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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The movie had almost nothing no story, action, comedy or romance then what is the genre? It only had Kareena Kapoor's good looks and Nadeem-Shravan's terrific music but what is the use of all that in a bad film? The budget seems quite high but it is used on the style of the film and the filmmakers never concentrated on the story. Dharmesh Darshan is a completely weak director because he always thinks that style is more important than story, then why doesn't he become a cinematographer? In the film, Anil Kapoor behaved as if India's finance minister had levied a tax on smiling. Akshay Kumar played a top pop singer who sang everything but pop songs. As for Kareena Kapoor she essayed the role of a straying lover, wife and mother who preaches that a lover can be unfaithful but mother can't! Really? In that case why did she stray at all? She was a mother even when she started her extra-marital affair, so what was she talking about?
  • I cannot believe I wasted my money on this horrible film. A ghastly storyline, none of the characters have any depth - in fact I did not feel a shred of empathy for any of the characters. Kareena Kapoor, who I usually like, spent the entire film with her eyes wide open looking shocked (and was otherwise utterly expressionless). This I blame (as well as everything else) on truly bad directing. They drone on and on about Indian culture and renouncing of the self for the good of others - but none of it seemed genuine. The main characters sleepwalked through the performance, and I do not understand how talented actors like Anil Kapoor could have agreed to "acting" in this. The side characters of Manoj Bajpai and Shamita Shetty only serve to annoy. I am still reeling in horror at the fact that I wasted my time in this utterly pointless manner. Save yourselves, don't even stray close.
  • This is boring and a disappointment from Dharmesh and Sridevi.The direction is plain bad.The dialogs are worse.The story is boring.It tells about Anjali who is from Canada.Her sister Aarti is pregnant.She loves Raja.Before she can marry him Aarti dies giving birth to twins.She has to marry Aartis husband Aditya.You would next thing that Aditya would realize Anjali and Rajas feelings and both wold get married.Noooooooooooooooo.She marries Aditya and goes to India.Then later comes Raja.Akshay is wasted and suffers from poor direction,dialogs.Anil is wasted.Kareena is useless as always.Kabir and Nafisha are wooden.Manoj and Shamitha are irritating and are annoying big time.Sushmitha is wasted ..The cinematography is tacky and unimaginative.The screenplay is utterly predictable.The story is a rip off.The songs are forgettable.The only memorable song was Kaise Piya.The others are forgettables.Cheap sets,Camp Wardrobe,Corny dialogs,Forgettable songs and plastic performances are no excuse for entertainment.Above Average stuff .Sucks big time.Avoid it.To cheer you up a bit this is much better than the overrated torturous"Bunty Aur Bubly"
  • 'Hum Aapke Hain Bewafaa Dhadkan'

    Bewafaa Dir- Dharmesh Darshan Cast- Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Sushmita Sen, Manoj Bajpai, Shamita Shetty and Anil Kapoor. Written by- Robin Bhatt, Dharmesh Darshan and Raj Sinha. Rating- **

    There is this game where you watch a movie, go back home and think of different alternate endings to it. After the many versions, if the actual ending still seems more interesting then you've lost. Dharmesh Darshan probably played this game after watching Sooraj Barjatya's 'Hum Aapke Hain Koun…' and his very own 'Dhadkan'. Mr. Darshan must've thought- what if Madhuri Dixit had actually married Mohnish Behl in the former and Sunil Shetty had returned in the latter to find Shilpa Shetty willing to leave hubby Akki? Now develop these plots, and what you get is a fair idea of Darshan's 'Bewafaa'. Sadly, even though Mr. Darshan must've considered his endings more interesting, he still is the loser!

    Welcome then to the shakalaka baby family in Montreal, Canada. We have papa Kabir Bedi, firang(?) mummy Nafisa Ali, badi beti Sushmita Sen and chotti beti Kareena Kapoor. Sen is Aarti, married to Aditya(Anil Kapoor)- a businessman(we're not quite sure what business he does?) who has little time for his family and probably mistakes his wife for a personal assistant! Aarti dies, leaving behind two twin daughters. You guessed it right! Within a reel, chotti beti Anjali(Kareena) is married off to Aditya and sent packing to New Delhi. Living in a loveless marriage, her life is provided a pacemaker with the return of her former love, hold your breath, Indian Raja?!?(Akshay Kumar)- a popular popstar. Old flames are lit again and the lovers decide to elope. But there's a spooky couple(Manoj Bajpai & Shamita Shetty) to cope! Oh nope!! The audience is left with no hope!!! Follow a predictable storyline then to a tiring climax where everything is restored. The audience is bored. Yeh dil manage no more!!!

