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  • Probably like a lot of people, I discovered this show while idly channel-flipping. At first the games themselves fascinated me. I'd heard about Japanese game shows for years, but only seen brief snippets of them. I started laughing hysterically as a succession of hapless schmucks got slammed by huge fake boulders rolling down a narrow channel. But it took a while for the bizarre and clever dubbed-in voiceovers to register. Once they did, I realized that I'd found a new favorite. This show combines elements of "Fear Factor" with "Mystery Science Theater 3000" and "What's Up Tiger Lilly?" The completely made-up spoof of Japanese game shows called "Banzai" that was briefly popular a few months ago was somewhat amusing, but this show just delivers HUGE and consistent belly laughs, and that's as healthy as a tub of granola and tofu, and lots easier to take.

    An earlier poster listed the fake names given to some of the games in this show, but I just heard my favorite tonight. In this game, a contestant clings to a huge spinning mushroom that is propelled over a pool of muddy water, trying to land on a small platform at the other end of the pool. The name of the game was "Eat Shitaki." I almost ruptured myself.
  • As one of the exec producers and creators of MXC, I would like to thank all the loyal fans of the show who have remained loyal throughout its irregular scheduling on Spike. As anybody in television knows, after we license the show to a network, scheduling matters are pretty much out of our hands. Fortunately, one thing that is finally under our control is the release of MXC on DVDs. After two and a half years of trying to secure all the various rights and licenses from all the many parties who have a finger in the MXC pie, we are pleased to announce that we will very soon close a deal with a distributor so MXC will be out on DVD sometime this fall. We originally hoped to have closed a deal so DVDs would be available this summer, but as you probably know, the whole digital content business is going through a revolutionary (i.e., very scary for the financial boys) phase and the already prolonged process was extended even further. The release date will not be be finally determined for a few weeks, but it will most likely be sometime from late September through early October. If anybody wants to be placed on a mailing list to receive official notification of a release date and other information, please write me at Thanks for letting us not get eliminated!
  • This is one of those shows that I only watch when I happen to turn on the TV when it is on (or more often, when I come home and my roommates are watching it, since I almost never watch TV), but every single time I see it I am rolling on the floor laughing. It's easy to call something like this stupid, mindless fun, but the idea of it is great and, if nothing else, the voiceovers are brilliant. The hosts say the most random things imaginable but are unbelievably hilarious. I just saw an episode a few minutes ago which featured some military guys against some beauty pageant people (that's about the extent of my knowledge, I couldn't hear much more than that over my own laughter) and one of hosts says, "I just tried to talk to the beauty pageant winner but she totally blew me off," to which the other host understandingly replied, "Yeah, they win one beauty pageant and it goes right to their life-like heads."

    Such a simple line, but I almost fell out of my chair laughing at it. The jokes are not really jokes, they hide their punch-lines in normal sounding conversation which makes it even funnier because, as Gallagher has taught us, "Comedy is a surprise, you see. If I just did what you expected all the time it wouldn't be damn funny!" Needless to say, the jokes in this show are so outlandish and so random that it's impossible not to laugh, even if only at the obscurity of it all. The summary line above, for example, was exclaimed by a woman as she jumped up to take her best shot at becoming one of the ten most painful eliminations of the day.

    This has been brought up on the message boards for this movie, but if they ever come out with a DVD collection of this show I will be the first guy in line to add it to my tiny collection of TV show DVDs, along with my Simpsons collections and Sledge Hammer collection. This show makes me laugh harder and more consistently than The Simpsons, which is by far my favorite TV show of all time. Every episode of MXC that I see brings it closer to the top of my list, and although it will never pass the Simpsons, this is not a show to be missed. Bring on the DVDs!
  • MXC can be described with 4 words: "Iron Chef" meets "Jackass".

    Kenny Blakenship and Vic Ramano host a hillarious game show that looks like the outtakes from a film. Through out the show, contestants participate in a variety of activities such as "Rotating Surfboard of Death", "Brass Balls", "Boulder Dash", and "Pole Vault". The instant replays of the contestants getting hurt are sinfully funny. At the end of the episode, Kenny and Vic countdown the "Most Painful Eliminations of the Day".

