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  • grizlas24 March 2004
    This film follows the standard crappy movie formula. Remote desert, abandoned buildings, a park, some headsets, some guns, 1 decent actor, 40$ worth of computer effects, and a script written in 20 minutes.

    What I found especially bad (funny) was how the actors constantly talk to themselves out loud in the most unnatural manner, so as to explain to us what is already completely obvious. The dialogue is one of the worst I've ever seen, with the hero's wife topping it all off with the worst acting imaginable.

    If you're looking for some special forces nifty hand to hand combat, dont rent this movie. If you're looking for something ala Sniper, dont rent this movie. If you're looking for some all guns blazing action, dont rent this movie. If you're looking for realism, don't rent this movie.

    There is nothing here. 1 out of 10.
  • disco_queen25 September 2004
    I had to watch this movie for professional reasons and can only say it's a complete waste of time. When running, Baldwin looks like an ape, Characters are dull, same story has been told 1000 times better in other movies. I think everything has been now said about this film, but IMDb requires me to write 10 lines. So:Boring and trivialBoring and trivialBoring and trivialBoring and trivialBoring and trivialBoring and trivialBoring and trivialBoring and trivialBoring and trivialBoring and trivialBoring and trivialBoring and trivialBoring and trivialBoring and trivialBoring and trivialBoring and trivialBoring and trivialBoring and trivialBoring and trivialBoring and trivialBoring and trivialBoring and trivialBoring and trivialBoring and trivialBoring and trivialBoring and trivialBoring and trivial
  • mas_lee27 July 2004
    This movie has no real tension or depth. Nothing looks spontaneous or relaxed, all the acting looks like they just memorized the lines and said it, with a little intonation, thats all, bad face expressions. Stephen Baldwin, playing an army guy, who looks totally out of shape, doesn't look convincing. It looks like they shot this in a few days, and nobody got a second take to try to do better. Another movie , where I think, why do people put money in time in a production like that when you just see its not working out. I don't recommend this movie to anyone unless if you want to see, how characterless acting is done and how a good story(more or less good) is totally not used and given or brought to life.
  • This movie at best would be a C Grade flick (no its not worthy of a B). The acting is emotionless and everything goes to plan a bit to well from start to end.

    Charlies wife for somebody whose got the real threat of being killed by her captors looks more bored than scared.

    Absolute crap save 90 mins of your life and don't watch it. The only decent acting was from the kids.

    IMDb is making me come up with a total of 10 lines for my comment before it will accept it. As it is hard to put 10 lines together on such a crappy movie I've had to ramble for this last paragraph.
  • pantteri21 July 2004
    I rented this film when my girlfriend was away, hoping to see some serious military/specialist action.

    After 10 minutes of watching this "movie" I was so terrified and horrified and sick of the quality of everything in this film that I was ready to destroy the rented disc with a flame thrower. Luckily I couldn´t find one. I´ve seen many bad films. But this is not even bad, it is total garbage and it does not even deserve to be counted as a movie here on IMDB.

    I feel sorry for the people who have been involved in the making of this total disgrace. Hope it wins some Oscars though :D.
  • dirc516 August 2004
    Dear Movie Director:

    In the future, when trying to create a sense of urgency, it might be best to have your hero *run* instead of jog/shuffle. Especially if you're trying to reinforce a time line. For example, if you're trying to convince the audience that the bad guy really will kill the hostage if the hero doesn't find her, it's probably a good idea to convey the feeling that your hero believes it may actually happen... Let's face it though. Making a *good* movie obviously wasn't your goal. Your goal was to pump out some garbage that will make more money than it cost. Otherwise you might have hired some actors.

    Sincerely, Bored Viewer.

