Trivia (18)

For authenticity, Ashutosh Gowariker shot a scene at Launch Pad 39A, at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA. This is the first Indian film to actually be shot inside the NASA research center.

Mohan Bhargava is working on a rainfall monitoring satellite known as the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM), which is lifted into an orbit aboard a Space Shuttle. The GPM is an actual NASA mission, was launched in 2014.

Since the making of the film was so close to Shahrukh's heart, he could not bear to see it end and hence he never saw the film. "Making Swades was such an emotionally overwhelming experience that I never saw the finished product. Didn't want the feeling to end." - Shahrukh Khan

Ashutosh Gowariker first offered Hritik Roshan the lead role, but he declined saying his image didn't go with the character.

The Book "BAPU KUTI" which firstly inspired Ashutosh Gowarikar about the idea of Movie "Swades" and is acknowledged in the starting of the movie is shown in the bookstore scene when Sharukh Khan was at the counter billing books for Gayatri Joshi.

The mahurat (start-of-filming prayer) was done on 2 January 2004 and was given by Aamir Khan.

When Mohan and the villagers get together in the school for a celebration, we can see a blackboard in the background with a design drawn on it with chalk. That design is actually the logo of Saraswati (Goddess of Education & knowledge) and it also part of Ashutosh Gowariker Productions.

Swades is mostly based on life story of Ravikuchimanchi and Aravinda a couple who returned to India and They actually built a mini reservoir and Pedal power in the village of Bilagaon , Maharashtra.

Ashutosh Gowariker was the voice of Shahrukh Khan in the song "Pal Pal Hai Bhari".

Ashutosh Gowariker originally wanted Hrithik Roshan to play the lead role but he declined. The role then went to Shah Rukh Khan.

The song in this movie "Yun hi chala Chal Rahi" was re-used in 2018 Hollywood action-comedy movie Deadpool 2.

The film is largely based on the Kannada film "Chigurida Kanasu" (Sprouting Dreams).

Aamir Khan was also offered the film but he rejected the offer saying he got bored with it.

The film was originally titled " Desh" but changed later to " Swades".

Gayatri Joshi's first and last film.

Wasiu M. Brion song "Bollywood" (Tribute to Madlib) remixed the song " Ahista Ahista" .

Aamir Khan: among the child artists shown in the movie Yadon Ki Baraat.

The amount of water seen flowing through the spring can never be enough for generating enough electricity.