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  • I was visiting my grandkids last week and after a long day of activities, and a family supper, my daughter asked me if I wanted to go down to the T.V. room and watch a movie with the kids.

    At that moment it sounded like the worst idea I had heard in a long time. I had visions of watching some 3D flying robots or some brightly colored animated ponies. So, imagine my surprise when they said they wanted to watch their Mickey Mouse movie.

    I've been around a long time and I can remember seeing Mickey shorts at the theater when I was a boy, and I had no idea that the kids today even knew who the little mouse was. In addition, I hadn't heard about any Mickey Mouse movies in a very long time, so I was intrigued to see what this movie that the kids all wanted to see was all about.

    And let me tell you I sat down on the couch with my grandkids all around me and we all laughed at Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, as they barreled through their own wacky version of the Three Musketeers tale. The girls loved the Princess Minnie most, while the boys like the swash-buckling swordplay. We all like the fun music, with the very funny words.

    I wondered if this had been some old movie that got lost in the Disney vaults, it was that good, and had such a timeless feel.

    If you want to see a nice little family film that everyone in the house can have some fun with, I recommend this new Mickey Mouse movie to you and yours with full enthusiasm.

    I'm Tex Nickle and I'm telling you that "Mickey is still Kickin'"
  • When people hear the words direct-to-video, they groan, though actually most of them aren't that bad. Two or three of them are awful, like Cinderella 2, but this one belongs up there with one of the more entertaining films.

    The animation is not that bad at all. Most of it is very colourful, though in the more sinister bits it is a little flat. I liked the songs also, with some very funny lyrics(and random in some of them)set to the works of classical composers like Beethoven and Grieg.

    The story, while not very faithful to the classic tale, is very nice, and goes at a fast pace. Although, the film could have done with being 5 to 10 minutes longer. The plot has some funny twists, with Captain Pete plotting to kidnap Princess Minnie and take over as ruler. A bit over-familiar, but it is decorated with some very funny sword fights, and a very funny scene in the opera house.

    The voice talents are top notch, especially Jim Cummings as Pete. In fact all the characters were very well-done, but the short duration didn't allow the script to fully develop.

    Anyway, despite the flaws, I really liked it, so I will award a 7/10, for the humour and the characters. Bethany Cox.
  • Cute little Disney film with Mickey, Donald and Goofy as The Three Musketeers, or is that supposed to be Mouseketeers? Ha-ha!! The plotline is about how Peg-leg Pete is trying to kidnap Princess Minnie and claim the throne for himself, with the help of the Beagle Boys, who, as I have said, steal the film. I suppose it is a combination of the way the Beagle Boys' faces are drawn mixed with the actor's voices for these roles. The film has good songs and the first song, I guess it is called The Musketeer Song is a fun little ditty. Peg-leg Pete gets quite a few laughs throughout this film. It is a film for all ages.
  • Good things about this film: Very good humour, at least one laugh every few minutes, good use of classical music for songs, good animation, sweet simple images of Versailles, good talent and a good job of Mickey and his friends! :-)

    A tortoise in the studio is very excited about his comic about the three musketeers and cannot help "singing along". When the narrator of a TV programme falls down a hole in the floor, the poor tortoise ends up taking the narrator's place and reads out his comic. He begins with Mickey Donald and Goofy struggling to survive in the gutter. Then they meet the royal musketeers...

    Good for any Mickey Mouse fan and any lover of classical music used by Disney, people who like good quality humour (both slightly slapstick and humour) and cartoon things which are CGI free!

    Enjoy "Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers! :-)

    7 and a half out of ten.
  • Everything in this movie forces you to be utterly impressed; seeing the old heroes ride - together - again, the colors, the drawings, the animation, the wit, and the songs, especially the songs. As a musical, it's very distinct. Rare to watch a movie where the melodies or the songs are from older ballet, opera, or symphony. It's like relating the past with the present, new dealing with the classics, and - most importantly - a way to make the kids, or the less caring about music viewers, know about classics, getting used to them.

