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  • I've once bought this movie without ever having heard of it before, besides that all reviews of the DVD were positive. I was not disappointed. What jumped into my eyes ( besides that it was produced in my hometown and even at my school ) is how realistic this movie is. Although it is dated from 1980 and hints to German educational policy of these days appear, it is still easily possible to identify with the hero Claus Wagner and his seemingly regular-everyday sorrows that drive him to death. No special effects, no costumes , only good actors that know their business. Never before have I seen a piece of art dealing with suicide in such a non-moralistic, non-ideological and appropriate manner. This also proves, what even low-budget movies produced for TV only are able to, provided that there is a will to do so. The lack of will to watch such challenging, heavy going movies might also be a reason,why such things are not produced anymore, and I can therefore only recommend it to viewers with enough patience and will to engage with the events. Unfortunately, this gem will for now only be available for the German-speaking public.