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  • The first half of this movie is absolutely terrible! There is definitely not a single development/no plot whatsoever in the first half. The four guys' living conditions in Mumbai was too glossed over, and Sanjay's life as a don was too "filmi." The special effects guy got carried away in this movie like in Khel. Everyone gave a good performance, though. As expected, Sanjay did a wonderful job. I really liked his "Armani suit is a coffin" monologue. Priyanka, of course, was fabulous. Any movie has room for her breathtaking looks and vivacious acting. Of the four guys, Bikram Saluja was surprisingly the best. The songs were totally awesome, especially "Pyaar Aaya"--I just can't get enough of that song. The DVD is made really well. It has terrific 5.1 sound. The movie picks up slightly in the second half but still doesn't make an exciting story.
  • manisha0111 February 2004
    However the story is a mix of a few english/american movies, i still liked it. It's good to see that bollywood is able to make "Tarantino" style movies. Now original stories...
  • The films plot is weak. The core plot of Kidnapping a Mafia Boss to pay debts is inspired from the 1997 Hollywood Flick "Suicide Boys". An interesting thriller is made into cheap gags. But if one were to every remote sense of cinema, than its a timepass comedy.

    It seems the Hindi Cinema seem to use Sanjay Dutt's past connection to underworld and his screen presence as a mafia is being overused in Indian Gangsta Flicks. Irrespective of whether its a comedy, thriller, noir film.

    Except for the Munnabhai saga, there is none of the original ideas to show Sanjay Dutt as a mafia boss. Probably Vishal Bhardwaj or Ram Gopal Verma are the only ones who can use Sanjay Dutt in an original idea Gangsta flick. But that is a wish. lets see if Sanjay Dutt will ever get the opportunity. In fact some one should bring him to the attention of Tarantino and a Tarantino + Dutt Flick would be something to look forward to. Again, thats a wish...
  • silvan-desouza5 April 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    Hriday Shetty,step brother of Rohit Shetty debutted with this film, which was produced by Sanjay Gupta. The film is a remake of Suicide Kings(1997) and Lost Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels. It starts off with 4 losers from Allahabad meet together in a train and come to mumbai, each having different dreams. The first half is well handled, the way the friends meet and the twists are well handled, Sanju's introduction is also well handled however a flaw in the story is the Sanju-Mahesh Manjerekar tiff which doesn't have any strong ground, also the romantic tracks could be avoided. The film also lacks a strong impact

    Direction is okay, writing could be better Music is okay, Pyaar Aaya is okay, Aanewala Pal too is good however many songs are crammed in the second half

    This film released 2 weeks after Munnabhai MBBS which got Sanju immense praise, however in this film he plays a bhai he has played several times before, though his new look doesn't really gel well he does his part well but doesn't really get much to do that he hasn't done before Sanjay Suri is superb in a role that he is in contrast with his image till then, Dino Morea shows improvement though his dialogue delivery jars at places, Rohit Roy is good, Bikram Saluja too does well Amongst heroines Priyanka Chopra is okay, she does ham at places, Sameera Reddy, Payal Rohatgi, Riya Sen have nothing much to do Mahesh Manjerekar is good in his role but annoys at times rest are all okay
  • The story is probably more down to earth than some of the blockbusters like Chalte Chalte,how can you go wrong with four starry-eyed coverging on Mumbai to seek fame and fortune. The casting of the four is wonderfull and the dialogue brazy if only the momentum lasted till the end!.This make me think if the financiers of a movie end up taking away the reigns from the directors when they see the rushes and they dont want an "Art-house" movie and then the cinematic fare takes the usual turn as in any masala movie. What I see as the problem with this otherwise good movie is when Musa Bhai (Sanjay Dutt)makes the entry-then things seem to focus on him and his galpal (Priyank Chopra) who looks like has peaked in her looks and acting in "Hero". The movie takes a detou'r never to return to the highway. The innatley intrusive interaction between Dutt and Chopra is more annoying than funny. Sameera Reddy as the "Heroine" looks more voluptous than Priyanka and a better actor I might add.The four actors are very good with Dino Morea the best of the lot. Sanjay Dutt spends his time gazing the scenary with toady eyes and cleans up the neighbourhood so the boys can catch the 4pm train-a generosity rarely practiced by his cult.
  • Summary: Four strangers with dreams of success meet in a train to Mumbai from Allahabad. Bobby (Dino Morea), Omi (Rohit Roy), Jai (Bikram Saluja) and Lucky (Sanjay Suri) land in Mumbai and don't know what to do. One day, they decide to make big money and circumstances lead them to kidnapping Musa (Sanjay Dutt) who actually turns out to be a Don. The rest of the movie is a story of wasted talent, mindless bullets and wild dances.

    Comments: The story is absolutely weak with no substance. All we can see is that the boys understand the value of being at home and not exposing themselves to the dangers of their wild dreams. Dutt surely has performed well, but his Armani suits do not match with his profile of being a tough don. The four actors have done a fairly average job. The ladies in the movies didn't have much of role worth making a mention. The movie on the whole makes an average viewing.
  • Give me a Sanjay Dutt film and I'm there! They are'nt all good, but he's so hot! Well, this film starts out with Lucky, Bobby, Omi and Jay meeting on a train to Mumbai - we get to explore the reason each is there (I considered that character development a plus). As they bumble around town, each seeking to make their mark, fate intervenes disastrously. By this time you are so into the story and wondering how they will get through, you have forgotten that it is a Sanjay Dutt film! In he steps. Okay, call it a drama, it's a comedy. A string of errors throws everyone together and you're rooting for good and bad guys. The mandatory love interests are there, some cute musical interludes, and of course the great action shots. This is a perfect Saturday afternoon film, absolutely entertaining.
  • Plan,ends up being awry.

    The story is very good.

    Wish if the screenplay was watertight,but sadly the screenplay is loose.

    A lot of talented actors are wasted.There are even some unwanted tracks which come as gap fillers.

    Direction by Hriday Shetty is bad.

    The music is third-grade Performance wise-Sanjay Dutt steals the show.But he is introduced so late.Dino Morea,Sanjay Suri,Rohit Roy and Bikram Saluja get limited scope.Priyanka Chopra and Mahesh Manjrekar are wasted.

    Overall Plan is bad.