    Look at the list this time: "All For One and One For All" (from Orpheus in the Underworld). "Love So Lovely (from The Nutcracker, and Romeo and Juliet Overture). "Petey's King of France" (from In the Hall of the Mountain King). "Sweet Wings of Love" (from Johann Strauss's Blue Danube). "Chains of Love" (from Carmen). "This Is The End" (from Beethoven's 5th Symphony). "L'Opera" (from The Pirates of Penzance). I wrote it as I read it in Wikipedia, since the IMDb doesn't have a full, more accurate, list of the original sources.

    Making the songs from other older works didn't give us interesting soundtrack only, it rather brought back golden ages in music, and saluted Disney's milestone Fantasia. Having that apart is a delight, so how about its colorful time too. Director (Donovan Cook) has done a perfect job. I can't see anything wrong with the movie. (David M. Evans) and (Evan Spiliotopoulos) wrote a wonderful script (loved the narrator / troubadour turtle touch in particular). Maybe old-fashioned a bit, but with some amount of fun. I don't know about you, but the movie's traditionalism did enjoy me. On one hand, the "good old" Disney's feature cartoon films are so missed since years (The Pixar effect no doubt). And on the other hand, this innocence and simplicity are forever. In a word, here.. Traditional wins!

    The nostalgic creation, concerning reusing, remixing, or reproducing classic songs or pieces of music, can be noticed through the last 15 years in movies. Remember (Everyone Says I Love You - 1996), (Moulin Rouge! - 2001), (Happy Feet - 2006), (Across the Universe - 2007), (Mamma Mia! - 2008), and obviously there was (Mickey, Donald, Goofy The Three Musketeers - 2004) in between. However, the thing to bother is that why that last one wasn't released in theaters worldwide instead of that shy, or embarrassed, V release?! According to the level of many straight-to-video movies; V could refer to "vile" more than "video" by the way!

    It could be a lot of reasons; it's an old story (AREN'T ALL OF THEM?!), it should have used some hip touches, or more action for that matter?. There was no star involved, naturally due to the signature voices of the used leads, so you can't bring (Tom Cruise) to do Goofy (or you can?!), and there weren't other characters to have stars for them in the first place. Moreover, it's a cartoon in a world that has gone graphic, having - in their makers' viewpoints of course - no chance in front of movies like (Finding Nemo) in the same year. Clearly, the look at it as pure mercantile project deterred it from owing a release. I hope it's a production matter, not a contemptuous manner which labels some heroes as outdated or old news!

    V or not, this is a great movie. It's a tribute to the classic Disney, the classic music, and the classic novel of (The Three Musketeers). Some perfumes don't drain away. And a portion of "classic" is so needed in the nasty noisy world of 2000s. It's just the feeling of sorry that I didn't, don't, and won't have the pleasure of watching it on big screen ever!
  • julcltr7 July 2009
    Well, there's nothing much to say, but I'll go ahead. This had to be one of Mickey's best direct-to-video movies put together so far. Sure, it may be short, but with Mickey Mouse, you can't go wrong. The characters are put together really well for the story, especially Mickey and Minnie (gee, they make a cute couple, don't you think?), though I wasn't too thrilled about the turtle with french accent, but, oh well. The songs were well thought out, and you can't help but laugh sometimes. I think this will score really well with your little ones and especially Disney fans at the most. R.i.p., Wayne Allwine. Nobody can replace you for Mickey's voice.
  • I picked this up from the video store not expecting much, but I really was surprised. This is sure to become an instant classic. As usual, Disney has the characterization right-on -- Mickey's the straight, normal guy, Goofy's the clumsy goofball who surprisingly has brief moments of genius, and Donald's the loudmouth with a bad temper. Pete was his usual bad self, and his scenes had me cracking up. For example, when he's preparing for a shower at the beginning, he says to himself, "I've been looking forward to this all month!" The songs are based on melodies from classical music, so they're tolerable and stick in your head afterward. Thank goodness for that, because Disney's music has slipped down the drain in the past several years. The comedy is a little slapstick at parts, but has the classical charm of the old cartoons we grew up on. However, as one reviewer said, the turtle guy at the beginning is a little boring, but the rest of the movie more than makes up for it.

