• 50
    New York Daily News
    Jenna Mattison gives a charming performance.
  • 40
    Film Threat
    Given the episodic nature of the film's organization, Jules's monotone voice-overs, and the over-arching theme of search for self, Fish Without a Bicycle "watches" like a TV show.
  • 40
    The New York Times
    Isn't totally without humor or insight.
  • 40
    Los Angeles Times
    Feels like an acting exercise stretched to feature length.
  • 40
    Frank Scheck The Hollywood Reporter
    Although not exactly original in its aspirations or execution, the film's engaging performances and occasional funny moments lift it a notch above the pack of similarly themed fare.
  • 30
    L.A. Weekly
    Though Green is engaging, the rest of the cast are unlikable and tediously self-involved, especially Mattison, who, not surprisingly, wrote this tripe.
  • 25
    V.A. Musetto New York Post
    Never rises above the level of a second-rate TV sit-com.
  • 20
    Keith Phipps The A.V. Club
    This vanity project belongs to an audience of one.
  • 20
    Village Voice
    Strong performances are marred by a script whose dialogue ranges from cheesy to unspeakably bad.