Mitti Aur Sona has been inspired from Chetan Anand's Hanste Zakham.

Neelam was offered both roles in the film. She declined the film because she knew the prostitute's role was the better role in the film. She did not want to do the prostitute's role due to the exposing required. She finally agreed to do the film as she felt she owed Pahlaj Nihalani a favor.

Their was speculation in the media that Neelam was upset with the size of her role in the film. Pahlaj Nihalani stated that Neelam knew what her role was from the beginning.

Pahlaj Nihalani wanted to launch Sonam with the film. But she went and signed Vijay. That is when Pahlaj decided to cast another actress in the film. He was considering Madhushree. Then Sonam was back in the film. Pahlaj decided to cast Madhushree in Andhiyaan..

Despite having two songs and nearly same footage as Sonam, Neelam did not want to play second fiddle to a newcomer like Sonam. She wanted producers to say her role was a "Guest Appearance" due to this.

One of the first successful film of Chunkey Pandey as solo hero.