    All in all, this story of three underdogs really is worth viewing. It is excellent for kids and adults will actually be able to giggle at some parts and enjoy it, especially since it is reminiscent of old Disney cartoons. I was so impressed that I had my adult brothers watch it, and they were impressed and giggled through the whole thing. This movie is proof that Disney still has the ability to make good movies and that Disney's original characters are still capable of starring in their own films. Highly recommended!
  • Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy have been appearing together in animated skits for the better part of eighty years and have gone through a number of hilarious, and sometimes touching misadventures. I personally am very fond of "Mickey's Trailer," the 1938 Technicolor short in which the three of them made a somewhat haphazard journey taking their mobile home over a mount, especially when Goofy, who was driving, left the motor running as he ran inside to get breakfast. They've also been in a lot of humorous contemporary adventures, so it is rather surprising that their first feature-length movie together is not all that impressive. It's not a bad movie, although there were some things in it I genuinely hated, and its sixty-minute length makes it easily durable, but I really wanted this movie to hit harder. I wanted more laughs, more heart, more of that wonderful sensation that great animation can give us.

    In the movie, the three mishaps stumble through predicament after predicament not as window-washers, not as locksmiths, not as painters, but as Alexandre Dumas's Three Musketeers. That is, loosely. To the movie's credit, it makes the appropriate choice of meshing the novel's 18th century setting with contemporary elements: the palace Mickey, Donald, and Goofy tend to is equipped with running water; a trio of hooded villains unsuccessfully attempt to assassinate Princess Minnie Mouse with an iron safe; Donald Duck tears off his uniform to reveal his traditional sailor attire. In the midst of their attempts to protect Minnie, the story is narrated by a singing turtle with a French accent, who stops in now and then with a few too many songs. The songs are a bold move, as they are set to the pattern of classical music. The one I liked the most was "Wings of Love," set to the Johann Strauss masterpiece "Blue Dunabe." I even got a chuckle out of a berating song toward Donald with Beethoven's Fifth thumping in the background. I was not, however, appeased by the opening and closing Musketeer themes—modeled after "Orpheus In the Underworld"—and could not stand for a second "Chains of Love" in which villainous Clarabelle Cow and affable Goofy fall instantaneously in love.

    This segues into another problem I have with the story. It does not have much heart or sense of place, because it frequently twists its plot with left-field tricks. One of the movie's lamest gimmicks regards Donald Duck. At the beginning, he's supposed to be a coward, and when faced with danger, instead of losing his famous temper, he physically transfigures from a duck into a chicken. Literally. His beak shrinks down, he grows a red plumage, and he goes "Buck-Buck!" Ignoring the fact that I personally don't like it when Goofy gets a love interest, the romance that sparks between him and Clarabelle is out-of-the-blue, underwritten, and utterly pointless. To just have him escape her by slipping on a banana peel or driving her bonkers with his usual naivety as she attempts to throw him off a bridge would have been far more effective. The chemistry between Donald Duck and Daisy Duck is absolutely nonexistent, making their finale together even more useless. These two characters have worked together very well in the past, in the cartoons, when they are given time to work and play off each other. Not here.

    But most saddening is how little is done between Mickey and Minnie. These are two of the cutest, most likable animation couples in history, and the screenplay gives them very little to do. Everything seems forced, as if the filmmakers threw it in because they were expected to. The scene where they first meet, where Mickey arrives as one of Minnie's new bodyguards, starts off charming and then slides into syrupy kitsch. They have a handful of smaller moments, but the big one in the middle still left me wanting more. As much as I liked the "Wings of Love" song, which plays behind them as they bond on a trip back to Paris, I would have preferred to see them banter and charm each other. Yes, they've been doing exactly that for more than seventy years, but that formula has not yet run out of steam. Not for me, at least.

    There were some things I did enjoy. I really liked the directing by Donovan Cook; he does a terrific job at staging his animated sequences in wide-screen. Not everything is framed as though for a square screen. The defining moment is where Peg-Leg Pete (playing, obviously, the bad guy) is told that he needs to recruit bodyguards for Minnie. He looks past her and sees our three heroes bungling as they try to wash windows. The shot is brilliantly set in extreme-wide focus, so we see everything. A lesser director would have done it comic-strip style, cutting from Pete to the Musketeers, then back to Pete, then the Musketeers, and so forth. Mr. Cook toggles between wide and close shots very deftly, and his misc en scenes I appealing. I also really liked the usual Disney animation with its plethora of glorious colors in a world that really seems alive with detail. And I did enjoy most of the movie's beginning, with our heroes dreaming about becoming musketeers.

