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  • preppy-310 November 2003
    Basically it was Romeo & Juliet in 2003. The son of a district attorney and the daughter of a porn king meet and fall in love. Their parents forbid them to see each other. But they love each other.... It only really focused on R&J in the first 2 episodes....I LOVED the sequence in which "Juliet's" maid gets "Romeo" out of school. After episode 3 it went off on its own direction....but FOX canceled it before we got to see the rest of them.

    What's the problem? It moved fast, had good actors as the parents, had two VERY attractive leads (especially DJ--WOOF!)and had plenty of high tech glitz. Also the sex angle was nowhere near as explicit as some people thought--it was actually pretty tame. FOX DID promote this through the roof, but they said episode 1 had 4 million viewers--episode 2 had 3 million--episode 3 had 2 million--they HAD to cancel it! It's really too bad--this show never had a chance. Also critics loved it. I think if FOX had given the show a chance and shown ALL the episodes it might have gotten an audience. But these days a show has to be a hit right away to survive. Sad.

    I really hope somebody else picks this up--but I doubt it. It's a real good show. R.I.P.
  • contrary to popular opinion among imdb users, i happen to LIKE Skin. it puts a unique twist on the romeo & juliet forbidden-love story and the pacing of the show is just right. the four main actors are really good at portraying their parts - by the end of the pilot episode, i hated adam's dad and could identify with jewel's character and how people had pre concieved notions of her b/c of what her dad did. the show is good and it'll be interesting to see how the writers continue with the storyline. i'll continue to watch it, but even i am skeptical about how long it'll last (though it's gotten some good critical reviews but that doesn't really mean anything).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    (Includes spoilers of the pilot)

    Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (who is himself Jewish), Skin tells the story of a Jewish girl named Jewel (the absolutely gorgeous Olivia Wilde) who meets a half-Irish/half-Mexican Catholic guy named Adam (DJ Cotrona) by chance at a party. In the following week we discover that Jewel's father (Ron Silver) is the head of a porn empire and Adam's father is the district attorney up for reelection who wants to bring him down. Thinking he has him on a kiddie porn violation, Tom Roame (Adam's father) takes him to court where the judge throws out the case. Once each father discovers who their kid is dating, fireworks ensue. Both parents forbid their kids to date each other - yet even though they've only been dating for a week, they refuse. Tom also thinks he has found a way to bring down Larry (Jewel's father) and another man (played by a black actor in keeping with the multicultural - minus Wasps - theme) by pitting them both against each other while Larry also seeks to find dirt on Tom. The pilot ends with Adam and Jewel, virgins up to this point, putting an end to their chastity.

    While a rather unusual storyline for network TV which has me very interested in how the Romeo and Juliet theme will last an entire season, not even the stunningly beautiful Olivia Wilde will be able to keep this show on the air.
  • No.. i really don't care what you haters say. I thought it was a good show. Yes.. it was highly advertised, had a great cast, good plot and critics loved it. Where did it go wrong who knows? It's like the OC... trust me.. at first it was off to a slow start, but Fox gave it a chance and now it's one of the hottest shows. Too bad Skin was gone after just 3 weeks.

    About D.J Cotrona (great actor as well as hella hot!) and Oliva Wilde (played Alex the one who want out with Marissa in OC). His family hated hers and from there on it's war. Yet, these 2 teenagers love each other. to summarize-- Modern Romeo and Juiliet.

    Fox only aired 3 eps. though they filmed 8eps. If you want to catch it.. watch SOAPnet in april. the 8eps will air.

    i beg you! BRING BACK SKIN!
  • theocd28 October 2003
    I'll be totally honest i was dying to see "skin". I definitely wondered how they were going to tackle certain touchy subjects on network tv. so now that i've seen two shows i'm not even sure why i bothered. the show is an utter and complete bore. olivia wilde definitely has the potential to be a very interesting presense but i'm sure we will never get to see any evidence of this. hopefully bruckheimer will remember her later on down the line and put her in one of his loud films.

    i was hoping skin was going to be like the nip/ tuck of the porn world but it's more like a slick after school special written by someone's mom who saw a porn once and was completely traumatized.
  • Yeah, the Romeo and Juliet aspect is good for getting people initially interested but the real stories will result from the two fathers' insane war against each other. Against this struggle, the kids can only react and the wives mostly advise.

    It's nice to see that the entertainment mogul Goldman is actually a sympathetic anti-hero while DA Roam is a self-serving zealot. True, Goldman made some decisions early in his career that will come back to haunt him but Roam's persecution is questionable in its legality and suspect in its motivation. Personal note: I know people who have been hurt by zealous anti-porn prosecutions. Frankly, they're a heck of a lot nicer people to know than the self-obsessed DAs who tried to destroy their lives.

    The wives are so far blank slates. Mrs Roam seems to act in an advisory role in the DA's office and is set up with a rival in the form of Roam's election manager. Mrs Goldman is less developed so far. She could be set up as a trophy wife but I think Goldman is too devoted to his family to think of her this way.

    The kids seem a bit physically mature for 16-yr-olds. Maybe if the parents had been cast a bit older? Silver as Goldman and Ticotin are Mrs Roam are great but DA Roam looks way too young. And I hope they lose that idiotic pompadour!

    In the end I suspect the show will turn out to be about FAMILY. The fathers' war will simply be the storm that tests the strength of these two families. I'm betting on the Goldmans to survive.

    Interesting how chaste the producers are making the show. A strip joint with four fully-dressed dancers???? Sorry. At a normal club, the dancer who has been on longest should be fully nude, the next down to her g-string, the third still wearing the bikini brief, and only the newest one on the floor should still be fully dressed. (I used to deliver pizzas to a strip joint, in case you're wondering.) Curious how little skin was in SKIN, compared to the Oct 21 NYPD BLUE, with a delightful screen-filling strip by the lovely ER doctor. I suppose once SKIN is more established, we'll see more. Either that or Sweeps will bring out the big uns.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    well, when i first saw the previews for this i was hooked...the romantic in me was going at in when they showed the netting clip. so anyway last night (10*20) i watch it and i was really intruged by it. although the plot is rather romeo and juliet-ish ( i seriously laughed out loud when we learned that her name was jewles, and bumed out when adam's name wasn't a version of romeo) it holds alot of promise. everything from the pool sceen to when adam sneeks out to see jewles to when they are together for the first time had me so involved in this un-folding story. there are so many avenues that can be explored i think that i am hooked on this latest FOX creation.

    4.5 stars out of 5