    The whole movie is riddled with songs that emerge out of nowhere like land mines in a war zone! Mind you- the songs are good to listen, they are just not used properly. The first half drags along with only the beautiful sights of Montreal keeping you interested. The second half promises a similar fate but things are made lively with the entrance of Dil(Manoj Bajpai) and Pallavi(Shamita Shetty). Bordering on the line of vulgarity, Manoj Bajpai delivers a hammy performance but there is a guilty pleasure in watching his antics. A tip Mr. Darshan- publicize Bajpai's character. Kareena is passable(sorry Bebo, 'Bewafaa' won't do for you what 'Raja Hindustani' did for Lolo) while Sush is seriously challenging the position of Simi Garewal as Miss Grace. It is common knowledge that Akshay Kumar has a cocky attitude which can be used to his advantage when cast in roles similar to the ones he essayed in 'Khakee', 'Aankhen' and 'Mujhse Shaadi Karogi'. But here as a lover boy, he is at his stolid best! That leaves us with Anil Kapoor. This man is like wine- he's only getting better with age. In a thankless role, he acts his part with dignity. Only for him and a fairly decent second-half, 'Bewafaa' is not as bad as it sounds!

    • Abhishek Bandekar

    Rating- **

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    25th February, 2005
  • Bewafaa is a rip-off of B.R. Chopra's classic Gumrah, and it is a great joke of a movie. The only good things about the film are the beautiful locations, the songs and... nothing else! The story is pathetic. It was just a misleading attempt to draw people to theaters. People may have thought they'd see an intense film about betrayal (Bewafaa - Unfaithful) in the light of such films as Murder. But this one is a slow, stretched, boring and flawed film with no story. So unrealistic that you feel it is actually for kids. I mean, Kareena wakes up at morning all made-up like a clown?

    This is a weak show. Not a single funny moment, no excitement, no love story, nothing. This is a collection of situations taken from different films, and it's incredibly dull. Just follow: she marries her late sister's husband, cares for his children, soon her previous lover comes back out of nowhere, they hardly speak and someone decides to blackmail her for no reason?? Oh and there the melodrama only starts - a climax full of tears by all the cast members and a separation accompanied with a song... Old clichés, cheap dialogues and poor execution. At the end of the film, you sit, trying to understand what was it all about...

    Kareena is lifeless and bland. You can tell her that her car is burning outside, and she'll still have the same indifferent expression. Anil Kapoor and Akshay Kumar are the same - no impact, no character. Shamita Shetty is hot, Manoj Bajpai is annoying as never. It's terrible to see such a great actor playing this silly over-the-top character and accepting any role in this film in the first place.

    The film's saving grace may lie in some of the songs, but Bewafaa is still one poor attempt and that's simply because the director tried to take this immature script way too seriously.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Who came up with this? Why did he/she come up with this? Why did the cast (Anil and Kareena Kapoor, Sushmita Sen, Akshaye Kumar, Shameta Shetty et. Al.) agree to do this? Why punish humanity with this? What did we ever do to the director and script writer of this film? Gosh! I manged to rate it two stars just because of my love for Akshaye Kumar (despite my hating him in this film) and some good songs from the film. But even the good songs are not enough to save this clunker! It deserves 0 stars otherwise! Kareena Kapoor plays a young teen growing up in Canada and who is coming of age. She has a boyfriend, Raja (played by Kumar) who is an aspiring pop singer and whom she hides from her family because her family has the impression that she is a good girl and stuff. One day, her older sister (played by Sushmita Sen) comes back home to visit with big news! She and her husband (played by Anil Kapoor) are pregnant with twins. Anjali (K.Kapoor) is ecstatic for her sister, so much so that she confides in her sister her love for her secret boyfriend. Sen's character agrees to meet with Raja and instantly she likes him and they catch up on getting to know each other during a song number. A few weeks later, Anjali goes to the airport to pick up her sister's husband and brings him to the hospital where upon reaching she finds her parents with distressed looks on their faces. The mother announces to both of them that Sushmita's character is no more (she passed away during childbirth) and naturally they are both shattered. Then the most surprising thing of all happens. Anjali is asked to marry her sister's husband, so that the twins will grow up with a mother and even more surprising, Anjali forgets about Raja and does as her parents have told her. She moves back to India with her new husband and slowly tells herself that in order for her new husband to appreciate her more, she will have to make her like her sister as much as possible, which includes; dressing like her, talking like her and in general doing everything like her. You would think with all that fluff and stuff, they would have ended the film right? Wrong. They bring Raja to India, now a star, and make him bump into Anjali and a game of cat and mouse ensues between Anjali, her husband, his friends (who are on to her game) and Raja. Then the film ends with Raja aka Indian Raja formally addressing the audience watching the film (which made me cringe to no end). Save yourself from this soap-opera and watch Sisila (the classic) instead!
  • To be honest I have not been a fan of Dharmesh Darshans films. He has an knack of remaking classic films and making an absolute hash of it. Raja Hindustani was a remake of 60's classic Jab Jab Phool Kile, Mela was a remake of Sholay and now we have Bewaffa, which is a remake of Gumrah. There is not really a script to speak of just a chain of sequences. Not even the performances are noteworthy, the person that sticks out is Manoj Bajpai who overacts through all of his scenes.

