Jackson: I'm sorry babydoll I thought it was you. He was talkin' like you actin' like you.

Sarah: Get the fuck outta here you possessed piece of shit!

Older Jeremiah: [picks up two pieces of coal and see's faces on them] Oh, you gonna cry if you don't get what you want?

Older Jeremiah: [slams the largest piece of coal off the floor and draws on it with a red pencil] You killed your momma, look, thats blood. You killed your momma, I'm all you got left.

Older Jeremiah: [imitating Sarah while wearing her baby doll nightie] You're so beautiful, baby doll. Thank ya, honey. Daddy's sexy girl. How's my baby doll's honey pot? I know you'll love me, Jackson.

Jackson: What in the hell are you doing? Jesus Christ Jeremiah, what's gotten into you? Did your mother put you up to this? Is she home early? Sarah!

Older Jeremiah: It's me, Daddy. I'm your baby girl.

Jackson: You do look like your mother a little bit back in the day.

Older Jeremiah: [puts his thumb in his mouth seductively]

Jackson: Get your thumb out of your mouth! You know you ain't supposed to do that.

Older Jeremiah: [turns around and wiggles his butt in Jackson's face]

Jackson: There's something wrong with you, boy.

Older Jeremiah: [jumps in Jackson's lap]

Jackson: Lord, help me!

Older Jeremiah: Ain't your little girl perty?

Jackson: [offers Jeremiah his beer] You want some of this?

Older Jeremiah: Mmm hmm.

[drinks his beer and sighs heavily in Jackson's face]

Jackson: [takes the beer away] That's enough.

Older Jeremiah: Play with me. Please Daddy? Play with me.

Older Jeremiah: Its ok, I'll protect you.

Older Jeremiah: [after being caught by Sarah, eating food in a dumpster she says was poison] But... but I don't wanna die.

Sarah: You ate poison! You ate poison!

Older Jeremiah: If I die, who will watch the walls?

Sarah: You think I need you? You've done nothing but ruin everything for me. I was fine on my own until you came along. I sacrificed everything for you.

Young Jeremiah: [getting into the car after picking Jeremiah from the police station, Sarah lites up a cigarette] It's bad you smoke, my momma always says so

Sarah: Is that what she said?

[puts the cigarette out]

Sarah: there.

[blows smoke in Jeremiah's face]

Sarah: We gotta do something with your nose. Somebody fucked their slave and you've got the nose to prove it.

Older Jeremiah: Fix it please.

Sarah: [puts foundation on Jeremiah] Camoflauge it. See? I learned that in beauty school. One day I'll go back. I'll get a shot with the stars in Hollywood.

Older Jeremiah: Take me.

Sarah: Hold still. Alright, close your eyes.

[puts eyeshadow on Jeremiah]

Sarah: Look left... look right... blink... look at me.

Older Jeremiah: Can I come to Hollywood with you?

Sarah: [starts putting lipstick on Jeremiah]

Older Jeremiah: Can I come to Hollywood...?

Sarah: Hold still. You're making me late for work. I wanna leave before Jackson gets back.

[points to the mirror]

Sarah: Well?

Older Jeremiah: [stares at himself in the mirror] I'm pretty.

Sarah: What did I tell you? You were meant to be a girl.

Older Jeremiah: I know.

Sarah: [starts curling Jeremiah's hair, while Jeremiah starts messing with his lipstick] Stop doing that! Don't mess my lips!

Older Jeremiah: Sorry.

Sarah: My hair used to be blond like yours. Yours will get darker, too. We're beautiful girls, aren't we?

Older Jeremiah: Fucking crystal!