Joaquin Phoenix made a wooden walking stick for Bryce Dallas Howard during the 19th-century preparation the actors participated in before the film. He engraved the name of her character, Ivy, on the walking stick.

Director M. Night Shyamalan put the entire cast through a 19th century "boot camp" in order for them to get a good feel for the time period.

The role of Lucius Hunt was written for Joaquin Phoenix.

The director cast Bryce Dallas Howard without an audition after seeing her perform on stage.

M. Night Shyamalan initially had a different concept for the "those we do not speak of" creatures. They were originally conceived to be monsters similar to the rock drawings featured in the movie trailers: similar to lions walking on their hind feet, complete with shaggy manes. When the creatures were built to full scale and brought on set, Shyamalan felt that the design was completely unbelievable. The creatures were quickly redesigned, most noticeably with the addition of the red cloak.

It took the crew eleven weeks to build the set for the village. There were nearly 300 people in the scenic and construction department.

The film was originally to be called "The Woods", but another film from MGM, The Woods (2006), was already scheduled to be using that name, so the title had to be changed to "The Village".

Bryce Dallas Howard and Judy Greer, who play sisters Ivy and Kitty in this film, would later play sisters again in Jurassic World (2015).

Local Chadds Ford artist Andrew Wyeth's works were used as inspiration for the look of the film. In fact the house shared by Joaquin Phoenix and Sigourney Weaver was a copy of the one that appears in a Wyeth watercolor painting titled "Open Shed."

Sigourney Weaver suffered nightmares for two weeks after reading the script.

The inspiration for the story comes from two unlikely sources: "Wuthering Heights" for the period drama, and King Kong (1933) for the community living in fear of predatory creatures.

Ashton Kutcher was originally cast as Noah but dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.

Kirsten Dunst was replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard after dropping out to star in Elizabethtown (2005). Dunst and Howard later appeared together in Spider-Man 3 (2007).

The teaser trailer features music by David Julyan from the film Memento (2000).

Aaron Eckhart, Thomas Jane and Hayden Christensen were considered to play Noah.

Jessica Biel and Kate Hudson were also considered to play Ivy Walker.

Edward and Tabitha Walker actually have five daughters. Kitty and Ivy are the oldest. When Ivy is singing to Kitty Edward and Tabitha are watching from the doorway. Edward is holding one daughter, Tabitha is holding another, and the third is standing between them. The three girls can also be seen during the raid on the village by the creatures. When they are in the cellar, Kitty is holding the baby and the other two are nearby.

Second collaboration between Joaquin Phoenix, Cherry Jones, and M. Night Shyamalan after previously working together on Signs (2002).

The film is included on the film critic Roger Ebert's "Most Hated" list.

Boutique label Kino Lorber tried to license the film for a Blu-ray release but Disney declined, as they rarely lend out their catalog titles for other distributors to release.

Alice Hunt tells her son Lucius, played by Joaquin Phoenix, that he reminds her of a colt. In real life, Phoenix was named "The Colt" by Vanity Fair Magazine in 2001.

This was the film debut of Charlie McDermott.

Bryce Dallas Howard (Ivy Walker) and Cherry Jones (Mrs. Clack) later appeared in the show Black Mirror: Nosedive (2016).

Both Cherry Jones and Jayne Atkinson have starred on 24 (2001).

William Hurt and Sigourney Weaver also appeared in Eyewitness (1981) and Vantage Point (2008).

William Hurt and Jayne Atkinson would later appear in Syriana (2005).

In The Village, Judy Greer plays a character named Kitty and costars with Bryce Dallas Howard. In Arrested Development, Judy Greer plays a character named Kitty and costars with Howard's father Ron Howard.

Italian censorship visa # 98360 delivered on 8 October 2004.

M. Night Shyamalan: Guard at desk in the guard shack when Kevin goes for medical supplies and equipment. You only see his face in the reflection of the glass medicine cabinet when Kevin opens the door.

According to Steve Boeddeker, the MPAA gave the film an "R" rating due to a single sound effect, which was later removed. It was the sound of the knife stabbing Lucius. Boeddeker has stated that the scene worked even better without it.

The film has a number of similarities to the young adult book 'Running Out of Time'. The book is about a village where the people who live in it think they're living in the 1800s, when actually its set in the present day. The heroine of the book also goes searching for medical supplies, and the village elders take steps to make sure their children never learn the truth of their world. The book's author, Margaret Peterson Haddix, threatened to sue for plagiarism; M. Night Shyamalan wrote off the similarities as "meritless."

The newspaper read by the guard at desk (a cameo by M. Night Shyamalan himself) towards the end is dated Friday, July 30, 2004, the day the movie came out.

Production almost had to shut down because it started snowing, with 14 inches of accumulation, but during the night it rained and all the snow melted. Soon after, they dug the hole that Noah falls into, which is why it looks so muddy.

On the night the creatures come into the village Ivy tells Lucius that she and Kitty are watching the younger children (their little sisters). Noah is also with them. It is likely that the Walker and Percy parents were acting as the creatures that night.

DIRECTOR_TRADEMARK(M. Night Shyamalan): [Philadelphia]: The newspaper that Jay the guard (Shyamalan) is reading at the end is The Philadelphia Inquirer, which proposes the story is set in Pennsylvania, as are most other Shyamalan movies.

The names of the two leads characters - Lucius (Joaquin Phoenix) and Ivy (Bryce Dallas Howard) carry great meaning to their roles. Lucius is a derivative of the Latin word for light and he is one of the few people who radiates an aura that Ivy can see. Ivy, of course, is a strong plant that grows its own way and tends to climb over walls.

The tombstone reads 1897.

The movie was made in 2004 but yet the expiration tags on the Walker vehicle towards the end of the movie are for 04-11, 04-12. Which given the fact semi children are marrying age puts the Walkers and Coalition, around the 80s when they decided to 'take the plunge.'

The color red is very important in this film as is in The Sixth Sense (1999). The special features on the DVD of The Sixth Sense explain why.