    What can I say? If you like lame voice dubbing, weird names, and people getting hurt, MXC is for you.

    Grade: A- (Indeed, Ken)
  • This show had me laughing so hard, I just couldn't stop! Even when I remember some of the bumps and thumps of the contestants I still laugh. I hope it comes out on DVD one day, because I plan on getting it. If you don't like this kind of physical comedy, stick to blah stuff like Friends. Other than that, enjoy!

    10 out of 10. Love the dubbing!
  • If your sense of humor runs along the lines of ridiculous, unbelievably silly, and downright immature (like mine!) then you will absolutely LOVE this show! The Japanese "sports" challenges themselves are very goofy and quite creative. My favorite challenges involve jumping off a trampoline and trying to stick to a Velcro wall and running across huge spinning foam logs above a muddy water pit. Just watching the show on mute could make me erupt in helpless giggles, but what really sends me over the edge is the outrageous comments made by the voice-overs. The combination of the two is unmatched in television, as far as I'm concerned.

    Unfortunately, as far as I know, you can only see it on TV, since it hasn't released to DVD yet. I am fervently hoping it comes out on DVD soon.
  • This show is hilarious! hands down.

    The dubbing over the Japanese voices is worth a look. Since they completely change what was being said, and it is hilarious. Sometimes even adding some of the stupidest comments to their mouths as they turn to the camera, then shout.

    The contestants are ridiculous in how far they will go. Seeing them run into doors head-on is great. Some of the games like Sinkers and Floaters, Fly on the Wall, and most of the others are fun to watch.

    This show is definitely a must see for anyone who is looking for a laugh. You will definitely find it in this show. If not in the contestants, then in the ridiculous dubbing.
  • On a channel full of gross-out South Park rip-offs, Star Trek and Beer bellies, the show MXC has to be the gold that comes up from the cheap tin foil. The show is a spoof of the old gameshow called "Takeshi no Taji", featuring comical dubbing and strange as I'll get competitions.

    MXC is probably one of the better shows on these days. And very interesting to those who want to know how strange Asian gameshows can get.
  • This is, without a doubt, the FUNNIEST show on tv right now. Taking footage from the insane japanese game show "Takeshi's Castle" and re-dubbing it in english makes for one huge laugh riot. It can get vulgar at times and some of the games don't translate as well as others but it is still always funny. If you liked Kung-pow you will LOVE this.
  • The wonder of this show (in my reckoning) is trying to figure out what the heck was happening in the Japanese original. I'm not a huge fan of the 'added' hosts and overdubbed commentary, but I get a certain weird fascination (probably related to the peculiar attraction that highway accidents have) in trying to figure out just what the contestants in the original "Takeshi's Castle" were trying to accomplish. People are doing bizarre and pretty dangerous things here -- I don't think you could do this in North America, and if you did, you'd attract personal injury lawyers like a magnet attracts iron filings.

    It did give me my own entertainment concept -- the idea of taking American Reality shows (I'm thinking here of "The Apprentice", but it would work for almost any of them), and overdubbing the audio (just like Most Extreme Elimination Challenge) for overseas broadcast in non-English speaking countries. Foreign broadcast rights for TV shows are cheap, as is vocal talent. In the right hands, it could probably be a moneymaker. I'd relish writing lines for Donald Trump...
  • I remember the first time I ever saw this show. I was home visiting my family in 2003 and we were watching TV later in the evening just flipping the channels. My Mom(63 yrs old)and her guy friend(73 years old)came across MXC and told me that this was a funny show so I sat down and watched it. I wish they would have told me to go to the bathroom before watching this "funny show" because I almost "went number one" in my pants I laughed so hard. I find it amazing that older people like my Mom and her friend can find stuff like this so funny and so can I when I'm in my 20's. That just goes to show you how great this show really is. I love how they insert punchlines into monologue so well that if you're not paying attention you won't laugh. I'll ask my Mom, "Did you hear what he just said?". The writers are unbelievably clever in their delivery along with these hilarious and sometimes non-athletic contestants. Some of the hard falls and funny faces are comical enough that witty commentary is not needed. I hope that they come out with seasons on DVD soon. If they do I will park them right next to my seasons of Friends and Scrubs. Whether you have a bad day or a horrible day, MXC will make you laugh and most likely forget about the horrible day that you just had. My hat goes off to all the people that have anything to do with this great TV show.
  • Just put all the names of the actors together on MXC and realized where I've seen two of them before... The Groundlings in Hollywood!

