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  • I've been made fun of for enjoying Are We There Yet which is unfortunate! Despite the flaws this movie has it warms my heart. Ice Cube is great through out and so are the kids. Not for everyone but I love this movie the way it is! Adventure stories are great to me even the unorthodox ones at least occasionally.
  • Sometimes we can be over critical of a movie and call it the worst EVER made. but this is one film that i couldn't be critical of enough.

    it's a family film i guess but it's not even slightly funny on any level. the performances of all the cast is woeful, Ice Cube snarls and does his usual thing so i suppose he does fine, but the leading lady and children act like they have been plucked off the street. its embarrassingly bad at times, then again i guess the abysmal script doesn't help. C'mon who writes this rubbish. Fart gags, puking gags, and i need a pee gags. it really is terrible.

    If someone suggests renting this out from the video store i'd run a mile. avoid at all costs this is TERRIBLE.
  • nedzelic19 March 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    I have never written on IMDb and never have on any other movie review sites but i felt compelled to for this one. What a load of garbage. The worst movie i have ever seen at the movies by far. I was coaxed into going little did i know that it was a kids movie - it has Ice Cube in for God's sake. I thought at least it could be like one of those crappy DMX action movies but it wasn't even up to that low standard. I mean come on people! A summary of why this the worst movie i have ever seen

    • typically American style for a kids flick - ie really cheesy, corny lines, happy ending - need i go on - predicable - gee, i din't see that last seen coming - nothing new: man falls in love with a woman the first time he sees her - had no moral message - Plot summary: just cos she's beautiful; he offers in an attempt to get into her pants to look after her kids who surprise surprise are brats; they don't like like him at first then they end up liking him; the woman doesn't appreciate what he does until she sees how her kids love him and see him as their new dad; then the final scene is them kissing on new years at midnight -

    Absolute GARBAGE - i cannot emphasizes this enough If any sane mined person with an IQ of above 50 wants to spend $12; WARNING this not the way. The only thing that kept me in the theater for the whole tow hours 110 mins was the comfortable seats

  • What is up with the low ratings? This movie had us laughing all the way through it! Clean, somewhat predictable but in a fresh way. These kids did great in the movie; we enjoyed it a lot! Could easily lend itself to a sequel and another "road trip" kind of scenario. I see it as engaging and charming as "Home Alone" was so many years ago. I did think the mother's reaction at the end was a little extreme and that could have gone differently, but I didn't expect an Oscar-winning storyline with this fun, punchy, movie. I guess if there had been more swearing, sex, and violence it would have caught on better; seems to be where our culture likes to go these days. I say kudos to the writers and done good with this one and guess what...we're going to watch it again today!
  • Long distance driving, constant headaches, groaning and claustrophobia. Then, that tedious question arises...Are we there yet? But in the new flick, Are we there yet?, that question takes a new meaning.

    Through a series of worst-case scenarios from deer attacks to a train race on horseback, Nick Persons (Ice Cube, Barbershop) experiences it all.

    Beginning a timid romance between Persons and Suzanne Kingston (Nia Long, Boiler Room), possible babysitters for her children while she's away becomes few and far between, leaving Persons, a child-hater as the only viable option. He must transport Kingston's two "angelic" children 350 miles from Oregon to Vancouver. They attempt to make it in 24 hours by plane, train and automobile.

    Directed by Brian Levant, director of Snow Dogs (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) and Jingle All The Way (Arnold Schwarzenegger), he defines his love for making family-fun movies.

    For what it was worth, the acting was decent. Ice Cube played a better role than I expected. Aleisha Allen (School of Rock) and Philip Bolden (Johnson Family Vacation) were well-cast. And the cherry on top of the acting was Jay Mohr (Pay It Forward, Jerry Maguire). The way the actors worked together accented the movie.

    Cinematography in this movie was exactly what I expected. There were a few intriguing camera angles, better than I've seen from directors of Levant's credibility.

    The rating was well chosen as PG. There was minor language and rude humor.

