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  • I was able to get into a screening of this short, it ran before another film. All in all, it was really funny. The characters were portrayed well, and seeing fairy-tale heroines put into therapy is much funnier than anything the Brothers Grimm could have written. Having some of the most famous storybook ladies talking about narcolepsy, paranoia, obsessive compulsive disorder and the like, it's pretty funny. It does have some adult language (one f-bomb, and Sleeping Beauty talking about her Prince wanting a "snow-job") but for being shot in two days and being about 8 minutes long, it's a great little film. I'm not sure where it is next, but I believe the publicist told me that it's making it's way around the country. Try to catch it if you can.
  • jwhale93828 February 2007
    It was cute. A little "adult", mainly due to language, but still cute. In the film, seven fairy-tale heroines (Goldilocks, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White, Alice, Dorothy, and Red Riding Hood) are part of a support group, since they've all developed issues from their various stories. When Clara, a single mom with a lot of stress who has given up on "happily ever after", joins the group, the heroines offer her some advice, and convince her that she's just as tough as they are. This was a very funny movie, with the heroines griping and complaining about their personal issues. Also, the actresses had their characters down to a tee. Goldilocks (Alexis Bledel) was my favorite character, because, in addition, to playing Goldilocks, I sensed a hint of Rory Gilmore in her personality. In short, it was good.

    See it if you can, but leave the kids at home. This may be a bit too much for them.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "DysEnchanted" is an award-winning American 8-minute (6 without credits) live action short film from 2004 that has its 15th anniversary soon and was written and directed by Terri Miller before she moved on to the successful television show Castle. As for this one here it takes us into the world of some famous fairy tale characters , some of them princesses. And apart from the famous characters, there are also some known faces in here like Biedel and Belushi. This was a pretty good, pretty entertaining watch in my opinion. I enjoyed it for the most part. A creative idea executed with precision. Maybe it is not great and could have been even better, but the comedy works and I especially liked the unexpected moments that lacked political correctness like "snowjobs" or 24-7-7. Maybe not a watch for very young audiences as these girls are certainly far away from their times of glamour, but very 21st century instead, a bit rough and obscene too. After "Happily ever after", this is. I think you may want to check it out. I give it a thumbs-up and I was positively surprised here.
  • Tuki-Clothespin12 February 2005
    I saw this movie at LunaFest, a small film festival. I had heard about it before and I was SO excited to get the opportunity to see it. I wasn't disappointed. Very funny and original, it answered a lot of questions you might have. It was really interesting to watch Goldilocks shout things like, "Don't you think Doc's couch is way too soft?" and Dorothy say, "Until you've been carried off by a flying monkey you haven't known fear." If you're really interested, go to to learn more. click on on of the characters to get their file pulled up. its really cool. try really hard to look for it and see it.