    The second half of the movie, however, completely thuds, especially in its limp finale at an opera where the Musketeers battle with Peg-Leg Pete and the hooded figures whom I believe were modeled after the Beagle Boys from "Duck Tales." The twists and turns just do not play out well. Why, if Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are given a feature-length movie, does it have to be so brisk? Why not give them a full 90 minutes? This version of "The Three Musketeers" is not bad per se, but I really wanted something special when Mickey, Donald, and Goofy made their big-time debut together.
  • The classic Disney characters are back in their first "full-length" film! I loved this movie (and I don't even have children). The roles fit Mickey, Donald, and Goofy perfectly -- it's surprising Disney didn't do this story a long time ago. The operettic score was hilarious, especially when there's a sword fight right in the middle of the Pirates of Penzance's "Modern Major General." The story is cute, and since it takes place about 15 years after the famous D'artagnan, Aramis, Athos, and Porthos, no one can complain about Disney's creative license with the story. All the classic Disney characters are part of the cast, with one new supporting character, a tortoise who narrates the story (I like him too, he reminds me a bit of the tortoise in Disney's animated Robin Hood). However, I do have a few logistical complaints. The DVD should have had a commentary, it was poorly advertised, and it should have been a little longer if we're going to claim it as Mickey's first full-length film (it's only 60 minutes, plus 8 minutes of end titles). Also, because it was straight-to-video it has a bit of that low-budget feel to it. (On the other hand, how horrible if they had released it in theaters in CGI animation! Just in case you didn't know, Disney is no longer doing 2D animation for theater releases.)
  • Walt Disney's classic cartoon characters are back for a feature-length adventure. This hour-long direct-to-video 'toon features longtime Disney favorites Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Pluto, as well as Peg-Leg Pete and even Clarabelle Cow. These characters all started way back in the 1920s and 1930s, and it's nice to see them dusted off and brought to life on-screen these days, and not merely used to adorn merchandise.

    THE THREE MUSKETEERS (2004) is not, as one might expect, an adaptation of Alexandre Dumas's classic story (previously adapted by Disney in live-action in 1993), but is an original adventure that uses Dumas as a jumping-off point. (Mickey, Donald, and Goofy aspire to be musketeers after a childhood encounter with the Dumas heroes.) Set once upon a time in seventeenth-century France, the movie's got Mickey, Donald, and Goofy as misfit musketeers trying to protect Princess Minnie while the duplicitous Captain Pete plots to become king.

    The film is fast-paced and cartoony, with lots of gags to keep kids' attention. There's swashbuckling action and some peril, but the henchmen are as hapless as the heroes in this cartoon, so it's entirely kid-friendly stuff.

    The music is conspicuously recycled from old classical tunes and other pre-existing (public domain?) songs, including several straight-up Gilbert & Sullivan songs in the climactic scene at the opera house ("Pirates of Penzance"). It seems like a cost-cutting measure for a direct-to-video release. As this movie is clearly aimed at children, one wonders how many of them would realize that the songs are set to famous classical tunes. (And does that matter?) Maybe this will be their first time hearing the music, and they'll forever afterward think of these lyrics. But on the other hand, maybe it's a fun way to expose young audiences to classical music for the first time.

    There's an air of postmodernism about the way the film handles Disney's classic cartoon gang, to freshen them up for today's kids. For example, while scribbling "Mickey + Minnie Mouse" in her diary, a lovestruck Minnie realizes that she and Mickey have the same last name. (It's fate!) And, in another scene, Mickey confesses that he doesn't understand a word that Donald says. There's even a scene with Minnie and Daisy eating fast food in the royal carriage.

    As the three unlikely musketeers, Mickey is "too small", Donald is "too cowardly", and Goofy is "too dumb". Mickey, primarily a corporate mascot at this point in his career, is bland, bland, bland. Scaredy-cat Donald and idiot Goofy are marginally more interesting, but Pete steals the show as the fourth-wall-breaking villain. Daisy Duck is given a modernized edge as dreamer Minnie's wise and more pragmatic lady-in-waiting. Clarabelle is a henchwoman, for some reason (probably just lucky to be included), but she's got personality and is fun to watch. A French-accented turtle acts as singing narrator throughout the story, and is annoying.