    This is the worst movie I've seen in a long time. I can't say that it's the worst ever, because I was able to finish it. It was bad, bad, bad though. Dude, where's my refund?
  • gluba20005 March 2005
    I saw this at my local supermarket and I knew that Debra was in it so I decided to buy it (out of support for that sexy woman!) The plot and acting in this movie was terrible (with the exception of Debra Wilson; and I'm not just saying that because I love her, she seriously was the only actor or actress who had any emotion in their acting and voice!) What I didn't get at the beginning is why the wife didn't just get back in her car instead of running at random like that. It was so stupid. And it's LA (NOBODY saw her being abducted on a public, residential street--NOBODY...yeah, that's realistic!) Also in the park, when Charlie stole the woman's cell phone (for some stupid reason) they were hell bent on finding him (and at one point) when they did they had him at gunpoint--over a CELL PHONE! In reality I doubt the LAPD would go out of their way like that for a stupid cell phone! The lady could've walked up to one of many of those cell phone booths and have it replaced! The kids acting skills sucked too (I think they were reading from a cue card or had somebody off camera whisper their lines) because they'd be asked questions and would look around and then answer in a questionable voice (i.e.-"yes I do miss daddy?") Also how could there be all of those snipers be in the trees and on building rooftops in LA WITHOUT being seen?! I see this being played at 3 AM on USA.

    Debra Wilson fanatics will enjoy her parts. She's the only actor with any real acting skills (Debra, sweetheart--stop doing these cheap D-grade, direct to video films...maybe that'll change with the upcoming film Whitepaddy.) She puts some jokes in there (like when one of her superiors comes up and asks her who's she talking to, she screams at her computer and goes "Damnit, Charlie!") I gave it a 4/10...a 4 only because of Debra's good acting skills.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Ugh. Stephen Baldwin. I never noticed until I got the DVD home and saw his name in the credits. Double ugh. What's worse, HE'S the NAME in this low budget, mindless, wandering, wannabe shoot'em up. I mean, where did they find the guy to write this refuse? Driving a caterpillar in the LA City Dump, while hoping to break into the movie game? The whole plot is ridiculous situation piled on ridiculous premise. Baldwin is as convincing as a poster boy for American Gothic, sans pitchfork. His whole acting repertoire is looking like he needs the potty and then looking like he found it.

    So, there you have it folks: bad script, bad acting by no-name actors, low-budget setting and a hero that's about as convincing as a girl scout looking for a cookie customer as an action hero. It's too late for me to get my money back on the DVD, but you can spare yourself-- unless you're one of those who likes to look at the dogs for a laugh...frankly, this one is too boring to be funny.
  • One of the worst movies I've ever seen. When I was trying to watch this I had flu and i was pretty open minded for any brainless entertainment. Unfortunately this was too much. How, so many totally ungifted actors can be in one movie? This movie makes porn look like European art-movie. Cast just speaks out their lines without any emotions; special thanks to Charlie Snows (Baldwin) soon-to-be-ex-wife who talks about her divorce like the rest of us talk about the weather. Just horrible (and funny).

    With lots of booze and friends this might just make it as a background entertainment and few laughs, just like Ed Wood-movies. The plot is a joke and soundtrack straight from some cheeky soap-opera.

    Hopefully nobody paid to see this movie.
  • Absolute trash. No one in the movie could act except for ex-child actress Patty McCormack as the waitress.

    Stephen Baldwin, in a ridiculous haircut, delivers all his lines in a monotone. Zero character development. All the actors were completely unbelievable.

    Hokey made-for-TV dialogue, especially between Baldwin and CIA computer operator. How many times can she say, "Listen, brother, I've got your back!"? Conveniently finds troubled CIA black sheep to help him. Coincidentally encounters young girl to aid him. Mindless, bumbling LA cops are horrible stereotypes. Estranged wife predictably warms as they bring children to crime scene (don't they always?)

    Melodramatic suspense music made it laughable. Formulaic plot with gratuitous flashbacks and predictable shots.

    Starts with an interrogation that is never concluded. Low budget dreck. Unbearable to watch. Sorry I rented it.
  • I saw this film, I could see out. It means this film is watchable. If Baldwin's mimicry would be more inexpressive, or the story would be more tedious and more stereotyped it wouldn't be watchable. I am a hard, soulles member of one of the noname elite firing-squad, the bad guy kidnapped my wife and I have to make her free. That's the story. I recommend this film to all of the Seagal, Van Damme (and Baldwin)fans, and to those people who bring home a video and the 10th minute of the film they are already sleeping. If anybody knows why the producers are wasting their money for films like this one, please tell me.
  • I hate to be too critical, but this one really was bad. I like the Baldwin brothers, I just wish there was more talent evenly spread between them. I did like the general plot, but there was just too much 'trying' and not enough actual 'doing' as far as quality acting was concerned.

