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  • I saw this show all the way through for the first time last night and I really enjoyed it. I found myself laughing, well giggling, a lot and it struck me as a somewhat thoughtful yet fun sitcom. I really enjoyed Eve, herself, I think she carries the show very well. She is nicely understated and her character is interesting and likable. The supporting cast and the plot lines are a little sitcom typical but, oh well, it is a sitcom. I especially like J.T, who is, yes, almost too handsome to be real but who is also funny and sweet. I really enjoyed the English guy too, that accent just does it for me. And by the way I guess I don't consider Eve an "ethnic" show just because most of the actors on it are black and I'm white, I mean, we're all "ethnic".
  • It looks like I may the lone positive voice here, but the show grew on me as the season went on, and I actually find "Eve" to be a rather funny and unique show. Yes, the first few episodes were flat and slightly aimless, and when Shelly got together with J.T. right at the beginning, I was like, "So where can they go from here?!" But I think the actors have developed a great group chemistry and the story lines have gotten better: Brian Hooks is really funny as Nick, J.T.'s wisecracking roommate who's just too nice to be the player he tries to be; Natalie Desselle is hilarious as Janie, the practical, yet gossip-loving friend; and there have been some great episodes involving J.T. and Shelly's families, including the episodes when Shelly met his upper-crust parents and when Queen Latifah guest starred as Shelly's older sister.

    I also like "Eve" because it reminds me of Queen Latifiah's 1990s sitcom "Living Single," and it served as a shot of reality in the "Friends"-dominated TV world of this last season: I think it presented interesting and somewhat realistic plots about a young and ethnically diverse group of friends dealing with issues like personal bankruptcy, familial loyalties versus your own needs and wants, and the ups and downs of friendships and relationships. Overall, I like "Eve" because it's sassy and funny, and I think it's one of the best sitcoms UPN has put out so far.
  • I love the show. I've been watching it since it first aired. I've grown with the cast and love the story lines. Since there are 6 main characters it's easy to for the writers to create good scripts.

    Eve proves herself as a wonderful actress and secures a possible permanent career in acting with the character she plays, Shelly. The two partners of the business, Diva Style, Ali Landry(Mario Lopez's ex-wife) and Natalie Desselle(BAPS) add continual hilarity to the sitcom. And even tho Shelly and her ex-love, J.T. (Jason George), are not together; they still maintain a friendship as well as with his two best-friends Nick(Brian Hooks) & Donovan(Sean Maguire).

    The characters are fun, lovable, and crazy. The story is not drug out like "Girlfriends". And I hope the show isn't shutdown b/c of the new CW network UPN & WB is forming.

    Regardless of what someone else said. I'm a fan of the show, and I know a good show when I see one. This show is hilarious! I will miss UPN when it's gone.
  • I like the show but it does seem that the writing is a bit sophomoric. However, this show does have a real feel to it and Eve can carry herself well in front of the cameras although she does remind me of a spoiled brat sometimes. She can get away with it because she's comfy and great to watch. I hope it isn't canceled, I want to see more of Sean Maguire (hotttt) and Eve (and the girls). I do want them to develop the chemistry that was rumored to be between Shelly and JT. JT is a good looking guy and should spark Eve like a match to a candle. I think there is a lot that can be hashed from that romance. I do think that maybe the guys are a little sidebar to the girls, and I want to see how they relate as well outside of the girls, that would be a great thing to see also.
  • I watched the premiere episode partially because a) I do like Eve as a rap artist, b) UPN hyped it so much, and c) I had to have something to do until "Girlfriends" came on. The fact that there were so few laughs, and the premise has been done to death in one variation or another throughout TV history, will not make me want to tune in again. There isn't much chemistry between Eve and Jason George's characters. Ali Landry as a former super model with issues? How many times have we seen that? George's street-wise best male pal? A tired stereotype that needed to be retired a long time ago. Eve herself has a likeable presence, but her character needs more spark.
  • The acting is dry, the plots are predictable and the jokes are dated. Also, Eve is a better actor than most rappers but she can't carry a whole sitcom. She should stick to small roles in movies like she's been doing. If this show was on a major network like FOX, it would have been canceled by now but since it's on UPN, it'll last the whole season.
  • I really enjoyed myself! I don't usually watch ethnic shows, not that I watch that much TV to begin with, but not since the Cosby show have I found one to be so relate-able and funny across the board.

