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  • I (like most other people my own age) grew up with the original Power Rangers series and lost interest soon after Zeo, when Tommy and the rest of them left. I came back into it a few times over the years, when my younger brothers got into it as all kids do, but overall, it faded into my childhood and I always dismissed it as something that couldn't truly be enjoyed by someone older than 5 years old.

    I found out recently that Jason David Frank (the legendary green, white and red Ranger from the first five seasons) returned as the 'mentor' character in Power Rangers: Dino Thunder. I decided to check out an episode, purely for the entertainment value of getting to see my old favourite get back into action. Funnily enough, I found myself enjoying it more than I thought I would and between downloads and DVDs, I ended up acquiring nearly a third of the whole series.

    My thoughts? Well, it's still pretty silly. All of the exaggerated motions, the over-acting and the campiness one would expect from a Power Rangers show is all present, but for some reason it's toned down immensely. The main villain Mesogog, is dead-serious and so is his henchman Zeltrax. Neither of these characters are ever viewed as comic relief. Also, the Rangers are more three-dimensional than ever before. Instead of being a group of pure, wholesome best friends that constantly get straight As, the three main Rangers are a group of misfits: the jock, the alternative singer and the neurotic geek. The show actually shows them develop into true friends and better people over the course of thirty or so episodes, something that would be unheard of in the one-dimensionality of earlier series'.

    The return of Tommy Oliver to the Power Rangers universe is just the icing on the cake. If this show wasn't as good as it was, it wouldn't have worked as well, but luckily, this was the perfect show to have Tommy come back to guide a new team. Tommy's character is slightly darker than the wholesome, gushy character we saw years ago. Tommy is well-versed in the kind of trials and tribulations that Power Rangers face, so he acts as a teacher to the younger, newer Rangers. Then of course, to please the fans, Tommy gets his own morpher and Powers early on in the series and becomes the Black Ranger (as cool as he's ever been).

    The acting is somewhat above-par from what you'd usually expect from a Power Rangers show, but that's not to say that it's in any way decent. Frank plays the part he played for years well enough, Emma Lahana is fine as the spunky chick and Kevin Duhaney makes a decent nerd. Unfortunately, James Napier isn't exactly stellar as Connor McKnight and the Australian actor's American accent is horrible. It's as if he watched a western once, years ago, and based his accent off that. Throughout the series, evidence of his true heritage pops out blatantly in mid-speech, to the point where one wonders why he even bothers trying with the accent.

    Overall, this series is a lot of fun and isn't nearly as garish and offensive as other Power Ranger incarnations. Definitely one for all the family to watch.
  • I had nothing but good things to say about this Power Rangers series.

    I'll admit that the first two episodes confused me, and that the White Ranger spell kind of wore on too long... but otherwise, this was cool.

    It was also great seeing Tommy back in action... one of the originals for those of you that have never seen the show.

    Every single episode was just so well-done. What more can I say?

    I'll tell ya something else: gotta love Kira's songs and that opening theme!

    And as for ranger team-ups and endings: some of the best, I think it sums it up nicely.