    While it's encouraging to see Disney put its classic characters to use, this particular film is rather limp. The breakneck comedy seems designed to entertain antsy children, and it may well do so, but for more seasoned audiences, the gags fall flat and the "all for one" story is not very compelling.
  • Ref6514 February 2008
    Mickey,Donald and Goofy star in this cute musical as three janitors who dream of becoming musketeers because three of them saved them when they were young.When Pete is trying to steal Queen Minnie's thrown,he is hoping that his henchmen are doing a good job in kidnapping Minnie but when one fail attempt to "kidnap" Minnie(they thought they had to kill her)got in the way,Minnie wants musketeer bodyguards and Pete knows he's screwed but an idea comes to his head and he hires Mickey,Donald and,Goofy to become musketeers and protect her.But when Minnie was in a time of need when the henchmen kidnap her Donald hides only leaving Goofy and Mickey behind.Mickey and Goofy succeed but Minnie isn't safe for long....

    This a good tale on how Mickey's,Donald's and Goofy's dream come true as they go on wacky adventures and do hilarious stuff that can get them into trouble.The songs in it are good for an animated movie and the plot is perfect and goes at a good Pace.No matter what Mickey,Donald and Goofy do their friendship is never broken and they stick together in attempts to stop Pete in becoming king of France and its never too late to see this movie.This a good movie that could make your kids who are fans of Mickey Mouse to be quiet for at least an hour and a few minutes but you watch it too its great!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    *The Three SPOILERS*

    A young turtle gets the chance of his life as for a fortuitous accident, he gets to narrate a TV Special.

    The story he decides to tell is one of how Donald, Goofy and Mickey, after having been saved by the Three Musketeers as kids, made their life goal to become Musketeers themselves.

    Sadly, Captain of the Musketeers (who all look remarkably like Goofy) is none other than Pegleg Pete, who quickly deems them too chicken (Donald), too stupid (Goofy) and too short (Mickey).

    Soon after, though, he makes them Musketeers and instructs them to protect Princess Minnie and her Maid of Company Daisy.

    Why? But because he's counting on their incompetence to be able to kill the Princess and become King himself! So, to save the Princess and the Kingdom, our three will have to grow up and act quickly...

    It's an enjoyable movie, even though they over-exaggerated Donald's lack of courage. Ideal especially for kids.

    The Three Musketeers (Donald, Mickey and Goofy): 8/10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A nice Disney production with the Big 3 (Mickey, Donald and Goofy) taking the leads, interestingly Pete reprises his peg-leg from the olden days. I won't give the story here, it's basically the same as of the book -- although, of course, with a Disney touch to it. Although the animation, songs, and performances were mostly enjoyable -- Donald's depiction as a coward (who sometimes even turned into a chicken) set my mood off since he doesn't get to expose much of his hotheaded personality, which is what makes him possibly the most amusing of all Disney characters. While Pete probably gave the best performance of all in his aptly villainous persona, the rest of the characters also gave a thoroughly enjoyable performance. However, Princess Minnie could often get annoying (as usual) and the brief Clarabelle-Goofy romance side plot got kind of cheesy in comparison to the somewhat edgier mood of this film (by 'Mickey standards'). Highly recommended for kids and kid-like adults ;). RATING: 7/10.
  • Mickey,Donald and Goofy are back in this all new direct to video movie that is sure to become an instant classic. If you liked the cartoon shorts of these threesomes from the 40s and 50s, You will sure to be delighted by this charming and fun feature film. The animation team spared no effort to make this film as funny and heart warming as the original animation team under the direction of

    Walt Disney himself. A treat that will be enjoyed by the whole family.
  • It's a refreshingly short animated movie and if you are in love or like Donald, Mickey and Goofy already, you may have some plus points or head start when it comes to enjoying this, than others have. Having said that, the story should be very well known, except we throw beloved (and not so beloved, see cat) characters at it.

    The humor works, the quirks of the characters is there. You get some music and singing too, which may qualify this as musical to some (for better or worse). Animation is ok, jokes are decent too. Nothing too surprising but solid overall
  • Not surprisingly, this movie is mostly made for kids with a fluffy, predictable story and lots of slapstick action. Yet it doesn't have a childish tone, and the characters are likable. Some of the humor is more for the adults as it would go over the kids' heads-not that it's mature. The best feature is definitely the beautiful animation.

