking end scene they ran out of money, just cut some stuff in, and forgot about the plot. Its low budget and appears so. I like the fact that they used little special effects which were bad, but they used none that were quality. I would say this film is the quintessential bad script, with alright production. It is definitely not as random as many movies I have seen but the pieces of the puzzle just don't make sense together. In effects, I would give exception to the final battle when all the effects went 1950's on my ass. Sparks out of models and the like. Watch it if you like an unintentional comedy from an action movie. Mystery science theater has a candidate.
  • All things old are new again.Erika E. is on celebrity fitness (VH1);Florida State Rep. Mark Foley is the national buzz for allegedly sending sexually explicit Emails to a 16 yr. old male page.As I edit this Mr.Foley is resigning from his representative seat. Mr.Foley you see does his turn at acting as the father of the recovered girl seen during the opening sequence. My place in movie history will forever be solidified with my appearance in the graveyard scene.I should have looked at this as a omen.I hate to say it but be warned If you place this in your DVD be prepare to put your toe on the trigger of the shotgun you'll soon have between your teeth. Your level of depression has reached its zenith.I have seen better writing put to screen on an Etch a Sketch.Shot in 1999-00 under the working title "The Librarians" in and around Palm Beach Co.Why the Librarian's you ask,well you would need to be wrapped as tight as binding to be able to read anything into this frat party of over the hill stunt men plying their trade onto celluloid for one last time.Oh well enough with the accolades...Burt Reynolds as a Irish mobster, in Miami no less...possibly the worst forced accent impression since Linda Lovelace in "Deep Throat". .William Forsythe as a hip, slick and cool tough guy...doubtful,possibly 10 years ago.I'd say it's curtain time for Mike Kirton.You now have the Forsythe to pass up this sub par movie,more like a film school project, for anything on tape,disc or paper your local retailer has to offer.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As stated by others, this is a ludicrously horrible movie (NOT A FILM!). It is not bad in a funny way, just painful to try to endure. Don't waste your time.

    Erika Eleniak is pretty hot, but there is one scene where she is in a bathtub, and you can see the wrap covering her breasts under the bubbles. Also, she's getting fat.

    The fight scenes are so bad as to be unwatchable, if you know or care anything about martial arts, or even decent choreography, and the editing/effects are abysmal.

    There is no payoff, it goes nowhere, and sucks getting there.
  • Enchorde20 December 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    Recap: Simon leads a little team of special agents that has specialized in finding and returning missing people, against all possible odds. Their latest mission is about the granddaughter of a friend of them. She seems to have been caught in the web of a particularly brutal criminal and everyone that has gone looking for her has gone missing. But now The Librarians are on the case.

    Comments: This is pure B-action, through and through. The key phrase for this is unlimited supply. There is unlimited supply of ammunition, they don't have to reload once. There is an unlimited supply of bad guys, so the heroes have something to shoot at. There is an unlimited supply of breasts, many of them bare, in an vain (and as always failed) attempt to distract from the plot holes. And there is an unlimited supply of bad acting (it is almost like Erika Eleniak's performance shines in this, what about that?), and actors that don't seem to care more than the paycheck (and why should they when no one else seem to?).

    And as in most B-action movies there are an unlimited supply of bad gunfights. But these almost seem to be of a ridiculously bad kind. I think I saw more realistic gunfights when I played cowboy as a kid.

    But then again I didn't really expect much either, how could I from a action movie named The Librarians? And it actually delivers about what could be expected. 90 minutes of more or less bad action with some scenes to connect the dots between. But I am unsure if I can call it entertaining, it didn't keep my interest very long.

  • gcb195221 July 2006
    I thought it was comedy!! What a hoot! I can't believe Forsythe or Reynolds would actually appear in this piece of trash..And then there's the beautiful Erika Eleniak or whatever this piece of eye candy is called..Appears she put on a few pounds since her Playboy centerfold..Like about 50!! The story line is ludicrous, the acting absolutely horrendous, and the tired old cliché's that are run over and over and over again, boy it took a lot of stamina to sit through this dog..The only thing worth it was the LAUGHS!! And there are PLENTY! If you really want to kill say, an hour and a half pick this baby up at the rental shop, but make sure you have a room full of brain dead people to watch it with you. I think that's who it was written for.. it plays like they were thinking of a real low rent, drug induced audience for this one..