    My favorite character out of the whole thing was bald cop. He reminded me of Dmitri Valtane ( Jeremy Roberts, I believe ) from Start Trek 6: Undiscovered country. Just, without the hair.

    If you have Hollywood Video's MVP program and are really trying to get your money's worth, then through this in with one of the three MVP movies you pick up. It's worth it for a few laughs.

    The single most impressive special effect in the whole show is the sound of Stephen Baldwin's rifle firing. I suppose that lets you in a bit on the quality and excitement of the rest of the show.
  • This is 1 hour and 24 minutes of pure boredom!!

    In this 'Action'- movie, even the gun Baldwin uses (HK G3A3) sucks. It was sent to recycling by armed forces worldwide in the mid eighties, and is now only used by terrorists, bank robbers and military museums.

    If I had known this movie was this bad, I would rather watch 10 episodes of MacGyver saving the planet.

    No groove, no drive and no feel. Watch the Tupperware-channel – it's more exiting than this sorry excuse for a movie. This movie doesn't deserve a '0' on the scale. Better luck next time, Baldwin. Until then, I'll sit here watch my toenails grow – that is far more exiting than 'Target'….
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Target is the story of a special agent who, after carrying out orders to assassinate Turkish "Terrorists" (note that this is one of those American "movies for guys who love mindless nationalistic super-patriotic crap movies"), returns home to find that his ex-wife and two kids are taking hostage. Charlie Snow has just a couple of hours to do whatever the terrorists tell him in order to get them back.

    This was by far one of THE worst movies I have ever seen. And, had it not been for someone I know actually (and probably, mistakenly) taking it out of the video store, I would never have watched this giant pile of garbage to begin with.

    The movie plays out like any generic action movie story I have ever seen before. In fact, these are the kind of things they spoof on variety shows, that is how bad it is. I half expected In Living the Color's 'Homey the Clown' to Mad TV's Will Sasso doing his Steven Segal impression to bust out on the screen half way through, to remind you that this was just an exaggerated action movie, but now our characters are here to spoof how ridiculous it really is. There were not even any good fighting or action sequences. By the way things are played out, you wouldn't even think that anyone was kidnapped, that there were any terrorists, or that anything remotely interesting was going on.

    Not only is the story completely and utterly uninteresting, the acting is so terribly wooden. Just watch the part where Stephen Baldwin, as former special agent Charlie Snow, is talking to the kidnappers on the telephone. They tell him that they have his wife, and they put her on the phone. She says "Charlie, help!" or something to that effect. And Baldwin replies "it's okay, honey" in such a deadpan manner, you think he was reading the script and trying to sound out the words phonetically. I imagine that, despite being such a ridiculously bad movie (one that belongs on the bottom 100 on IMDb--a list that they should expand to at least 250 movies and should contain nearly every Stephen Baldwin movie), someone with some talent could have at least made the effort not to ham it up as much. Someone. Anyone. I couldn't get past the fact that everyone sounded like they were reading from a script. Save that is, the only person in the whole friggin movie who has any talent whatsoever (and thus should not have been in this), Mad TV's Deborah Wilson.

    This was the capital cheese fest. How truly embarrassing.
  • This movie sucks. The acting is worse than in the films we made when we were 10 years old with a camcorder, the effects look like some 80's computer game and the plot is worse than terrible. Even the worst Van Damme movies make this look crappy. The accent and speech rhythm of the 'bad guys' is so bad it's funny..

    I wouldn't recommend watching this unless you are a big time fan one of the actors. 1 out of 10.
  • imdb-37812 September 2004
    Well this must be one of the worst films ever made. The acting is poor, the budget is low and the action is dire. Baldwin is out of shape, walks around with his finger on the trigger and uses the scope on his rifle whilst wandering around a confined building. The children's acting is forgivable but the wife shows little fear of her captors, the old lady in the coffee house is awful, the whole thing stinks. The only decent acting I spotted was the busker girl (with the guitar), she was quite convincing (and very cute).