    Noticing half of the theater filled with children ranging from five to twelve, and tons of parents, I'd definitely suggest staying away from this movie on a date. There were periodic jokes and entertaining scenes, but if you don't like "kiddy" movies, I would not encourage this.
  • The more I study film ideas, the more I'm amazed at how some ideas continue to live.

    Take the notion of humorous cruelty. Were the Stooges the first to build a franchise around this? In modern times, it is the "Home Alone" franchise where we are given an excuse for accepting the cruelties because the hurter is a clever but innocent child and the hurtees are stereotypical bad guys.

    Here the idea tries a new incarnation. Lest there be any mistake about the source, the movie actually starts in the "old" Home Alone mode with our (anonymous) victim encountering tripwires that trigger child-made traps of household goods and toys.

    Then it shifts into the new mode. In this edition, some of the tricks are intended and some are not. The victim is a new kind of shiftless: a black man actually trying to be "ghetto." The story is supposed to smoothly morph in a sort of "What About Bob" way from pain to rewarding relationship. The turning point is also stereotypical: the treasured black dad has abandoned his family and the beleaguered suitor is revealed to be someone to whom that also happened.

    I think humor about race, especially racial stereotypes, is fair game. How better to puncture racism? But its got to be funny doesn't it?

    This picture turns out to be what it starts to be about: a way of torturing a black dude who manages a slick appearance of the ghetto (we're talking about the guy who calls himself Ice Cube here, not his character) and tries to put himself where he doesn't belong. Poignant maybe, but neither funny nor endearing.

    Ted's Evaluation -- 1 of 3: You can find something better to do with this part of your life.
  • I knew this movie was going to be bad before I sat down to watch it, and yet I allowed myself to do so anyway. Still, I found myself completely unprepared for the intense levels of suckage that were about to flow from the screen and speakers, corrupting my senses. I won't elaborate on why this film was so bad, as everything I wanted to say about it has been covered with great skill in the previous comment. So instead I'll just use this space to insult the people who enjoyed the film by calling them drooling fools.

    Also, I know they kids in the film were only acting, but if I saw them in real life, I would still slap them across the face with whatever I had to hand.

    Don't even bother with this film unless you are missing both sight and hearing. But even then I wouldn't risk it, you might feel the awfulness slowly creeping into your brain.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was worse than I thought it could have ever been. I know this was a kids movie but even the theater 1/3 of the way full, mostly with kids only laughed a few times. Calling things just before they would happen is probably the only thing that got me through this trash. It was so predictable that is actually bothered me. The whole movie surrounded this dope fly vehicle of Cubes, it wasn't even that great of a car. Spinning rims!! OH SHNAP YO!!!! I never would have predicted the ending either. Damn I bet she still wants him even after he beets the crap out of some snowmen and her kids end up with some trucker and on trains and ...... oh forget it. and check out the horse that Cube rides next to the train. I picked it out at being fake in the first shot of it. This made Garfield look good and that was just horrible. If at all possible, never ever see this movie. You will be a better person in the long run.
  • This may not be an Academy Award winning movie, but it was entertaining the whole way through. It was light hearted, funny (with some slap-stick and occasional rude humor) and moving at times. I thought it was cleaver how Nick's conscience was portrayed through a Satchel Paige bobble-head. This movie appealed to all ages. There were some surprise guest appearances, namely Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura from Star Trek) and Tracy Morgan as the voice of Satchel Paige. This movie was similar in style to Christmas With The Kranks only this one was actually funny and you care about the characters. If you are looking to be entertained and fun for the whole family ...then this movie is for you.
  • haysonhang30 May 2005
    This movie is so boring, I fall asleep while watching it. I can't stand those Kids talking back and acting like a big mama, oh common guys do you want your kids talking like that to you and other older people without any respecting? well I think you guy should pick another movie better for your kids to learn but not this one I'm be honest I read someone said this movie is funny for kids? well I think he should check with his problem, no wonder nowadays kids learn things so quick and bad especially talking back and being rude to others, why they become like that parents? because what they watch and what they learn, they learn quickly and please don't give me wrong that it is not smart. Somebody thinks the way they talk like that it means they are smart but it is not. Well you should not waste your time and money on this movie, boring and rude kids
  • Are We There Yet? is exactly what it was meant to be, a film for the family. It has moments of comedy as well as moments of sincere heart-string tugs. It's a movie about a guy who has dedicated himself to himself. He is one of those guys who is all about the "blingage". He figures if he can dazzle the ladies with flash then he doesn't have to worry about getting tangled up in love. It's also a movie about a woman divorced from a husband who has quite thoroughly moved on with his life and the kids left behind that she is trying to protect. It's also about the kids who really want their life back like it used to be and haven't quite understood what has happened. Finally, it's a movie about how these people who have so little in common with each other come together and learn to understand, like and appreciate each other for who they are. The whole movie is a metaphor with some very impossible but very funny moments representing the struggles people go through to find the inner beauty in each other.