    The Groundlings is this comedy club where a bunch of Saturday Night Live cast members came from. Anyway, we were in L.A. and went to one of the Groundling comedy shows and that's where I saw two of the actors who do voices on MXC, John Cervenka and Chris Darga.

    Cervenka was hilarious in a scene he made-up right on the spot. People in the audience just yell out ideas and the actors do a scene... unbelievable and very funny! My girl friend and I know Cervenka and Darga will be starring on a sitcom very soon. Just watch.

    MXC is the BEST show on cable!!!

    Peter P. New York
  • There hasn't been anything this funny and cleverly written since Mystery Science Theater 3000 went off the air. There really isn't one thing about this show that I don't like, except that they don't show enough new episodes. Now in it's second season, (on the air since April 2003), I again have a great TV show to look forward to watching. Even repeated viewings of reruns are funny, there's also something you missed before. You need to watch for yourself, as it's too difficult to try to explain the premise...sports, spills and spoofs. Check it out asap.
  • I saw this show for the first time last week and couldn't believe my eyes! It's hilarious! Apparently they got some bizarre Japanese game show and added new voices and "stories". The results are wicked insane and very funny! My favorite character is "The Captain". They should give the writers and actors a big raise so that they don't leave to do other stuff. They're geniuses! Everyone I know is watching it, you should too! Check it out!
  • First off, I think of myself as a fairly intelligent person. Not a genius, not an intellectual, but a pretty smart, philosophical sort of guy. That being said, I really have no qualms about admitting that I love this show. Although it appears on the surface to be a 30-minute slew of overdubbed, shameless sexual innuendos and sophomoric drug/alcohol jokes (in which department it is certainly not lacking, I can't deny), I was pleasantly surprised to discover upon viewing that much of the writing is actually more clever than was immediately apparent. It seems like such an easy show to do, but writing doubtlessly has its share of trials and is probably much harder than it looks, and the fact that the comments come so naturally and blend so smoothly with the gesticulations of the two "hosts" without even being noticed by the viewer is, I think, a testament to the skills of both the writers and the voice actors. Of course, the target is an easy one, as Japanese game shows are so outrageous from an American perspective, they almost parody themselves. In that regard, and in the fact that it owes its existence to an underrated cult classic called Mystery Science Theater 3000, the show breaks no new ground. However, the important thing is that it makes me laugh every time I watch it--certainly, it has a higher guffaw-per-minute than most, if not all, sitcoms. That's all that really matters to me, though some of the more uptight critics refuse to acknowledge that such traits are important.
  • Running from 2003-2007 on American network SpikeTV, "Most Extreme Elimination Challenge" (better known simply as "MXC") was a warped, sometimes twisted but always consistently amusing experimental program that supplied endless laughs and even an occasional pained groan from viewers. The premise is simple: take a classic extreme Japanese game- show known as "Takashi's Castle" and re-edit the footage, overdubbing the original dialog with a small group of talented voice-over artists in order to give it a new, creative spin for the sake of comedy. And my god, does it work!

    The series follows two "teams" in every episode who are forced to go through frankly demented physical challenges in order to earn points. The teams are often amusing contradictions of one another ("Cops VS Cons", "Donors VS Addicts", etc.) or just nonsensical groupings created for the sake of random comedy. ("Meat Handlers VS Cartoon Voice Actors" being one that pops into mind) All the while, our two hilarious announcers Kenny Blankenship (voiced by Chris Darga) and Vic Romano (voiced by Victor Wilson) provide us with amusing banter and play- by-plays to often laugh-out-loud effect.