    10 out of 10 in this veteran Power Ranger fan's opinion.
  • I was a huge fan of the original MIGHTY MORPHIN' POWER RANGERS and all of its follow-ups when I was younger, but I stopped watching the show after POWER RANGERS IN SPACE. One day this year, I was watching TV and a commercial came on for a new POWER RANGERS show. I have to admit it looked pretty cool, but what really caught my attention was seeing Jason David Frank, aged 7 years since he was last in a POWER RANGERS series, making a return to television to play Dr. Thomas Oliver. "Tommy," as I will always remember him, was a fan-favorite and the leader of the older POWER RANGERS teams. I was curious about this show, so I watched the premiere, and it was a great show. The next episode was a clip show comemmorating the Power Rangers 500th episode! Anyway, I started to watch the show, and it turned out to be a very well-done show. It also made me feel very "nostalgic" after watching myself wake up early on a Saturday morning to catch the newest episode of POWER RANGERS. POWER RANGERS DINO THUNDER is a great show, but not as good as the original MIGHTY MORPHIN' POWER RANGERS.
  • I stopped watching Power Rangers when I was 11 or 12, and it became Zeo Power Rangers. The return of Tommy and the dinosaurs zords, I have new found love of it. I admit I'm somewhat embarrassed by my newly rediscovery of my love of Power Rangers at the age of 19. However, I love getting to relive my childhood.
  • I've seen episodes of Abaranger before Dino Thunder premiered and I wondered how Dino Thunder was going to be like Americanized. And after hearing that Tommy (Jason David Frank) one of the greatest rangers ever was going to be in it, I was really excited and looking forward for the premiere. Dino Thunder has gotten off on an amazing start. It's greatly remixing dinosaur concept and putting its own rhythm to it making a great story. Tommy is back as the black ranger and teacher to the three new rangers and possesses stealth powers. The new rangers are awesome as well. Connor the red ranger (James Napier) is a proficient Soccer Player and has incredible speed powers. Ethan the blue ranger (Kevin Duhaney) is a expert gamer and has the power to activated a special dino skin shield. And Kira the yellow ranger (the beautiful and cute Emma Lahana) is a talented musician and has the power to emit powerful scream waves. I've seen pictures of the white dino thunder ranger and the Triassic ranger and they look awesome, can't wait to seem them on the show. Hayley (Islay Johnston) is a great ally to the ranger, and cute as well! There are also funny characters as well. Like Cassidy Cornell (Katrina Devine) as Reefside High's school reporter. It's cool to see Katrina Devine in another ranger series after she was in Power Rangers Ninja Storm. The villains are great as well; Mesogog has the quiet evil, which makes him scarier and more threatening. Elsa is pretty treacherous as well like Scorpina from Mighty Morphing, Trakeena from Lost Galaxy, Nadira from Time Force, and Toxica from Wild Force. Dino Thunder is truly a great series and has such a strong connection to the Power Rangers history. It has a great story, awesome fight sequences, and amazing Zords. A promising new series indeed.
  • if any Ranger Fan is looking for a Great Power Rangers Season like Time Force, In Space, RPM this is for all the MMPR Fans

    Dino Thunder is Everything a Ranger Fan Could Ask For Much Better Than MMPR Season 3 and Lightspeed Rescue and Ninja Strom

    the Theme Song was Epic, The Zords are Awesome, Tommy is Back on This Season and hes still the best ranger of all time

    Dino Thunder has a great Selection Of Episodes like "the Passion of Conner" and "White Thunder" Parts 1 - 3

    "Fighting Spirit" is another Tommy centered classic that features him fighting his previous ranger incarnations (sans Red Turbo).

    Then of course, there's "Thunder Storm", Parts 1 and 2, the first crossover episode since Wild Force and it's definitely one of the best! Some great fights, both unmorphed and morphed as well as it's refreshing to see two ranger teams fight each other before the team up.

    If the season had any weakness it would be Cassidy and Devin, the Bulk and Skull of the season (there a little bit annoying than Marah and Kapri), The Jokes are a Bit Corny.

    the season finale, "Thunder Struck", Parts 1 and 2 is pretty Epic. There are some awesome moments throughout Part 1, especially Conner's fight with the Tyrannodrones on top of a truck but the final fight with Mesogog left so much to be desired, especially considering how strong of a villain he was but it's still an action packed episode and like all great shows it finished on a song.

    Dino Thunder was a HUGE step up from Ninja Storm, with the writers giving us a dark yet fun year for the franchise. The writing was fresh and engaging, Tommy made for a great mentor, and the characters were really fleshed out nicely! Still couldn't get use to the CGI zords but the Dinozords had their moments. Overall, great season, definitely what the fans make it out to be!

    Way Better than Lightspeed Rescue&Samurai/Super Samurai
  • Pretty bad to admit this, but my daughter and I used to watch the original Power Rangers together. We quit watching Power Rangers after Zeo Rangers because none of the other actors or story lines really captured our interest. Recently, when I had free time early in the morning, I happened to be going through the channels for something to do and saw an episode of DinoThunder with Jason Frank in it. Well, of course I told my daughter(16), and she wanted to see it and asked me to tape it. Now we tape it every morning to watch together at night. We like DinoThunder, but the original Power Rangers was the best. Actually, I don't know if I should be happy or sad for J.D.F. It's great he's back as a Power Ranger, but in something like 10 years in acting he's -still- a Power Ranger! Poor guy, isn't there something meatier for him!
  • I stopped watching Power Rangers after Power Rangers In Space, and totally forgot about the show. Then I came across the new series, Dino Thunder, and I began watching it again, basically because of Tommy returning! Tommy is now a high school science teacher, and has given three students of his, Connor, Ethan and Kira, Dino Gems, which turns them into Power Rangers. Connor is the leader and knucklehead of the group, Ethan is a computer genius and video game freak, and Kira is sort of an outsider and a good singer. Tommy later gets himself a Dino Gem of his own, making him the Black Dino Power Ranger! Now, this new team of Power Rangers must stop the evil Mesogog and his henchmen from taking over the world! Score: *****/*****
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Now by this time I was out of Power Rangers the last series I watch in full was "Power Rangers In Space". I fell out of Power Rangers for a lot of reasons.

