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  • First I have to say, this is not My Sassy Girl, or is it 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant. Now once you stop expecting every movie to be greater than those two, you can sit back and enjoy another adorable romantic comedy from the mother land. The movie is about a guy who has horrible luck, after a meeting with some crazy lady he finds himself in another world where he is a superstar golfer, married to beautiful Ha Jiwon, and so on. He finds out that this new life, though much better than the previous has its own problems. As he looks for a way back, he attempts to fix a marriage that his other self messed up in this world, finds out his dead father is not really dead, and that his best friend is now his worst enemy. It sounds very dramatic, but only to add to the humor level. The film has its moments of brilliance, and is overall a great movie. You have to love the cameo by Lim Chang Jung, the star of Sex is Zero. I believe the two leads in this movie fit their role perfectly, and I have to say Kim Sung Woo is lucky playing opposite Ha Jiwon.