    The highlight of the series is definitely the insanity of some of the physical challenges players are forced into and how it is contrasted with the great overdubbed humor. You'll see people being thrown about, having their bodies slammed into walls, falling into pools of water, and just generally being brutalized in a series of events each episode. My personal favorite has always been "Log Drop"- a challenge where contestants must run over a series of rollers that will inevitably begin spinning the second one foot is placed on them. It makes for some of the most insane spills and bails I've ever seen.

    Our two leads are just a blast and a half. Blankenship is portrayed as a High School dropout with an unprofessional work ethic but a bubbly attitude that only got the job because his "uncle owns the network." He is balanced by "straight man" Romano, who takes his job perhaps a bit too seriously, causing him to often become angry with his co-host. Supporting characters on the show also include the creepy Guy LeDouche (voiced by John Cervenka)- a pith-helmet wearing weirdo with a French accent and a questionable sexuality, and Captain Tenneal (also voiced by Cervenka)- a gruff field-captain who often introduces each episode's teams and stands by during the challenges.

    It is without question that the series is definitely going for the low-brow end of humor, but I think that it works well and compliments the original footage that is being subverted by the new editing and narration. This is not the type of series you watch for complex satirical analysis of modern social/political issues. This is good, old junkfood TV. The type of show you pop on when you get home after work and just wanna relax and have a few silly belly- laughs. I also will comment however, that there's plenty of really subtle recurring gags that do make it worthwhile should you decide to watch throughout the entire series. You may notice recurring characters, family names and even one or two very minor sub-plots here and there that reward long-time viewers.

    As it stands, even nearly ten years after production ended, I still find myself loading up old episodes of MXC to watch. It's just good fun and I honestly think its a shame that it ended when it did. It could have kept going forever as far as I am concerned. Silly, fun and broad humor like this never goes out of fashion. I give it a very strong 9 out of 10.
  • Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (MXC) is probably the one show nobody ever thought would be funny, but it turned out to be one of the most anticipated shows rotated into Spike TV's lineup. This show comes from Japan, where it is broadcast as a real game show. But here in the states they just edit their voice in and let the comedy flow. The show honestly keeps me laughing consistently, for it's stupid humor. The people doing the voices really come up with some of the dumbest stuff to make up for the voices, but in the end it turns out to be a hilarious combo with the real footage of the original show. So honestly check this one out for comedic purposes, don't watch for the competition, watch for the comedic edge.

  • My friend introduced me to this show, and I laughed so hard at these Asians doing stupid things, I actually cried. The only other time I cried while watching some comedy movie was Super Troopers. But this show has great dubbing, hilarious cracks and jokes, and funny spills and crashes. I honestly don't know how someone could even get back up on some of the falls that happened. I remember watching one where one guy tried to do a back flip, but in midair, his head smashed into the dirt. He got back up, and continue running, but fell over again. This show is painful, but hilarious to watch. Also, listen to these words of advice: DON'T WATCH THIS SHOW ON MUTE!!! It takes the fun out of it, and you wont laugh as hard. -$tanley
  • I used to watch this with my boyfriend all the time last year at his place. I was in best buy yesterday and saw the DVD and had to buy it for him. well for us. we watched a few of the episodes last night and neither one of us could stop laughing. i nearly started crying from laughing so hard. Neither one of us had seen any of the episodes on the DVD that we have watched so far. i guess we were both kinda stoked to see some one/old episodes. the Takeshi castle episode is priceless. I know in like 5 years from now we are going to go back and watch the DVD and it is just going to bring back so many memories. he was so excited when he opened it up.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Watch as contestants run over rolling logs mid-air, Intentionally run into walls at full speed, Run through a maze and belly flop into gritty toxic sludge looking water. Run across floating boulders only to slip and land face first on one, Leap over obstacles teen feet in the air on a moving wake board. Not to mention running up hill toward massive boulders rolling down a very tight fitting path. MXC features hilarious Voice Overs and even more hilarious spills, falls & flops by the most moronic people ever permitted on cable television. The hosts are just as funny as well, Constantly making fun of the contestants as they hurt themselves in the weirdest and most painful ways. On Location Hosts like the mighty Captain Tenneal or the perverted Guy LeDouche will have

    the tears running in no time with their many hilarious antics. This is a Must-See for comedy lovers especially if you think people doing dumb stuff at will is funny cause this is the Godfather of "People doing dumb stuff" shows!
  • This is the only show that I will stay up past my bedtime to watch... even if I know that I've seen that particular show on numerous occasions! It never fails to give me some good, long, hard, tear-inducing, side-splitting, pee-in-your-pants laughter. I also do my fair share of cringing and wincing for these contestants when they take a particularly hard knock (which is often).

