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  • The children's book "George Shrinks" is about a boy (perhaps eight years old) who awakens one morning to discover he has shrunk to the size of a mouse. This program modifies the premise in this way: the main character is named "George Shrinks" (yes, "Shrinks" is his last name) and, to the best of anyone's knowledge, he has always been about two inches tall. George's family takes their oldest son's diminutive size in stride, as does George himself. Mr. Shrinks is an inventor and has made several devices to assist tiny George in getting around and doing what he needs to do. And George himself is one plucky kid, who (in the tradition of other shrunken kids such as Alice) isn't going to let being mouse-sized stop him from enjoying life.

    Some of the adventures of George come about by his being so tiny; other times, George uses his miniature size to solve a problem (such as when his mother's wedding ring is washed down the drain.) The stories are imaginative and non-violent, and should be a delight for young and old alike.
  • Started watching this one in the mornings with my daughter this past year and it's one of the few cartoons I find really enjoyable (that we can both watch). No product placements, no card games to buy, nothing along those lines, nor is it too adult/deep for her 11 years. The art direction is superb... sort of a 30's California-suburbia (yes, I know, that's an anachronism) feel. The parents are a mix of style, elegance (of a sort) and goofiness that we both find amusing and appealing, while George and Becky have a unique friendship that avoids a lot of the boy/girl clichés. By this I mean that there are often situations where George finds he needs Becky's help, given his stature. The majority of the time, however, George's quick thinking turns an otherwise potentially bad situation into a happy ending for all involved. On the whole, it's easily digestible, gorgeous eye-candy, good for some laughs, and leaves you wanting more. My only complaint is not with the cartoon, but the network that airs it where we live... we need more episodes... you're starting to repeat.
  • Wisesoldierthe615 September 2020
    This was a very pretentious show.

    The Dad and mom are so EXTRA. George is so big and EXTRA for his size.

    Verdict: It's a fun show. It's not the show like Arthur but it's good.