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  • The score by Madan Mohan is the stand out feature of this movie. Rafi's song " Yun rooto na hasina" and it's picturization on Shashi Kapoor is one of the highlights of this movie. The movie is unusual in one respect : This is about Indian Muslims about their culture and lives. The actors are all Hindus, Shashi Kapoor , Nanda and so on. A truly secular movie and was a hit in those days. Shashi and Nanda's youthful enthusiasm is one of the best points about this movie. Omprakash portrayal as hajam Nawab is quite humorous. Balraj Sahni gives a subdued performance. This movie also enshrines the principle of equality of all humans and the differences made out among humans are all man made and artificial.

    This movie is of great nostalgic value to the reviewer.