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  • This is a very good clone of the Power Rangers. Done very well an very well written. Now I am only saying this by Fansubs but fan subs can be very well done. The series ran 51 episodes an each episode made you want to see the next. There is a lot of stories going on in the run but we see a wide assortment of different villains. Even the bad guys have sorta a love story also. The mecha surprised me a lot with the different things each robot could do. First you see the robot then another 3 robots then there is a 5th one, then they combine to make one huge robot..then when u think there is nothing else it can do poof all new vehicles an robots an even the government gets a funky robot of their own robots then there some there.. This is a real good series to watch, an to ones eyes at first glance would say as I did..." Oh my! another PowerRangers wannabe" but I changed my mind after the first few episodes.. an hopefully so shall you.
  • sayanthpk-034486 September 2019
    I dont remember watching power rangers but clearly remember Gransazers it made childhood awesome SUPER Show
  • fatemaster200318 February 2008
    At first, I never thought there will be a show that can match the power rangers show (and other similar one). But gransazer gives me a different idea about that.

    The story is well executed, the robots are awesome, and there is a lot of surprise waiting for us to see in every episodes. Besides that, there is a love story involved in it. Not just earthlings, but also the aliens got themselves some stuff called love. This really is a movie that's worth watching.

    Try to watch it, everybody. If you declared yourself as a sentai (robot based movie) lover or a mecha (Japanese word for robot)-lover, watch this one. You won't be disappointed.

    I rate it, 10/10