    No it's not revolutionary, but it's good entertainment for anyone.
  • Bored_Dragon4 December 2017
    Everlasting war between fans of DC and Marvel universes sucked me in pointless thinking of which one is better for a while. I don't know who's better, but I know that both can kiss Disney's ass. As a kid I was comic-books fan. There were superhero comics mentioned above, than Il Grande Blek, Za-Gor-Te-Nay, Martin Mystery, Dylan Dog and bunch of others. I gave up on comics long time ago and the only one I still cherish is unsurpassed Alan Ford. But as a child, I did not rejoice in anything as much as I rejoiced Mickey and company.

    Mickey, Donald and Goofy, as three musketeers, are saving princess, followed by original lyrics written on the famous compositions of legends of classical music. I don't know why I decided to watch this at all. I suppose I wanted to take a look at how Mickey looks like nowadays and turn it off in a few minutes, but I ended up watching it till the end with a smile from ear to ear. And to be honest, I didn't feel so cheerful for a long time. Disney forever <3

  • I admit that I'm not much for direct to video Disney movies. Of course, this isn't technically a sequel of any kind, but an original idea altogether. While by no means a great movie, I actually enjoyed this film! I think the best thing about it is probably the length. I was surprised at how short it was, but I thought that really worked out well. I mean, it was basically nothing but a feature length Mickey Mouse cartoon, so it made sense it wasn't too long. Another thing I admired was how good the animation was. I mean, this is much better than most cheesy direct to video stuff.

    Having just seen that stupid "Space Buddies" movie, maybe my standards weren't that high. It really is faithful to the original Disney cartoons. I remember Leonard Maltin talking about how impressed he was by a direct to video Disney movie and for the most part, I agree with him. I will admit there were problems. For some reason, Donald kept turning into a chicken. That was really weird and distracting. The Goofy holler might have been used too much. I still liked the slapstick and it helps that I'm such a sucker for romance. Heck, Mickey Mouse romance was actually one of my first introductions to the genre as a kid! So yeah, give this movie a chance! I recognized Jim Cummings' voice. ***
  • When it comes to breaking the 4th wall, nothing makes me laugh harder. It's one of the reasons Deadpool is my favourite comic book character, and it's one of the reasons I like this movie.

    It's an interesting plot, with some really well done animation for a straight to DVD release. I love how they fixed the age old problem I've had with hand drawn animation. Remember how in old cartoons the background would be painted with watercolours and the characters painted with ink and you'd also be able to know when a character would pick and object up because it to would be painted with ink. They solve that problem in this movie....finally.

    This film may seem a bit too kid friendly but trust me when I say there are some jokes that'll get a laugh out of adults too. Nothing to crude but still clever enough to work.

    The voice acting is great and the songs are clever. Taking classic music from the era and adding words and lyrics to them works. At one point the turtle sings a song that is classic Beethoven which is one of the funnier songs.

    The Beagle Boys steal the show in this one, pretty much every joke they have nails it and will make both adults and kids laugh. Pete also has a few to his own "why'd the music stop?" still makes me smile. The constant stretching or breaking of the 4th wall is what makes this movie likable. These are characters that know they are cartoons and that some of the things that happen in the cartoons are bizarre.

    Not a bad movie check it out.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is based on the old story of the 3 musketeers and Mickey, Donald and Goofy are those musketeers. In this movie it is their mission to protect the kingdom of which Queen Minnie rules. Also as always Mickey steals Minnie's heart and they are still the best fictional couple ever. Donald and Daisy make a great couple in this too and Goofy has Clarabelle the Cow. Of course Clarabelle was a villain in this until Goofy steals her heart. As always in this Mickey cartoons Pete is the main villain and plans to kidnap Minnie and take over the kingdom, but Mickey, Donald and Goofy stand in his way and save the kingdom. Mickey, Donald and Goofy make very fine heroes at the end of this and everyone lives happily ever after, except for Pete of course. Of course you know that in the old Disney Channel show Goof Troop he has a wife named Peg and a son named PJ who also appears in a Goofy Movie. This Mickey movie is definitely worth watching.
  • I love Mickey, Donald, and Goofy ever since I was born I even remember as Mickey Mouse was the first cartoon I ever watched then Bugs Bunny and I am happy they made a full length movie for these guys finally and I hope they make more so Mickey, Donald, and Goofy can last forever in our hearts and the ones in the future...Without Mickey Mouse the world wouldn't be that much fun without them I wish they made more Mickey Mouse cartoon shows I hope some day they will


    Walt Disney R.I.P (Thank you for bringing us Mickey and many other good films like "Mary Poppins" And "Lady And The Tramp")
  • Prismark107 February 2014
    Overlong Disney cheapquel made for DVD and based on the Dumas tale, The Three Musketeers.