    It is unfortunate that jaded movie critics are paid to go to early morning screenings in a room full of jaded movie critics to watch a family comedy and then deem it a "bad movie". I prefer to listen to the voices of the REAL movie critics, the people who paid their hard-earned money to go see the movie. If they laugh, it's funny. I've been to two sold-out screenings of this movie in theatres full of parents with small children, groups of young and older teenagers and groups of adults. At both screenings there was much laughter and even applause at the end. One of the best parts, is when you hear a small voice point out the obvious to the other people in the darkened theatre, that the kids are responsible for the results of their behavior. Congratulations to that child's parents for successful instruction in Right vs. Wrong.

    I have also read some other user comments and critic's comments that accuse this movie of being a racial stereotype. I seriously doubt that Ice Cube would produce and star in a movie that he felt was racist and I feel confident that all of the actors in this movie were treated fairly regardless of race and/or gender. It's not so much a racial stereotype as it is a personality stereotype - Nick Persons is a 'playa', formerly known as a 'ladies man', and he looks, dresses and acts the part, as have the ladies men of every generation. The divorced mother with two kids, well, I bet there's one in your neighborhood. One truck driver is of the older, hard-core family values type with a southern accent played by an actor from the southern United States and another is a gung-ho Canadian out to help someone in need, played to hilarious perfection by a Canadian. Stereotypes? Maybe, so what? I have also read some incredibly cruel comments by people directed at the child actors. If their performance as the confused and desperate 'demon spawn' made you feel so strongly that you must write paragraph after paragraph saying so, then I guess that makes them pretty good at their job doesn't it? It also makes the ugly comments you've made about the actors pretty wrong and disgusting.

    Finally, parents are not being dragged to this movie by their children. They willingly drive them, buy the tickets for them, and then they sit down and watch and laugh with them. It's not the #1 opening movie for nothing. There are plenty of topics for later discussion contained in this film and parents can use those opportunities as they see fit. Some parents may be reluctant to take their kids to see this movie because of Ice Cube's reputation as a 'gangsta rapper'. Well folks, I'm glad to say that there is none of that in this film. He's a dad with kids ranging in age from 4 to 18 and he made this movie so that when his little children ask or are asked what their daddy does for a living they have something they can show their friends. Good on ya Cube!
  • maclarke-118 February 2005
    Sorry, i just literally came back from the cinema and felt that i had to warn everyone about this film. I love family films as much as the next person, but at least those that are actually funny and don't make you want to walk out of the theatre in the first scene. Don't bother wasting your money. go and rent home alone again! I hated everything about the movie. i was actually surprised that some people were laughing gin the cinema, but maybe i've lost my sense of humour...who knows. But one thing is for sure, you can go and see it. If your disappointed then i was right all along, but if you like it....shame on you....i'm right anyway... Please...don't waste your time
  • There is some nice scenery, the soundtrack is slightly decent and Ice Cube tries hard to give his character some credibility. The problem is Are We There Yet, apart from the odd chuckle, isn't really that funny. The script is incredibly clunky, and the story was too predictable and the characters too clichéd to make the film likable and credible. Aside from Ice Cube the other acting is either forgettable or irritating. The direction is not very good, and the pacing is uneven throughout.

