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  • i saw this film many years ago. it's about a group of old men (and a woman), who are friends & used to be radicals or activists in their youth. the film studies how they have changed over the years, & how the world has changed. this interesting little drama (completely devoid of typical Bollywood cheese)

    deserves a wider audience.
  • Sudhir Mishra's first movie and is about freedom fighters who are disillusioned by the state of affairs in the country. They wonder if this was what they all fought for in their younger days.

    Although Mishra's other movies have been well recognized by the audience, this one has just faded away. Perhaps it is because he strayed from the run-of-the-mill Bollywood formula when this was made in the late 80s.

    Deserves more credit and a must see.

    I looked around for DVDs on the web but sadly could not find any!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Three freedom fighters get together in the twilight of their lives near a college in modern India. The college is witnessing an agitation by the students against the authorities and the police for shielding a criminal, who is the son of the college's chairman.

    All three of them seem to be haunted by something terrible which happened during their youth. They are unwilling to even acknowledge the existence of that event.

    The drama that is being played in the college reaches a climax when the police raids the college violently and a few students are injured and a policeman killed. The honest student leader is the prime suspect and the police launches a hunt against him.

    As an atonement for what had happened in the past, the three old men, along with a old woman friend, who brings catharsis to them for what happened in their pasts, shelter the young college leader.

    They are unable to save his life eventually, but the very fact that they tried, strikes a poignant chord as they leave the town in a train, peaceful and strangely free of guilt.

    The film is a scathing indictment of politics and corruption in India and contrasts idealism with human frailty very gracefully.
  • Disillusioned n flawed freedom fighters & the path to redemption through contemporary situation. Loved it when watched in DD.