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  • zaarin25 May 2005
    I have to say, I really enjoyed DNAngel. I went into it, not knowing anything about it. Very quickly I found it quite interesting and funny. I never did get around to seeing the end of the series though. I will definitely have to revisit it soon.

    It revolves around a young boy (don't they all?) who finds out he has the ability to turn into a magical thief (Dark Moussey - not sure of the spelling). His powers are tied to another girl that he likes at school. The girl also has a twin sister, and a somewhat complicated love plot involves the two sisters, Dark and the boy.

    I found the whole thing very enjoyable.
  • DN-Angel is one of those rare anime's it's able to make you laugh and at the same time make you cry, it's a touching story about a boy in love (aren't they all) this boy's name is Daisuke Niwa a 14 year old boy with an amazing gift, whenever he thinks or sees his crush Riku Harota e turns into his alter ego Dark Mousy. as you watch the show you start to connect with the young boy and his mouthy partner, and you start to feel what they feel as the story progresses as time goes on. the emotional level of this anime is that of the highest caliber, you truly feel the love. the hate, the sorrow, the anguish, fear and anxieties that Daisuke and Dark go trough every day. It's a connection that no anime show of it's kind can ever create or deliver it's an amazing feeling that you just can't ignore or miss. With that said as soon as you pop in the DVD or play one of the episodes on your computer, your in the world of DN-Angel one of the best anime's around and you'll never want to leave until the curtain is draw. I hope my review helps~ C.R.Lopez 1.30.2009
  • Well, wow.

    I just loved this Anime to death!

    To start with, the characters are absolutely lovable. Although some may argue that a few of the characters are a bit cliché, there are some that definitely make up for that. For instance, the main character Niwa Daisuke is just a generally good-natured guy. The relationships are also wonderfully played out! You absolutely will fall in love with the characters.

    Also, the overall quality of an Anime is very important to me. Especially plot. Because this Anime was made /after/ the Manga had finished, it has a well-rounded feeling and ends VERY well (the climax happens well, and it ends sweetly). The plot is played out very well and I loved it!!

    So far this has been my favorite Anime =D Yay!
  • pc_nerd19953 February 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    This anime is super fun to watch. Daisuke when fourteen learns that whenever he sees the person he loves/likes (in this case Risa Harada) or even just a picture of her he turns into Dark, who was a thief last seen 40 yrs ago. Daisuke will only be rid of Dark when he and his "fair maiden" end up together (which is hard since Risa likes his other side Dark). While this Satoshi has the same case except he instead has Krad in him(who is like the light while Dark is, well, the dark) and that he changes into Krad when he gets too close to someone. When it comes to love everything is mixed up. Daisuke likes Risa Harada who likes Dark who likes Riku , who is Risa's twin sister(starts out Risa but later changes to Riku, who likes Daisuke.

    This anime is full of interesting events. Watch it and be amazed.
  • Sozu-kun3 January 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is an amazing anime, and I almost cried at the ending, knowing that Dark and Krad were gone. Yes it did take about thirteen episodes before something important happened and things started moving along, but that does not mean that it was poorly made. All 26 episodes were created beautifully, containing some sort of meaning that is explained later on in a different episode. The music that was provided by Shunichi Miyamoto fit in perfectly with the tone of the series, and the ending songs for all of the episodes, except 24 and 26, were nicely written and sang by Minako Yamaguchi and played by Mitsuwo Matsuura. The location of where D.N. Angel takes place is hard to figure out, but it is revealed in the last episode on a box (that was as late as I noticed it); if you translated the small bit of Kanji and Hiragana written on the side of it, it came out to be "Azumano District Reception", meaning that the town or area that the anime took place in would be Azumano.

    A small extra thing I noticed was that I prefer the reactions of the characters in the English version over the reactions in the Japanese version after reading the subs.
  • fullmetalchemist217 November 2006
    This anime was enjoyable to me at some points, but there were really times where i just wanted to get up and walk away.

    If you don't have the right determination (or laziness) this show could lose its stuff really fast.

    Its about a fourteen year old named Niwa Daisuke who, on his fourteenth birthday, finds out that members of the Niwa bloodline have been, for years, transforming into a thief named Kaitou Dark (or dark mousey, w.e.). It happens to him all of a sudden while he's thinking of his crush, Harade Risa. Its then explained to him the whole Niwa situation and the trigger for his transformation is directly related to the heart. In short, whenever he thinks about Risa, he turns into dark.

    There is also a family like the Niwas called the Hikaris, who are actually the sworn rivals to the Niwas. The Hikari boy like Daisuke is named Satoshi, who goes to Daisuke's school under the name of Hiwatari Satoshi. Like, Daisuke, a being like Dark exists inside him known as Krad. Krad doesn't come out when Hiwatari's heart is stimulated though, nope, Krad forces his way out of Satoshi.

    The whole routine for the first 13 episodes or so is basically the same, dark steals something, plus a little side mission. Dark steals something, plus a little side mission.

    The fun comes back into the series when an American named Hio Mio transfers into Daisuke's school and from that point on, the series is basically addictive.

    For your sake of knowing, Risa has a twin sister named Riku who differs from Risa in every aspect but her face.