    The only redeeming factor is the music by Darshan loyalist, Nadeem Shravan. My favourites are either the title song or Yaad. I am now dreading to see what classic he makes an hash of next, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai(Oh no) Amar Akbar Anthony (Oh good no). Avoid at all costs.
  • Bewafa is a typical love triangle movie with a script that has been seen 100s of times. The movie starts with Kareena waking up from bed after a sleep with so much make up on. Perhaps, she woke up 1 hour ago,added make up, lied on the bed and woke up again. She is in love with Akshay Kumar, who loves her dearly. Her Sister Sushmita marries Anil, has a child and dies. Nobody forced or even suggested Kareena to marry her brother in law, but she immediately did. She never bothered to tell Akshay, she just quickly decided to get married. Years later, the movie focuses on the married couple, who are always distant from each other. Does it take years to get to know one another, here it does. Akshay suddenly returns, and the question is will she become unfaithful. Kareena Kapoor delivers yet another disastrous performance, I would slap her up if i see her. Akshay Kumar is generally a good actor, but why he chose to star in this. Anil Kapoor has given us great performances in the past, not anymore. Sushmita Sen is hardly there, and with a blink she is gone. Manoj Bajpai and Shamita Shetty are ever so annoying and so unrealistic. Manoj has given us Powerful performances in the past, in this film he was pathetic. A complete disaster coming from a good director, BOREDOM.
  • If you've seen Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, then you'll know what I am talking about when I say that the idea for the story came from the 90s blockbuster. I'm going to start of with the performances. Akshay Kumar's performance is well below average; he doesn't do much and his costumes don't do him any favours. Kareena Kapoor is also well below average, and the way in which she's acted in the film doesn't convince the viewer that she can do those kinds of roles. Sushmita Sen was OK, as was Anil Kapoor. The music is good. The two best tracks are 'ek bewafaa hai' and 'yaad yaad'. The direction though, it has to be said, is quite bad, but the screenplay is OK.

    Overall: this film is a waste of time. I give it 3/10.
  • silvan-desouza19 March 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    Dharmesh Darshan is one overrated director who never could bring anything original to films, his films seem recycled versions of other films. BEWAFAA has characters from MURDER, and a part of the film is similar to it though it's lesser on sex and Akshay is not a villain here.

    The film has an outdated feel to it, the songs, the situations, the twists all seem age old.

    Contrived twists and lot of melodrama and predictability The ending is simply stupid, with Manoj Bajpai suddenly breaking into a song and Akshay speaking to the audiences.

    Direction is outdated Music is okay, some songs are good but too many

    Anil Kapoor does his role well, Kareena Kapoor is good too but why was that backless shot made such a hue and cry about? Sushmita Sen is good, AKshay Kumar with goatee and sidelocks is alright Manoj Bajpai irritates and overacts, Shamita Shetty is okay
  • rdama31 December 2005
    What a lousy movie. Seems like the plot was copied from a bunch of Hollywood and old Bollywood films. It has elements that are supposed to represent tenderness, kindness and sacrifice ("I'll marry my dead sisters husband to help take care of the kids") except that it is so far fetched that it ends up being merely funny (ever heard of baby sitters/servants ???). I am sure Anil Kapoor's character can afford baby sitters, especially as he is among the top 1000 richest people in India, instead of marrying his dead wife's sister. In the first half of the film, Anil Kapoor reminds me of ...... Snape in Harry Potter movies: stern, foreboding and in serious need some humor. Kareena Kapoor looks so lifeless and sad all the time, I guess it is time for her to see her therapist. The gamut of emotions she shows goes from A to B and stops !! For heaven's sake, even if you are having an affair, you can smile once in a while.
  • Dharmesh Darshan is well known for his ability to handle films with sensitive subjects. So after Haan Maine Bhi Pyar Kiya comes yet another woman-centric film from his kitty. Bewafaa is about Anjali (Kareena Kapoor) who lives in Montreal, Canada. Daughter of an Indian father (Kabir Bedi) and a Canadian mother (Nafisa Ali), Anjali is leading a happy-go-lucky life. She has a boyfriend too-aspiring singer Raja (Akshay Kumar). Of course, her parents do not know about him. Anjali speaks about her boyfriend only to her sister Aarti (Sushmita Sen) who has flown to Canada because she is expecting her child. Aarti assures Anjali that she will convince her parents about Indian Raja once they become nana-nani.

