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  • "Dismembered" has a genuinely creepy story idea and a wonderfully fun cast that manages to rise above a sometimes lame script. Unfortunately, the fine cast and creepy story is ruined by the HORRIBLE transfer to DVD! To be perfectly blunt, the transfer looks like it was taken from an extremely poor analog signal off of someone's dying television set. Many of the scenes had lines and what appeared to be signal interference running through them. This made it very difficult to see what was going on. For a movie filmed in 2003, there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for a transfer this horrendous. I thought that perhaps I had purchased a defective copy, so I exchanged it twice more with the same pathetic results. If this film ever does air on satellite, I'll burn it to disc myself and throw the official copy in the trash where it belongs. The distributor of the official release should be embarrassed and ashamed for putting out such a poor quality DVD! The basic storyline and the cast rate a 7, but the DVD transfer gets a 0 and an F- to drop my vote down to a 3.
  • I have said it before will again, This is a must see for you Ole horror movie fans. Make-up is a lost art and so is interaction between monsters and actors. Computer generation has taken the screen and fun out of acting. Bravo! An new but old but goody with some friendly faces back to screen. A popcorn muncher for the family. Thanks for bringing the Ole Bella genre back to the screen Ewing Brown! Do not compare this with the Block Busters of today but rather to the Horror genre of the 30's through 70's when make-up was the only way to create a monster. It is hard for kids today to appreciate the talent it takes to Act and ready a production without the use of computer generated graphics. It is a dying Art, Please look to enjoy and understand the effort and work involved in all forms and levels of Hollywood entertainment!! Tuche'
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Where do I begin to tell you how awful this film is? If your idea is seeing some old television stars on their last leg of their career is appealing to you, then enjoy yourself. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time. Guy hacks up people for body parts, apparently for money, Who knows and/or who cares? Plus, you never find out who the killer is! The movie just ENDS! GIVE ME A BREAK...Lee Horsley is one of my favorite actors..Such a shame I had to see him like this! Good thing this movie had a lot of fog, because everybody was walking around in it. Bernie Koppell was doing his Seigfried character from the old Get Smart series. Terrible acting, rotten dialogue and just too painful for me to describe anymore.