    Mickey, Donald and Goofy are the Musketeers wannabees in a film where there is spirited use of music but little else.

    The movie opens with a narrating turtle where our three aspiring heroes plus Pluto are street urchins robbed by masked bandits and saved by the Royal Musketeers who they now want to emulate.

    They work as janitors in the palace, dreaming of becoming musketeers but each have flaws. Donald is cowardly, Goofy is goofy and Mickey is too small.

    Minnie Mouse is the Princess of France but Captain Pete has plans to take over the kingdom and our hapless trio spring into action.

    There is very little spark or wit in the film. You know it's not too good when my son started playing with his Nintendo handheld when watching it on TV.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    all for one and one for all. definitely. this is one of my favorite Disney full length animated classics. this film is a true treasure in the Disney archives library and an immediate and instant classic for many reasons. it's too bad it's underestimated by Disney buffs.

    for one thing, i'm not just a Disney fan, i'm a Mickey Mouse fan. i truly love the little guy (or rodent), i have for as long as i can remember. i love cartoon characters, but for me, Mickey is the best. any film that showcases the mouse in this way, is big plus in my book.

    this is Mickey's only full length feature for another thing. the outstanding 'Prince and the Pauper' and the amusing 'Mickey's Christmas Carol' were only short features and his 'Sorcerer's Apprentice' is only a segment of 'Fantasia'. this is Mickey's first true full length role and it's obvious they went all out for this film in terms of concept, story and animation. not to forget it's charming and modest little musical score.

    even though the "mouse" is only a cartoon drawing, he has always been one of my favorite actors and entertainers in Hollywood and cinema. unlike other animated characters that are really just gag buffoons, Mickey has done roles that require real performing talent. he does things that other characters or even many live actors don't do. Mickey conducts the symphony, plays piano, does magic and dances better than most actor/dancers in the industry. in his role as a Musketeer, Mickey even fences in classic Errol Flynn style.

    'Musketeers' is said to have been in production since the 1980's and the concept goes all the way back to Walt in the 1930's. if that's the case it shows. i can't think of a Disney animated feature that is better executed and planned and is so very much Disney.

    i love absolutely everything about this movie. it's just great and one of my favorite Disney film experiences. Mickey couldn't have asked for a better star vehicle to showcase his talent. this is a wonderful looking animated film, and Mickey certainly deserves the best.
  • I have grown up with Disney all my life, and as a kid, I loved Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy; along with all the wacky scenarios they would get themselves into. This movie, however, is the weakest thing I have ever seen these classic characters in. The animation may be good, but the film falls flat on its face. Allow me to explain.

    The jokes can go from kind of funny to outright repetitive and aggravating. The characters will reinstate one joke a couple of times and the way they're presented is flat out lazy. Donald and Goofy themselves are completely out of character.

    Donald acts like the Cowardly Lion from "The Wizard of Oz" and Goofy has the personality equivalent of Modern Patrick Star, if you were to put that version of the "SpongeBob" character in a Disney movie. The only characters that had some likability were Mickey, Minnie, Clarabelle, Daisy, and even Pete. The rest of them are absolutely annoying.

    The songs are so-so, for the most part, but some of them are barely original. They use classic tunes and just throw a bunch of nonsensical lyrics onto them. The story feels more like a parody of "The Three Musketeers" rather than a loose adaptation as well, and I forgot to mention this, but some of the jokes feel like blatant pop culture references than attempts to make the audience laugh. Sometimes, they don't try to be subtle.

    This movie is not terrible, but it's not great, either. In my opinion, like the title of this review states, it's dull as dishwater. This could've been a funny, entertaining film for all ages, but from start to finish, it's a complete bore fest.
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