    The dialog & commentary between Vic & Ken, and the Captain's little asides, are clever, naughty and perfectly delivered for optimum hilarity! Even the ever more annoyingly repellant Guy has his own certain disgusting charm.
  • The first time I ever watched this show, I was instantly reminded of a similar weekly two-hour American-made show called "Almost Anything Goes" that aired back in the early 1970's. Am I the only one who remembers and misses that show after all these years? I love how this show has revived the idea of creating clever, challenging and outrageously funny stunts utilizing hilarious and imaginative props, costumes and mechanisms. The dubbed-in English commentary sometimes borders on risqué, but is funny and manages to not cross the "taboo" line. After all the boring reality shows and the nudity and obscenities that a too-permissive society has allowed to permeate daily film and television viewing, it just goes to show that you can still entertain an audience with good clean fun! This wildly funny show is such a breath of fresh air! I especially love Dope on a Rope, Brass Balls and the stunt with the revolving surfboard the contestants have to jump onto and ride around on without falling into the water! What a great show! May it last forever!
  • And Takeshi Kitano is in it..that blows me away every time. He's awesome in Zatoichi, and BattleRoyale back to mXc captain teneal is great ..where'd he get that suit. what is the actual show about..because it cant really be postal workers versus school bus drivers, there's just noway.Do these people win anything, or is it all just for our amusement. id like to think that they just do it for fun. oh my god someone just got walloped by a big boulder..too much, the best is when they try to jump through the doors , when it's a real door thats the best,,i laugh just thinking about it. I want to be a contestant Long live Vic Romano.
  • MXC is by far the best reason to watch spike TV, and basic cable in general. spike TV's lineup usually consists of hours of CSI, wrestling, star trek, and more wrestling. but shows like this and Hey! spring of trivia! make late night TV more worthwhile, (not to mention the last call mainstay; Max-x) The dialog is hilarious. my favorite stunt is the log rolling one, because EVERYONE takes a fall on it. I have a feeling the Japanese version is nowhere near as clever, and being trimmed down to 30 minutes probably does it justice. what a lot of folks don't know is that the main character Takeshi (Vic Romano) starred in a lot of violent Japanese fighting movies like "battle royal". the Japanese like to see grown men in tricycle races, but they don't get to enjoy the winner shouting triumphantly "I won! I won! Kiss my ass!" Be sure to look for the contestant named "babaganoosh" every episode. Don't get ELiminated!
  • Why do I love this show?! I crack up non-stop and it's completely absurd! It's brilliant and strangely innocent in its semi-violent soft-porn formulaic presentation. It has a silly charm that most shows will never approach. It's this Japanese game show called 'Takeshi's Castle' messed up and joked on in English translation, each episode is 1/2 hour. I love everything about it, the main characters Kenny, Vic, the Captain, and Guy, plus the gladiator-types, all made to relish their roles, at least in the funny translation. I haven't investigated the straight translation, anyone tried that? I wonder how funny that would seem to me. I also wonder if Japan broadcasts MXC in Japanese, how that would translate, you know? The games are excellent, I especially love 'the rotating surfboard of death'. There's even something I enjoy about the settings, the backdrops, the whole outdoors thing. The costumes are great, the video game graphics used to demo the games, the top 10 most painful eliminations of the day. The dialogue is best of all, brilliantly goofy, Guy's suggestive comments crack me up endlessly, Captain's 'Get it on!', and Vic's 'Right you are, Ken'. Some episodes are better than others, but the basic premise assures a nice constant level of humor. I might be addicted, but fortunately I think it's only on once a week (for three hours in a row, but I don't usually get sucked in for all 6 episodes). 'She's full of spunk! She's spunkalicious!'
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