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  • A fine German winter relationship & skiing movie. Taking place in the beginning of the 80s, some very different young people, some with kids, meet in an Alps tourist cabin. When informed that the leader of both the "volleyballers` and the "political agitators` has been arrested on a demonstration in Germany (therefore he can't join the vacation), the group splits. We see very clearly now, that the youngs at least have one thing in common: working on their momentary relationships and centres of life through the dynamics of the groups. Soon the mood becomes aggressive, the ski teacher, who just wants to have fun, flirting with the girlfriend of the actual prisoner Knut, is attacked by the "political` friends, and love hurts all the way long. People part and come together, that's the way the cookie crumbles. This is an good example for the momentary German trends both to "real life` chamber plays like "Halbe Treppe` and to reflections about the immediate (more and more not only Eastern!) German past like "Liegen lernen`. The acting is very close to the viewer's eyes, the characters accord to our everyday experiences. Although, it's never boring to see this, because the dynamics inside the group produce a subtle sort of suspense. But it could have been more ideas in the script, especially courage for more stirring dialogues. The years around 1980 had been high tide for political action and discussion. The Red Army Fraction, the squatters, the conservative renaissance with Helmut Kohl, some of the subjects very exciting for German society in these days. The movie is very clever in showing the opening divide between engaged and hedonistic approach to the contingent present. Perhaps the main thesis is a little bit unfair to the advocates of the political utopia, which is mainly showed as strange and naive.

  • Mort-3116 October 2003
    Very nice. A gathering of young people at a 1980ies Tyrolean skiing hut. Various stories unfold amongst them, as they spend their holidays skiing, having (more or less) fun and rearranging their love relationships. Some of the stories result in conclusions, others don't, like in real life. The most "suspenseful` plot thread is the alleged arrest of the person who has invited all those people: Knut. How will it affect the holiday mood of each guest? Will he ever appear?

    Many of the friends coming together are leftist revolutionists, which made the film especially amusing for me because some of my friends are, too (still!), and I have spent a couple of holidays at huts, with endless discussions about who should cook, who will have to do the washing-up, and what is best for the group. These slightly ridiculous phenomenon of making every-day life a political/democratic matter is portrayed very well here, thanks to extremely realistic acting and visual aesthetics reminding of 1980ies TV series.

    The question here is not what the plot is about. The film deals with many different issues. Every viewer can choose the issue they like best. And they can choose the guest they found funniest. Jan, the big-mouthed singer? Ingo, the scholar, who is repelled by the leftist group but soon begins to use their methods himself without noticing? Rolf, who is only interested in skiing? Niklas, the 14-year-old outsider who is seen eating in almost every scene (why?)? Jens, who desperately tries to make friends with the kids? Birgit, the well-tempered sarcastic mother with her terribly ugly pair of glasses? Or any of the others? My favourite character was screeenwriter Daniel Nocke who wrote a hilarious role for himself: Wolfgang, the "leader`, who keeps destroying the good mood by organizing the group's collective behavior.

    The movie doesn't really lead you anywhere but it is highly intelligent, funny and an absolute pleasure to watch.
  • dam-O10 November 2007
    but i am definitely not out of the 68 generation but sill thought that this movie is perfect.

    it must be 3 years ago i saw it and still cant forget about it. thats why i just researched it again to find out who did the wonderful music, which brings a huge amount of atmosphere into the the movie.

    I thought it was a very suttled description of the different characters. brought to you in a very comfortable outstanding position. what i mean it was very amusing to watch the people interacting and keeping a overview over the different "heads".

    even if i never was together with a group of people on a ski trip , housing together in a little wood house, i totally could understand the feeling of it. and thats a achievement of the director.

    so , and to the massage i don't think there is one. this movie is description. if there is one than it must be a judgment over the 68 generation. but i don't believe there is "a" sentence or line which finishes of this movie.

    perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

    watch it and enjoy ur self!