Rekha harassed producer Tahir Hussein thru out the making of the film. This caused Aamir Khan to have a hatred towards Rekha.

The film was delayed for 3 years.

The song "Main Gul Badan" was sampled from Donna Summer song "Love To Love You Baby".

Rekha was not giving dates and because of her the movie got delayed for about 7-8 years. Because of that Aamir Khan refused for Rekha to be in the cast of Time Machine, instead Dimple Kapadia was taken but then this Shekar Kapur movie was shelved.

Aamir Khan's father Tahir Hussein Khan had produced Locket.

Locket did well, it was an successful movie. The director Ramesh Ahuja signed 3 movies to make and one of them was Jeetendra's home production Tamacha.

Lehman Brothers did a remix of the song Main Gulbadan (The a.m. underground disco remix )

The song Main Gulbadan was sampled by Romanowski in the song Tiger Bomb Express.

Usha Uthup always sang for vamps in films where music was composed by Bappi Lahiri.Bappi Lahiri once called Usha Uthup and said this time you are not singing for a a vamp but for beautiful Rekha.

The film was launched in 1980 at the peak of Rekha's career where she had no less than 20 films in production on a given day. Her dates got messed up for several years, eventually by 1985 she agreed to complete the film.

Jeetendra's 2 films Locket and Dharam Adhikari released on the same day.

Jeetendra was upset with the film being delayed. This made him further decide to work with south producers.

2:48 from the song "Duniya Haseeno Ka Mela" from Gupt, was inspired from 1:35 from the song "Main Gul Badan" from Locket.