    Overall, Are We There Yet does have its moments, but to be honest it isn't particularly good. Worst family film? No, I don't think so. But best? Not by a longshot. 3/10 Bethany Cox
  • tjr6228 January 2005
    I don't get it, this movie, while not an academy contender, was funny. That's it; plain and simple. I'm a 42 year-old male and according to my demographics I should have rated it about a 3. I'm not sure what message people are trying to send here (and I actually probably do know) but if you want to have an enjoyable afternoon or evening and you have kids, they, as well as you will enjoy it. As I don't care for IceT as rapper I think he's doing a lot of down to earth good roles. I applaud him for it too. He's a tremendously funny actor and I'll see in more of his movies.

    Treat yourself to something good, see it; so it has some connotations from other movies, who cares? It's supposed to be funny, and it is.

    I hope you look past the stereo-typing that is often done and see it. I was amazed as well as my 15 year-old daughter and her friend. We were laughing through the whole thing.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    i usually read comments on IMDb but i've never bothered to write a review. However, after watching this Garbage, i've to register to write my very first comment.

    this movies doesn't deserve a 1/10. i must be 0/10. the worst and stupidest movie i've ever seen in 21 years. it has everything need to be in the Trash bin; terrible story, really bad actress.

    at first, i thought it was a very comedy movie with Ice Cube in it but it turned out to be Extremely disappointed. i wasted $15 to buy this UMD movie, if anyone wants it. i give it to you for 99 cents.

    don't waste your time watching this crap. stay away from it
  • I used to be a big Ice Cube fan until this movie came out. I liked him in All About the Benjamins, and loved his music up until now. I have never written on IMDb before, but decided to do so i could warn you about this movie. This kind of plot has been done many times before. They somehow manage to get in ridiculous situations. And try to fit in jokes, but it just ends up being corny and dumb, not funny like they tried so hard to do. It was very obvious that the jokes were forced. The acting is horrible, they show no real emotion. the kids are beyond spoiled, if i was their mother (or Ice Cube) i would definitely be teaching them a thing or two about respect. and there is no way they could have pulled the stunts they did. Avoid this movie at all costs! 0/10
  • I'm not a movie snob. I swear. If a movie succeeds in what it is attempting, that's fine—even if it's just attempting to be a pleasant, cliché-ridden diversion for kids.

    But this movie doesn't work on any level. Ice Cube as Nick is the best thing in this movie, and he is barely tolerable. The kids' mom is a nonentity. The two kids either can't act or were at the mercy of a wretched director. Having seen the little girl who played Lindsey, Aleisha Allen, in the infinitely better School of Rock, I suspect it is the latter.

    The basic plot is workable, if unoriginal. Divorced mom and dad, kids want them to get back together, new potential boyfriend for the mom, and a road trip thrown in for good measure. Played right, it would have been sweet and funny. In this movie, it's stupid and painful. As a previous reviewer mentioned, by the time the kids find out the truth about their dad, they've spent so much of the movie being mean-spirited little brats that it's hard to feel bad for them. These over-the-top kid-on-adult violent antics worked in Home Alone (which was liberally, ahem, borrowed from) because there the kid was basically good, and the "enemies" were bad guys. In Are We There Yet?, the adult victim is essentially a nice guy, and the kids—not so much.

    The emotional switches of this movie don't ring true, either. Nick goes from (understandably) severely NOT liking these kids to loving them in the blink of an eye. Same weird switch at the end for the mom, as she goes from liking Nick to mistrusting him to loving him in the space of a few minutes.

    A few more things (yes, I'm being nitpicky, but this movie deserves it ... plus, it's the only joy I'll get out of watching the darn thing): when Lindsey sings, the plot device to get her on stage is so incredibly transparent and tacked-on that you can see a bunch of guys sitting around a table going, "Hey, Aleisha Allen can sing. Can we write a scene into this movie where she sings?" Also, logically, I have to ask myself, WHERE DID THE BACKUP MUSIC COME FROM??? One more question. Why is it that the CGI for the Satchel Paige bobblehead was so good—that and Ice Cube are why I gave this movie even two stars—and yet the the attack deer looks like a piñata? If, after reading this review, you still decide to see the movie—well, don't blame me if you want to rip out your own eyeballs before it's half over. You've been warned.

