Josh Stamberg, Brie Larson and Slade Pearce were originally cast for the roles of Charley, Sydney and Justin. They were in the original pilot episode (taped on April 30, 2003), but were fired and replaced due to creative differences. The parts were recast with Ted McGinley, Nicole Paggi and Paulie Litt and the episode was shot again on August 16, 2004.

There was a Turkish remake of "Hope & Faith" named "Troublesome Sister-in-law (2005)".

Faith Ford co-stars as Hope Shanowski, but her co-star Kelly Ripa plays a character that uses her co-star's real name Faith.

The episode "Hope's Float" was first billed as a season finale and then two weeks later it was the series finale when ABC canceled the show.

Filmed in New York City where Kelly Ripa daily co-hosted "Live with Regis and Kelly."

Although playing a teenage daughter, Nicole Paggi (Sydney Shanowski) was 27 years old when the shooting began.

Nicole Paggi originally played Sydney Shanowski in season one, after that season, Megan Fox took over the role for the other two seasons.