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  • I never took Salman seriously prior to this movie, but I was in for a big surprise. The movie is well directed and the characters are well defined, but the romance between the principle characters has been kept to a minimum. Salman Khan has done a great job with such a complex character and deserved all the awards that year. One can't imagine another actor after seeing his performance. I have turned into a loyal Salman Khan fan ever since I left the theatre. The movie has great music. Apart from him the movie has great performance by Sarfaraz Khan and Sachin Khedekar.

    A must watch! Tere Naam
  • ro-rao200710 April 2008
    Boy, those who thought that Salman Khan could not act are sadly mistaken. Salman Khan is truly one of the best there are in the industry. This movie had no famous star except for Salman. Unlike other movies that require more than just one star, this movie was still a blockbuster. Salman deserved a Best actor award, not a daddy's boy like Hrithik who only gets good roles from his dad. He is far better than actors like Abhishek, the overrated Shahrukh, and Hrithik. He gave such a fierce performance. Everybody else also acted so well. It was unexpected. The movie is the best movie movie of 2003, except Koi Mil Gaya and Kal Ho Na Ho.
  • You have to get through the first half of the movie (with the awful hair, nasty attitude, and scared girl) to appreciate the second half, for it's in the second half that Salman Khan proves he can act.

    And I must confess, this was a pleasant surprise! I'm used to Salman Khan playing men you love to hate (or is it just him?) He always seems to be looking for an excuse to take off his shirt. But in the second half of Tere Naam, his character's pain is palpable, and you genuinely care what happens.

    Now, let's hope Salman Khan will begin to get more mature scripts, so he can show his acting skills all through a movie.

    The female lead (Bhumika)does a very good job of playing the shy, obiedient girl.

    All in all, 7 out of 10. Worth seeing.
  • What can i say, i am 23 years old man and i cry every time i see the movie!!!! I wonder every time i watch this movie that can someone love someone so much that their separation can drive one person to live like insane for the rest of his life even when hes not insane!!!

    i wish i could be like that!! I wish i could love someone the way Radhe did!!!! But i also wish that no one should have to go through what Radhe went through.

    People who haven't seen this movie, watch it. Don't be put be off the the initial 15 minutes, this movie is worth waiting for over 2 hours and watching it!!!

    Who says Salman Khan cant act!!!!!!!???????? This movie and his performance in this movies has proved that Salman Khan is a wonderful actor. All these years, he really never had an proper opportunity to show his capabilities. In this movie he did and did it very well.

    THe music in the movie is just divine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The performances of Radhe's brother and sister in law, the Muslim friend, the beggar girl, the priest and the leading actress were all outstanding. Although i myself was put off in the beginning by the low production values, which were quite obvious in the cinematography quality, i ended up crying. And a movie which can move someone like that has to be a good movie but this wasn't a good movie.................,

    this was a brilliant movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This is a kind of movie bollywood needs to make more often. Everything about this movie is just outstanding. Its an excellent story about a spoiled guy who falls in love with a very innocent girl and how this relationship changes him and their lives. This might sound like 100's of other stories out there but it isn't. This is a story for a mature and sensible people. It will touch your heart just right. Actors have done a great job too. Salman Khan has never acted this good and Bhoomika Chawla innocent face suits her role perfectly. I would really recommend everyone to watch this movie. Thanks
  • Happened to watch this movie when it was aired on TV.

    Normally I pass off Salman as a spoilt-brat of Bollywood with no talent what-so-ever except for penchant for showing off his well-tones muscles. But Tere Naam proves otherwise, and hey guys - this dude can really act.

    Salman get into the skin of the character as rebellious aimless youth who frequently gets involved in dog-fights. He meets Bhumika Chawla and immediately falls for her demure innocent nature. The rest of the movie is tale of their love and what future had in store for them.

    The story is pretty good and manages to captivate the interest of the audience. A few coincidences and mishaps shown could have been done away with.

    Friendship between Salman and his friends is quite natural and remind you of your bunch of friends during college/ hostel days.

    Salman has done commendable job in emotional scenes which make you wonder if he was really acting or being one-self. Sachin Khedekar delivers a good performance. Bhumika Chawla suits the role to the "T" playing the girl next door hailing from higher caste.

    The beliefs, life-style, the dogma and the hypocrisy of the higher caste is portrayed with substantial element of reality.

    Songs are quite hummable.

    The hype of being a true story of Salman-Aishwarya was just a publicity gimmick, otherwise the movie is a remake of Tamil film Sethu.

    A commercial movie with tones of parallel cinema.
  • No doubt this is a great Movie. in these three years, i have seen it hundred times and most often or not i have wept. forget movie even the song tere naam is reflecting so much pain that i just cant control my tears every time i hear it. salmaan has depicted the pain of a separated/lost lover to a unbelievably true level. the things he tries to woo the girl are not filmy. they are real. the dialogues are very simple and true . in fact i wont even called them dialogues, they are real conversion ..The first time i saw this movie i was stunned. i would definitely rate this as salmaans best performance . and request everybody to go and watch it in a hall if they can... wonder if a sequel could be made ... Hats off to sallu bhai!!!
  • This movie is about what love can do to you: drive you crazy, drive you mad, drive you to change your life around.

    I had never been a big Salman Kahn fan, but this movie definitely proves he can act.

    The movie revolves around the effect a priest's daughter has on the local thug around town.

    There are some really beautiful moments, the best being towards the end of the film. The music is wonderful and Udit's beautiful voice is haunting, especially in the song Tere Naam (Sad).

    Definitely check this movie out. You won't be disappointed.
  • hellisotherpeople22 October 2004
    Warning: Spoilers
    After being put off by Salman's hair in promos,i delayed watching this movie for almost a year!! What a mistake..