    I have to go lie down now.
  • Yes, I hated this movie. But what can I say in my defense? It's a family film! Its core audience is the 5- 12 crowd, and let's face facts: kids will laugh at anything! That's exactly why I've never been a big fan of family films. I'm always bound to experience the predictable quotient of gags that involve vomit, farts and kicks in the groin - all of which are in this movie. Helen Keller can see the punchlines coming a mile away. Ice Cube seems thoroughly embarrassed to be a part of this movie. I'm sure he took on the project to hopefully broaden his demographic (never having done a PG film before). The kids, like most actors their age, constantly overact. Their nonstop bickering makes you feel Ice Cube's pain of having to escort them. Cube ends up getting into every implausible disaster you can possibly imagine. It would help if the gags had even a shred of credibility. Not to mention, every time something embarrassing and disastrous happens to Cube's character, the kids laugh like hyenas, making the gags mean-spirited as well as unfunny. The only moment I remember laughing is when the kids try to drive off in Cube's minivan. He chases after them and tries to climb inside through the sunroof. The kids crash into a giant statue of a lumberjack, holding an axe. The axe then falls down and nails Cube right in his groin. Another predictable gag, but after long periods of not laughing, I had to relieve myself in some fashion. And like in all these movies, there's a schmaltzy conclusion that's supposed to deliver a "message." When I left the theater, I saw this one mother who was so fed up with her bratty son that she picked him up and spanked him, yelling out obscenities. Obviously, this message of accepting kids for who they are, no matter how bratty they get, didn't sink through her head. So why do these films even bother? When you have a movie as detached from reality as "Are We There Yet?" it's hard to deliver a message to its audience that will linger with them.
  • It's a comedy based around a bachelor carrying two children on a road trip. The kids have an attitude. The film could be titled TRAINS, PLANES, and AUTOMOBILES but that title was already taken, And frankly I'd recommend you watch PT&A instead. ARE WE THERE YET contains numerous episodes not unlike a ROADRUNNER cartoon. But again ROADRUNNER is much better. The trouble is, the scenes and episodes in AWTY are disjointed and do not realistically lead to the next plot turning point, much less the movie's ultimate conclusion. Thus you must be willing to suspend your disbelief to a greater extent than the film justifies. There are a number of cute bits, but if you've seen the trailer, you've seen the bits. The film is so slow in overall pacing that it may qualify as the longest 5-reel movie I've ever watched. As I was squirming in my seat awaiting the exciting climax, I kept saying to myself ARE WE THERE YET? As far as I'm concerned, we still aren't.
  • Nick (Ice Cube) is a born "playah," who takes on a arduous task to convince divorced Suzanne (Nia Long) to go out with him. Since she's stuck working in Vancouver and misses her kids, he agrees to drive them up from Portland, but if he thinks her kids are going to let him mack on their mom without a fight, he has another thing coming.

    The premise held some potential to be good but the film turned out to be average at best. The jokes are just too mean spirited to be funny and most of the funny jokes were used in the trailer. The jokes are mean spirited because the kids in the film are pretty vicious. They attack Nick because they don't want any guy getting close to their mom. They want their parents back together. I understand that the kids will hate Nick but some of the stuff they do to him is so over the top and unnecessary. I felt sorry for Ice Cube because he was pretty much killed from all the stuff that happened to him.

    The acting is okay, nothing special. Ice Cube gives a good performance and he's a pretty good sport for letting all that stuff happen to him. Nia Long was just "meh", nothing special at all. She doesn't get a lot of screen time though. Aleisha Allen and Philip Bolden both give good performances as really annoying kids. The former was the worst of the two and I hope she doesn't pursue a singing career. Jay Mohr is in the movie for about ten minutes despite being mentioned in the previews.