    But out of boredom I thought I would check out Power Rangers Dino Thunder. Turn out to be a interesting series and take of the Power Ranger Series. Plus it was interesting to have Jason David Frank return as Tommy the former Green and White Ranger.

    The Power Rangers Dino Thunder Team: Conner McKnight, the Red Dino Ranger and Triassic Ranger (James Napier) Ethan James, the Blue Dino Ranger (Kevin Duhaney) Kira Ford, the Yellow Dino Ranger (Emma Lahana). These three started off as the first team of Rangers they are later join by Dr. Tommy Oliver, the Black Dino Ranger (Jason David Frank) and Trent Fernandez, the White Dino Ranger (Jeffrey Parazzo) who original started off as evil before reform and joins the Rangers.

    They must battle against Mesogog (Latham Gaines) the main antagonist along with his minions Elsa (Miriama Smith) Zeltrax (Voiced by James Gaylyn) and with the help for a few episodes from evil White Dino Ranger Clone (Voiced by Adam Gardiner). Mesogog plot is to return the Earth to the days of the Dinosaurs and it is up to the Power Rangers to stop him. At times they also get help from Hayley Zikto (Ismay Johnston)

    Some of my favorite episodes are "Day of the Dino", "Wave Goodbye", "Legacy of Power", "Back in Black", "White Thunder" "Truth and Consequences", "Burning at Both Ends","The Missing Bone", "Fighting Spirit", "Thunder Storm", "In Your Dreams", "Thunder Struck"

    The series provide that same feel that the original Power Rangers Series had and this one actually had some good characters. Also the fight scenes were pretty intense and well thought out also unexpected at times as well.

    Power Rangers Dino Thunder just bring something to the table to make it a hit with fans of the series. So if you're a long time fan of Power Rangers check out Power Rangers Dino Thunder you'll be surprise by this series.
  • jwoollard2124 February 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    Now, I grew up on the original power rangers, and I loved it, however after Tommy (the last standing member of the original rangers) left, I just couldn't get into the show anymore. It just didn't feel right and after Power rangers space it just didn't seem to make sense anymore. At least between Mighty Morphin and Space they found a way to link them together. But after saying goodbye to all the original's as well as having Zordon destroyed, I just completely lost interest and between then and now I've watched only a handful of episodes. But then my daughter took after her mother and found a love for power rangers SPD showing on a children's channel along side Power rangers Wild Force, I wasn't overly keen on them but she loved them...then they began showing Dino Thunder. I was skeptical at first but naturally my daughter demanded we watched it! I could barely contain my excitement seeing my childhood hero on screen in the Power rangers once again. I felt like I was that little five year old again glued to the TV watching my hero's. And as the show went on I loved it even more, especially when Tommy once again became a ranger. Unlike the other Power rangers it seemed to be a bit more true to it's roots then other series. And when I found out they where originally going to get Jason back, I was so glad they decided to get Tommy instead, after all, Jason A; didn't last that long, B; Tommy was always the true leader (Don't get me wrong, I loved Jason) so it only makes sense to have Tommy come back as the mentor and teacher to a group of brand new rangers and once again resume his role as leader. And the fact they chose to have an evil white ranger was brilliant, after all, that's how Tommy started! The episode where they showed Tommy's video diary of the rangers up to that point was Also amazing! I now find myself re watching it on the wonders of Netflix and still love it! One of my favourite lines is 'I may be old, but I can still pull it off'...and that he can :D! The only things I would of changed is, A; I would of made a second season or more episodes (because lets face it, you can never have too much of Mr Frank!) B;They lead us to believe Tommy had gone off and married Kat, so it would of been nice to either have that confirmed or have a short explanation on what happened. And finally C; I would of had Tommy NOT marry Kat and start something with Hayley, I think they'd make an adorable couple personally! Over all it's brilliant and if you haven't seen it yet...You need to! And future power rangers need to incorporate the original rangers in some where, even if it's just a small part of an episode, after all, it's where it all began!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This could have easily been a two season title. It had action, suspense, conflict, and main character growth and interaction. save for a few choppy action sequences all of the above were stronger than I've seen in these series before. (I watched MMPR thru time force for those who want to know.)They didn't exactly start out with everyone being best friends; The main characters started out as strangers and became friends, I guess, over time.