    And THANKFULLY, it's not that "over-the-top, in your face" style of most sitcoms today. Eve plays it cool, and you find yourself laughing out loud because the funny moments ring TRUE instead of contrived. Perhaps that's why I don't watch much TV, but this sitcom feels more like a combo film/TV show to me than a typical sitcom. And it totally works. Granted, I think the show skews more toward the female audience, because it's really told from her point of view (Eve's). Men may not find it as amusing, because they're being made fun of, more than being the ones dictating the show. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, but especially to women of ALL ethnicities between the ages of 25 and 45. It's SO much fun.
  • This show is boring, it didn't make me laugh once.

    Eve is a good actress, she'll just have to find better writers to make the show intriguing and funny.

    She should also drop a few actors too, Sean Maguire definitely comes to my mind.

    His character sucks and seems like it's only there just to say they have one white guy on the cast and for Ali Landry's character to have a boyfriend.

    I think the only sensible thing to do is cancel the show unless they'd completeley revamp the show with new characters and new writers.

    Though this was one of UPN's highest rated show last season so I'm sure it'll get the ol' "110 and up" just like the rest of UPN's shows.
  • Been reading into this show for a while, based on Eve's new single "Reload". So me trying to get into my inner 00's starting watching this for fun, just to see what it's like and I was instantly hooked. Highly recommend for those who are trying to watch something like The Game or Moesha.
  • Eve is not that bad. Sometimes the laughs are few and far between but as a whole the show is funny. I like the diversity in characters. The show also have believable characters and character traits. For example all of my friends are not petite model types like other sitcoms would lead us to believe. A lot of shows have the "PRETTY and PERFERCT " cast. Eve actually reminds me of real life friends hanging out and having their problems in life and love. Maybe in a season or two the show will grow and the writing will progress. In my opinion it is not time to write the show off as a failure. I do laugh when I watch the show. Also the story lines are not complex to follow.
  • It's boring. The laughs so far have been occasional and modest. Had I been laughing more, I might not have noticed that the characters have other problems. Eve brings her cool hiphop personality to an unlucky-in-love fashion designer (?); unfortunately, she's not believable as a person with self-confidence and romance issues. One doesn't believe that someone so strong would worry about it that much. Her galpals don't fare any better. Ali Landry lacks the appeal to balance the pettiness of her character. She comes off as a blandly-pretty but mean cipher. The writers seem to have no idea who Natalie Desselle even is. Her role could be played by anyone. The men are likewise unexceptional. I don't even know why they bothered hiring Sean Maguire; he seems completely out of place.
  • The warning signs are all over the pilot of "Eve" - not because it's a UPN sitcom, but because of a) the presence of Sean Maguire and Jason George, together again after the late unlamented "Off Centre"; b) the fact that Eve has a co-executive producer credit (beware of series where the star has a producer credit from the beginning, "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" notwithstanding), as does David W. Duclon from "Silver Spoons" and "Punky Brewster"; and c) the fact that the theme music comes from Missy Elliott.

    Oh yeah, the whole young-single-woman-with-wacky-nosy-friends-looking-for-true-love thing doesn't help either. It's certainly true that nothing's truly original except in how it's done, but this doesn't do it too originally, not helped by Eve being less of a comic presence than Will Smith, or by her co-stars being pretty dispensable - the male characters come off better than the female ones, probably not a good idea. If this is going to make it to a second series, it's going to have to improve fast. Welcome back to Ali Landry though... but even she can't bring me back to this. Should've stuck with the Doritos ads.
  • Wisesoldierthe621 September 2020
    Eve is dry and can't act.

    her fat friend is annoying cliche

    Stories are just stories

    And her thats about it.

    Verdict: There are better cliche black shows out there that you can watch.