Ice Cube's first PG-rated movie.

Actor Ice Cube stated on Late Night with Conan O'Brien (1993) that this film was originally intended as an Adam Sandler vehicle.

According to the movie's commentary, Aleisha Allen's (Lindsey) favorite scene was the birthday party scene where her character got up on the stage and sang "R.E.S.P.E.C.T."

When Nick is asked what Suzanne's kids names are, he answers 'Theo and Rudy [Huxtable]' from The Cosby Show (1984).

While Kevin and Lindsay are in the train, Kevin asks his sister if Nick can catch them. She replies, "Maybe 10 years ago". This is a reference to Friday (1995), also starring Ice Cube and Nia Long, in which Cube's character, Craig Jones, can't keep up with Li'l Chris.

(at around 40 mins) Kevin said his mom (Nia Long) thinks Nick is better looking than Taye Diggs. Nia Long and Taye Diggs played love interests in The Best Man.

Despite the film's title, "Are We There Yet?" is only said once in the film.

The game that Kevin plays in the car is Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem (2002).

The bobble head based on Leroy 'Satchel' Paige only speaks to Nick through his conscience, which explains why no one else can hear him.

John Witherspoon was originally set to portray the voice talents of Satchel Paige, but had to drop out at the last minute due to scheduling conflicts. He was later replaced by Tracy Morgan.

Ice Cube and Nia Long both starred in another movie together, Boyz N Da Hood (1991)

This reunites Ice Cube and Nia Long for the first time since doing the movie Friday (1995) together.

Philip Bolden, who plays Kevin, interestingly enough at the time, resembled a young Ice Cube, who played Nick.

The hotel room number is "1408", which maybe is a reference to the movie "1408"

For the vomiting scene, an animatronic of Philip Daniel Bolden's likeness was created to achieve the effect of the fake vomit shooting out of its mouth. The vomit was mixed with vegetable soup, milk and Fruit Loops.

Originally Ice Cube had been offered to retake his character Anaconda (1997) in the sequel Anaconda 2 (2004) also of Columbia Pictures, this refusal to appear in the film again to be able to play Nick in this movie. However, there is a joke about the participation of Ice Cube in the Anaconda franchise because when he looks for Kevin and Lindsay his nanny tells him that they will devour him alive, a reference to Anaconda where many of the characters are eaten alive by an anaconda giant during a trip.

For the risk scenes in Nick's truck, the real actors were not used instead they were used to double the risk because many of the scenes could be dangerous for the two children's co-stars.

In the beginning, it was planned to use a real deer for the iconic combat scene, but it was almost impossible for the production to perform the scene without Ice Cube being hit, so it was used CGI animation to create the deer.

There is a television program based on this movie and its sequel: Are we there yet? (2010)

In 2007 a sequel entitled "Are We Done Yet?" where he narrates the events after Nick and Suzanne's wedding, he is moving from the city to the countryside and introducing new characters.