    To me this is the best since space. I may have watched lost galaxy and rescue but not with such enthusiasm as I watched this. evil white ranger was awesome and Tommy's return, both to the show and as a ranger (two separate episodes: well done) was skillfully executed. the dialog was above par and hilarious in some points. I particularly like the line "good guys don't wear white". He apparently forgot that Tommy was a Good white ranger. But that's a very minor goof.

    The problem is that none of the plot lines or, really, the characters were given ample room to develop. There were many unanswered questions and nothing leading up to the revelations, which is something even lightspeed rescue had: hints and a backline.

    Now that being said let me ask a question: was there a reason plot points of an episode were revealed in the opening credits of the episode? the opening credits are at the beginning; they shouldn't have shown who the alter-egos were (elsa/randall etc) until the next episode after it was revealed in the show.

    Why has every single title since MMPR only lasted one season? Is that some kind of un-written rule? Space was awesome and I was sad to see it go but it had run it's course. this felt rushed and absolutely cut short before it's time. poor job on that.
  • Before they made such a big deal out of everything. It took three episodes for the evil white ranger to just hang around there, and at the very end, it seems like everything was rushed. I thought I'd give this series a chance because Jason David Frank was coming back, but Ninja Storm owns Dino Thunder. The whole idea's good, but they just didn't think too much on how they were going to carry everything out. They had plenty of ideas to work with... including the Triassic Ranger, Triassic Battlizer (who has an attack that is like a spin off of the Ninja Storm Red Battlizer), and even the Blue Ranger's motorcycle upgrade (which is a sort of spin off of Crimson Thunder Ranger's motorcycle). Unless the last few episodes are really worth while, Dino Thunder is officially trash.
  • I grew up watching power rangers in the Disney era, I used to think Operation Overdrive was the best when I was younger. I've watch a episode of Dino Thunder before when I was little, I thought it was cool. I've recently watched this on Netflix and I have to say wow, I'm currently 16 right now and I never thought I'll watch the whole season (because I lost interest) until I reached to the final episode. I think the costume design is great, great music, great cast, good characters and great story line (I used a lot of greats in the sentence). Overall I think it's the best Power Rangers season I've watch and nothing can compare it. I've recently finish SPD as well and I'm currently watching Time Force at this time. Again great season
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I haven't seen all of them,so I guess I'm a bad fan.But I was thankfully brought back to the generations to Dino Thunder.So next to Time Force,In Space and Mighty Morphin,It's one of the best! Plot:A soccer star(Conner),a computer nerd(Ethan),a singer(Kira),an artist(Trent)and a paleontologist(the famous Tommy Oliver) join forces and become the dino rangers.

    I honestly love this,because it has great monsters,a good villain and the perfect evil ranger.The costumes are great,the morphers are nice,the weapons are also good and the zords are fantastic.Dino Thunder has such a great atmosphere to is as well.Despite having good characters,it also has other good allies.Two are Cassidy and Devin.Cassidey is a girl from the high school the rangers go to,and the one Tommy teaches.She wants to be rich and famous,and a reporter and her main task is to get footage or find out who the rangers are.Devin is Cassiedy's friend and her cameraman.Devin is a very funny character,because of the tension he builds with the 'proof' of who the rangers are.Devin is a very likable character.Then there is Hayley.Hayley is one of Tommy's friends and helps the rangers out when they need it.She is also the mechanic that helps them build things they need like Atvs and the zords(I think she helped with the zords) I'd go on,but I want to leave the rest to you to see for yourself.
  • caitxrawks15 February 2004
    I actually stopped liking Power Rangers when I was around 9 years old, back when they started adding all the new series. So, saying that, I just think it's awesome that they brought Tommy back. I never liked him as the Green/White Ranger (he took over Jason's spot as leader >.<). But seeing him again reminds me of the good ol' days. Also! I'm a huge fan of NZ TV shows, especially The Tribe. James Napier, one of the hottest men on earth if I do say so myself, plays the red ranger. I think that's awesome *squeals* Well anyway, just wanted to clarify that, lol. See ya!