    Despite all this violence happening to Nick, the film is actually kind of dull. However, since the movie is only 90 minutes long, it isn't too much of a punishment to sit through. Brian Levant directs and he does an okay job. Usually, his family films bore and annoy me but this one is better than most of his movies. Another problem with the movie is that it's not very original. The opening scene is stolen from Home Alone and the entire film is full of clichés. As a family film, the kids should enjoy it while adults will most likely be asleep or annoyed. There were a few laughs just not enough for the film to expand its audience. Is Are we there yet? the worst movie of the year? No, out of all the films I have seen that {dis} honor would go to The Wedding Date. In the end, this is a nice rental for the kids to watch but everyone else should skip it. Rating 5/10
  • At first discouraged at the thought of the movie,, a star named "Ice Cube",, get real,, but, was pleasantly surprised,, plot was pretty much foreseeable, but characters played well, no, not a Star Wars Blockbuster, but enjoyed it just the same,, took a 9 year old to see it, he enjoyed, I enjoyed,,, yep, count me in on buying the DVD when it comes out. meantime a three rating? nah,, put this one at a good 8, especially when considering the alternatives playing, go see it,, fun for all ages. Plot was believable, characters were believable like any movie, a few far fetched scenes, but yep, I enjoyed,, afterall can any movie with a deer eating a chocholate chip cookie our of your hand be all that bad?
  • TEXASGAL10323 January 2005
    This movie was a cute family film. If you're expecting very complicated plot lines and deep philosophical thought, this movie is definitely NOT for you. If you like light-hearted humor and laughs throughout a film, you will like this movie. Yes, there is bathroom humor but there is also some adult-oriented humor. The movie also touches on some serious topics, but not enough to take away from the humorous tone of the film. My entire family enjoyed it. We all left the theater smiling and talking about the movie. It was the kind of film that helps you forget about your problems for awhile. I thought that all of the characters were cast well. Ice Cube was charming as Nick and the kids were very cute, if annoying (but funny) at times. Nia Long also did a very good job. If you're just looking for a cute, light-hearted movie, you will like this one.
  • Saying this movie was bad just wouldn't do it justice, since it was way way waaaaaay beyond bad.This movie was horrible, terrible and just plain stunk. Bad actors is one thing, but when you combine bad actors with a bad script and bad direction, it just totally flops and is bound to sink in its first week out. Not only was this movie horribly bad, but it was irritating. This is what happens when you let kids go without discipline, they become unruly, obnoxious, sassy brats that have no sense of respect and order. I remember when I was a child if I stepped out of line once my dad would give me a taste of his belt and I learned real quick what it meant to behave and have respect for your parents and elders.No wonder this country(USA) is in the sad sorry shape that it is today. I agree with what the bobble-head guy said about sending them off to military school, they sure needed it.
  • I think it was an awful bad movie. The acting of Philip Bolden and Ice Cube was terrible bad. Why, oh why do they make these bad movies? Ice Cube were great in xXx State of the Union. In this movie where he plays this fool, his acting doesn't come to its right. He's great in a movie with few lines and little comedy. He needs to play characters with the right to swear and do criminal things. Philip Bolden is a child actor with no talent. When he tries to look like he's crying it only looks like he can't hold himself from laughing. And when he has a line the fun of the movie stops. They should have had another actor for this part. I'm sorry that I saw the whole movie, but that's me. Can't have an opinion if I've not seen the whole movie.
  • It is always nice to see a thug rapper like Ice Cube to show his sensitive side. And he pretty much does in this warmhearted comedy. This is one of a few movies where he does not use the F word. Because he has kids of his own, and I believe he made this movie because, so he could watch it with them. The movie takes place the last week of Christmas. And carefree bachelor Nick Persons(Ice Cube) seems to have it all, a new van, manager of a sports memorabilia store. But he has one fault he hates kids. The site of any kids coming in his direction, makes him feel like growling. Until he meets divorcée Suzanne(Nia Long) with two kids. There friendship continues to grow. Then Suzanne has to go to a New Years Eve party. Nick offers to take her kids to the party. But the kids really don't like him, and they are gonna make the trip as bumpy has they can. This was funnier then Christmas With The Kranks. It was something for the whole family.
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