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  • It's wonderful how Eugene Green is able to give back a medieval atmosphere with no financial means. He uses the "Nouvelle Vague"'s technique of using the word in counterpoint of the image to give such an impression. The universe is completelt realistic and there is quasi no costume, no special effect, but, amazingly, the story tells of two knights who went fought an oger that kidnapped two children in the woods and keeps a young lady emprisonned. I know my pitch is quite confused, but trust me, go see that movie, if it's played in any theater, what is not so sure (I had the opportunity to see it in Cannes, and I really think it deseved the "Caméra d'Or"for this is a firrst movie) I hope it will be distributed soon.
  • A most delightful low-tech cinematic experiment that was probably made for 1.99 Euro. The language of the film, the theatrical dialog delivery, and the baroque music score hark back to the Age of Chivalry, but the characters wear jeans and refer to modern-day inventions in their conversation (to very funny effect, I must add). Damsels in distress, dashing knights, an evil child-devouring ogre and his kindly wife, two children in danger of becoming the ogre's dinner--the film had them all, with nary a trace of special effects. It relied on good old-fashioned story telling, wit, imagination, and the suspension of disbelief on the part of the viewer. A must-see.
  • myana-don27 March 2016
    the films is amazing. especially amazing is the fact that you can view it from many perspectives. i think it is possible to show it to children 13+ year old. the way as the child will see the film - as a tale about a knight, princess and ogre. the child will perceive the film in its own way. the adult person may find many interesting points in the film - the philosophy of life. the condition of a woman in patriarchy kind of family (the wife of ogre personage) the ogre that come home, eats his bloody supper - like a modern man who s devoted only to his career and does not dedicate time for spending with family. ogre does not have even conversation with his wife in the evening. how many modern families live that kind of rush style life. - reason to think. another point to find - how changeable a woman can be, like a girl from chapel, who firs says that her heart belongs only to Knight with Lion, but then she still changes her decision. Eugen Green's films for me are filled with too much philosophy and i often have the feeling that i don't understand all point of the films completely, specially in Le Pont Des Artes