Alice: [to Clara] A wise caterpillar once told me, "Things are not always what they seem".

Goldilocks: [to Alice] Girl, seriously, you need to lay off the hookah!

Sleeping Beauty: [smiling] I need to get coffee.

Alice: [closing her book] Same time, next week.

Dorothy: Weather permitting.

Goldilocks: [as everyone is leaving] This office is way too hot, and don't you think Doc's couch is way too soft?

Clara: You have been through some things that are so... grim!

Alice: We're not *all* Grimm.

Clara: I believed in happily ever after. I had these visions of walking down the aisle in my beautiful wedding gown... of how we would fulfill our vows. We would have beautiful children and we would love each other 'til the end of time.

Cinderella: Don't we all? In the deep dark dungeons of our psyches guarded by trolls, don't we all?