    Good show, though standing back and looking at it, it could be considered shojo. I'll give it an 8.
  • The anime is all about a boy named Daisuke Niwa, who has a family bloodline that transforms him into a phantom (art) thief named Dark Mousy. He doesn't transform right away when he was born though- he transforms when he sees the person he thinks he loves, and he's 14. That's an important thing to remember. Other important characters include Satoshi Hiwatari (a child-cop), Riku and Risa Harada (twins that play an important role), Dark Mousy (his role is as big as Daisuke's). So this anime is about Daisuke's life, really. I think this is a ideal anime for people who like secrets, and dark. It's good, I give it a 9 out of 10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I saw this anime once before... after a few viewings, I started to enjoy it more than most animes I've come across.

    If the music alone doesn't get you, the story will.

    Check it out: A young teen has fallen in love with a fellow classmate on his 14th birthday. Unfortunately, he's branded as "just a friend." (Don't ya just hate that?) Little does he realize that on that same day, his family curse kicks in: every time he experiences feelings for the girl he loves, he transforms into the legendary phantom thief, Dark.

    The only way to be rid of him is to have his feelings returned... sounds easy, huh? NOT! His love interest soon develops feelings of love for the kid's alter-ego.

    This anime is just so deep... I can't help but love it!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    >> << I've only seen the first eight episodes, but oh my kami it is fantabulous! ^_^ I also can't believe that Riku fell in love with my little Dai-Chan.....-sigh- Oh well, you can only do so much. This is really good, and I like where the plot is going with this one. I wonder why they never showed this on Cartoonnetwork. I'm gonna have to talk to adult swim about that....Well anyways, I seriously recommend this if you like a twist of romance action adventure and fantasy all squished together! ^_^ One of my favorite parts, was in the first disc, first episode, at the very end. Dark was flying away with the Maiden, when he flew by Riku and Risa's house, and saw Risa on their balcony. O.O; So anyways, he looked at her, and started to transform back into my Dai-Chan. ~sigh~ Uh, -clears throat- He couldn't hold it back well enough, so he started to fall, but had to land on Riku's balcony. But Riku and Risa had switched places, and when Dark landed, Riku started to scream. Dark ran up to her, and told her to be quiet, and that he wasn't going to hurt her. She didn't listen, and broke free from his hand. She struggled and yelled no. He said shut up, then pulled her towards him, and kissed her! O_O" She opened her eyes, and looked at him, as he kissed her. -drools a river- ohhhh kami...^_^; Like I said, I totally recommend this! ^_______^
  • It's been a while since I've seen this anime, so most of the finer details are a bit fuzzy. Please keep this in mind as I rip this series apart.

    Am I the only person who thinks that this anime was spinning its wheels from the very beginning? I watched about half of season one before I gave up hope. Let me start with the positive aspects.

    First, I will say that the setup is very well done. The world is well-drawn and full of detail and the characters are interesting. The actions scenes are also very well made and easy to follow.

    The main problem I have with the series is that the characters never do anything worthwhile. And I do mean never. In most classic anime/manga/cartoon series (FullMetal Alchemist, Avatar, Death Note), the story gradually unfolds as you watch each consecutive episode. Not so in DNAngel. In this anime, the plot continued to evade me no matter how hard I looked for one.

    I'm serious, there appears to be no overarching plot whatsoever. Your anime has serious problems when you can put all of the episodes on your computer, queue them all up in your video player and push Shuffle without losing any plot coherency.

    Each episode consists of the same basic format. Daisuke struggles with girlfriend issues. His mother struggles with regret over not becoming a Dark Thief. Dark struggles to come up with new ways to steal some item that appears to have no importance to the plot whatsoever. Daisuke's pet rabbit occasionally does something cute. Rinse and repeat.

    I hate to compare this to such a mindless and pointless anime, but DNAngel is a bit like the Pokemon series. It is similar in that each episode is pretty much irrelevant to the ones before and after it save for a few superficial plot ties. You follow Ash and his friends as they slowly progress toward a goal that they will never reach. The main difference between the two is that Pokemon at least gave you a main goal that had to be reached for the series to reach an end (Ash wanted to be a Pokemon Master). In DNAngel, you don't even get the courtesy of a MacGuffin. There is no goal, there is no story, and there is no progression.

    If you view each episode as a self-contained story, DNAngel is not a bad anime. In fact, it's pretty good. But if you are expecting a well-told story that you can watch unfold and progress, you will be sorely disappointed.
  • darkmousy8012 February 2012
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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Daisuke is a regular kid who has been trained as a thief. On his 14th birthday, however, he finds that when he sees his love, Risa, he turns into his alter ego, the Phantom Thief Dark, and must steal certain items in order to keep the city safe and magical components contained. When he steals items, they are taken back to his Mother and Grandfather, who try to contain magical elements inside these items, and does not steal for other purposes. But, Phantom Thief Dark is not willing to be only let out when Daisuke feels love for Risa, and starts trying to gain more control, more of the time, and more complications start to arise from Daisuke's school,along with someone who is trying to stop Phantom Thief Dark from doing his work.