    Here comes the twist. Aarti dies leaving two twins. Anjali now has to make a choice. Either to tell her parents about Indian Raja or marry her sister's husband and take responsibility of the motherless twins. Predictably, Anjali opts for the latter. She migrates to Delhi. Aditya (Anil Kapoor) is busy as a bee and does not have time for Anjali or the kids. It is only after a confrontation with Anjali that Aditya realizes about him being unfair to her.

    At the airport Aditya tells his manager that after his trip from Germany, he plans to go on a world tour with his wife and daughters. And that he would return a changed man. Aditya leaves. And enters Anjali's ex-lover Indian Raja. Anjali tries to avoid him initially. But soon lands up having a rolling affair with him. Aditya returns. Anajli by now all prepared to elope with Raja. She fears that Aditya would come to know about her affair with Indian Raja. What's more there are Aditya's friends Dil (Manoj Bajpai) and Pallavi (Shamita Shetty) who tease Anjali about her extramarital affair.

    Finally when the truth is out and Aditya gives Anjali the option to be with Indian Raja. Does she opt to be with Indian Raja? No. What follows is predictable Hindi film climax.
  • akshayashiv18 November 2008
    The movie was a complete torture and unbearable.Dharmesh has yet again done a dreadful job in making a movie.The main head ache in the movie was a terrible script and a screenplay which makes it fail miserably.Screenplay seems to be a lit off from Silsila which was better than th9is trash.Anyways the direction is pathetic.Dialogs are amateurish.Editing is worse.Cinematography falls flat and is tacky.Acting is miserable

    The movie has some of the worst actress like Kareena Kapoor and Shamitha Shetty in their worst performance.Even Anil Kapoor and Akshay Kuamr who are some of the best also are their worst.Manoj Bajpai hams and hams and hams.Kabir Bedi and Nafisha Ali are at their worst.Only Sushmitha Sen has done a decent job.Not a fan though,i request all her fans to avoid this piece of trash at all costs because she is there only for a minutes
  • nilaamm28 February 2005
    Excellent soundtrack with equally good performances by Sushmita Sen (who looked stunning) and Kareena Kapoor. Anil and Akshay were OK as was Shamita. Manoj was very annoying. BEWAFAA is embellished with fine performances, with Kareena Kapoor topping the list. This is Kareena's film all the way and the talented actress knows how to absorb a meaty role like this. She looks stunning, emotes with complete maturity and delivers a knockout performance.Akshay Kumar does well in a role that fits him like a glove. Anil Kapoor handles his part with effortless ease. Sushmita Sen is first-rate in a brief role.Wish Sushmita had a better and longer role. Manoj Bajpai goes completely over the top. He hams and irritates to the hilt! Shamita Shetty's role has negative shades and she carries it off well. Kabir Bedi is, like always, extremely efficient. Nafisa Ali is alright. Bewafaa is a must watch!
  • It's a movie about family, responsibility, sacrifice and love. Kareena as an actress is always best. It's one of her best movies like Omkara, jab we met, Khushi, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon, Kurbaan, Main Aur Mrs. Khanna, 3 idiots, refugee, Fida, Aitraaz, Dosti, Jeena Sirf Mere Liye, Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai, Ashoka, Yaadein, Mujhse Dosti Karoge, Chameli, Yuva, Dev etc.

    The locations are absolutely beautiful, Akshay Kumar as Raja is fantastic, Anil Kapoor and Sushmita sen are also good, Shamita and Manoj suited their roles very well. There are lots of good scene where Kareena is excellent like when she says to Anil Kapoor ""you don't need to say that i can never become like Aarti, this emptiness and silence between us has been telling by speaking louder and louder than your words that i can never become Aarti, but there is one thing in which I'm equal to Aarti, and that is she kept waiting for you in her whole life until she died and one day I'll also die waiting for you, may be then you will realize my importance.""

    and the dialogue ""A wife can be unfaithful, a lover can be unfaithful but a mother can never be unfaithful""

    Kareena was excellent throughout the whole movie, her expressions, her dialogues delivery, her screen presence screamingly tells everyone that how good she is at acting.

    i give 10/10 to Kareena for acting and 7/10 to the movie, overall it's a great movie