    On the whole I cannot stress strongly enough that this is a really bad film (don't watch it Antje!), if you want sniper action watch Sniper, guns and blasting - Black Hawk Down, chase and suspense - Behind Enemy Lines (yes really it is a good film) but dont watch this!
  • The storyline is fresh but the budget was low on this TV thriller. Stephen Baldwin is likable as an American soldier whose wife is kidnapped in Los Angeles. The villains are believable but don't expect a lot of action. James Russo, who we've seen many times before, is always a good character. Patty (Bad Seed)McCormack makes a funny,interesting bar maid. Debra Wilson (MadTV) adds a lot of energy as a CIA computer center operator who helps Baldwin when he's on the run. Tammy Trull is a young Latina face to watch. And Baldwin's kids are really cute.
  • Middle-of-the-road TV movie about what can happen when foreign mercenaries come to the U.S. to revenge against a U.S. Army sniper who has killed one of their own. This is a low budget but nicely acted straight-to-video flick with Stephen Baldwin as the likable protagonist. James Russo is an interesting retired Army sniper, and Baldwin's wife and kids are good. Don't expect a lot of action, and the R-rating may not be warranted, but the storyline is thought-provoking because it could actually happen to many American soldiers. If you're completely opposed to any American military presence overseas, you probably won't like this film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    TARGET is a Z-grade B-movie thriller starring lumbering action man Stephen Baldwin as a supposed top sniper who returns to America after completing a vital mission only to find himself pursued by an East European maniac bent on revenge. To say this film is bad is an understatement; it's only possible to sit through it by laughing at the extreme cheese and ridiculousness of the situation. Baldwin has never been so wooden as is here, while the 'action' consists of him jogging around a park while the bad guy rings him and taunts him occasionally. One for bad film lovers only.
  • If this film were to be rated on a scale of 1 to 10, one would need to create a new rating system, as this one should not even qualify. The film's plot, (if you can call it that) revolves around Charlie (Stephen Baldwin), an ex- special operatives agent who is being targeted by the brother of a man he killed while he was still working for the US gov't. If this sounds like an interesting scenario, please don't be fooled, as this film will not deliver that which its action-themed story suggests.

    Comedian Chris Rock once said that when one sees an actor doing a bad film that it makes one want to send the actor $50, given that the actor must be desperate for money to be doing such poor quality work. After watching this film, you may want to send Stephen Baldwin $100.

    It appears that Baldwin did not put any effort into his role in the film. In the film, Baldwin is forced to run all over the city of Los Angeles in order to protect his "honeycomb" (wife) from being murdered by the brother of a man he previously killed. However, throughout the picture it appears that Baldwin can barely pull off maintaining a light jog. His laid back performance succeeds in subtracting from any suspense that the film might have intended to portray.

    If you are the type of person who enjoys watching very bad films and laughing at their shortcomings, than this film is for you. However, if you are looking for a well made action thriller, it would be best to look somewhere else rather than renting this film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    *The ELITE sniper team that has inserted 24h or so earlier have instead of digging in and making them selves invisible decided to take cover behind a big rock in one of the first scenes. *When the hero "runs" to rescue his wife he actually jogs. *When inside a building and aiming for a target only some 20-30 meter away the hero USES HIS SCOPE. Besides the fact that most non elite soldiers would make that shot from the hip and still hit there is also the fact that the scope probably wouldn't be able to focus that close. *There is a satellite that can actually look horizontally into buildings.

    The list is endless... and the film is the biggest heap of crap I have ever put in my DVD player.
  • 1- Stephen Baldwin doesn't care about his involvement in Stephen Baldwin vehicles.

    2- The acting in any Stephen Baldwin vehicle ranges from horrible to mildly passable.

    3- Writers don't write Stephen Baldwin vehicles, children do.

    4- Most of the Stephen Baldwin vehicles revolve around one genre- the Actionless Action genre. It basically consists of crappy action sequences made with little to no effort whatsoever.

    5- The director doesn't care about Stephen Baldwin vehicles; he passes his job to an orangutan from time to time.

    And now you know.
  • This movie is so bad that it actually gets funny. One of the worst movies I've ever seen in my entire life. The funny thing was that the trailer had scenes in it that wasn't in the movie. Just by watching the trailer I would have saved a lot of my time. It actually showed everything that happened in the movie except for the conclusion and that was also so obvious.

    It's honestly hard to think of a reason why this movie was made. This is just so bad. Horrible.

    I would give it 0 out of 10 if that would be possible. There is nothing else to say about this movie.