    Tere Naam was certainly one of the most enjoyable movies of recent times.. and I have gone from a Salman hater to Salman tolerator..


    What an unexpectedly amazing performance. Salman's portrayal of an emotionally tormented lover was without a doubt his best work thus far. There are certain scenes where his desperation, pain and helplessness is almost palpable. He certainly seems to have tapped into some hitherto unseen reserves of acting talent to come up with his performance. Or maybe he just channeled the demons from his personal life.

    And the hair, ah the hair.. I actually liked it ( after I got over the initial annoyance). I think it is gutsy of Salman to actually look THAT different from his usual chocolate boy looks. It fit in with his rebellious, good for nothing character.

    Bhoomika was a perfect foil for Salman. I could totally buy why Salman's character would fall for her.Her innocence and freshness is very appealing.The lead players had GREAT on screen chemistry.

    I think the friendship shown between Salman's group of friends was very real too.. nothing saccharine about it.

    I loved the story /screenplay and direction. Definitely different.

    Add in the awesome soundtrack, all in all, 3 hours well spent.
  • D M30 June 2007
    Salman is impressive in an out of character performance, but this might be the most depressing Hindi film I've ever seen. Makes Veer-Zaara seem absolutely jovial. However, it is definitely worth viewing, the songs are excellent, great cinematography and a powerful performance by Salman Khan. 8 out of 10

    On the DVD case, under the title, it states, "Unfortunately based on a true-story" but at the end of the movie the typical disclaimer appears stating, "all of the depicted events are fictitious and not based on any real person living or dead etceteraÂ…. . . .

  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was the best movie I have ever seen. Not only was the acting the most supremely excellent of its kind, the songs were pensive yet fun to watch. Salman Khan gives an excellent performance portraying the character Radhe Mohan who in the beginning is a rough menace and makes a transition into a caring loving person after he falls in love with the priests' daughter, Nirjara. The only problem is that Nirjara fears Radhe because of his old habits. Being the priests' daughter, she does not approve of his violent nature. With these twists and turns you are captivated into the story of two different worlds brought together by love. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes the mixture of music, wonderful acting and of course love.
  • MovieInspector31 December 2010
    This film tells one of the best love stories of the decade, and it is great just because of the story. I'll start off with the performances.

    Salman Khan is awesome; his role in this movie is perfect for him. He, as others have said, proves his acting ability to any doubters. He actually proved it in his debut role in Maine Pyar Kiya (1989) for which he won filmfare best male debut and was nominated at the same time for filmfare best actor. The film introduces Bhoomika Chawla who gives a solid performance in this movie - so solid that one would be surprised that she didn't achieve more after this film. Actors in supporting roles also did a great job in making this a great film.

    The film's music is great; hats off to Himesh Reshammiya. I can't say which are the best tracks because they're all good.

    Verdict: don't miss this one; they don't make films like this anymore. I give it 9.5/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really liked this movie because it has a different storyline...The movie deserves to be appreciated by the audience..Tere Naam is about a guy who revolves in fighting with other gang member..

    The movie tells a story about Salman who likes to show off and hang around with his friends, although he has already passed his course in college, meaning he has left college, but still for no specific reason he sits on the platform with his friends..Salman's brother is fed up with Salman because of his attitude towards his enemies, and for involving in a fight for no specific reason..Salman doesn't care what his brother thinks of him, and continues to waste time by sitting on the platform with his friends..

    One fine day he meets a girl called 'Nirgira' (Bhoomika Chawla)and he falls in love with her..He tells him to come here and then Salman asks her 'What course are you studying'...she replies 'BA Pass Course' ... Salman and his friends laugh ..

    One day in a train Salman gets shouted by bhoomika...and she calls him a gunda..salman cannot tolerate this and cries..

    One day he kidnaps bhoomika and shows his anger towards her when bhoomika gets a chance to escape but salman stops her and tries to punch/slap her..then he screams at her ...after a while they both become lovers..

    After the 'Odhni' song has finished, salman is riding his motor cycle, and the motor cycle accidentally hits a jeep..Some gang members kick punch salman .. salman fights them in order to defend them and protect himself from these gang members..The action builds up, and then salman gets hit by a dagger on his head, and then they hit his head towards a part of a train which is made out of metal...he gets wounded and bruised, and then he is sent to a hospital where the doctor tells his mum and brother that he is no longer normal meaning that he can't move, listen or talk..he is then sent to a mental hospital where he is tied to the wall...The second half of this film provides a sourful and depressing mood of the person feeling the pain for both salman and bhoomika having a miserable life..

    In the climax when he escapes, the background music that is running is excellent and when he gets to his destination he finds bhoomika dead..he then goes back to mental hospital where he belonged because he felt that without bhoomika he will not be able to live even with his family..

    Salman performs really well, and this might be his best performance till date...Salman had the capability to play his role easily though if you compare his performance with Shahrukh's Josh then I think that Shahrukh played his role better than Salman in tere naam..

    Bhoomika Chawla played her part with dedication and determination, although her performance wasn't as powerful as salman's performance..

    Sachin Khedakar playing Salman's brother in the movie played his part with good dialogue delivery..

    If you are looking for a movie that is different and interesting throughout then 'Tere Naam' would make you feel determined to watch this film..
  • this is one of the best movies i have ever seen, this show how a man can change his entire life by just one who he loves. from a thug he became a crazy lover, that doesn't want to c anything less than his love.

    radhe (salman Khan) is a honest man with a heart of gold. He is a loner who is caught up in this world, he falls for the innocent and simple nirjara (Bhomika Chawla), the daughter of a village priest. Nirjara is shackled to here culture and values, and because of this she rejects radhes love. but a sudden twist in fate soon creates havoc in their lives. the clock is ticking, will she be able to declare her love for radhe on time and save him for the sadness obsession and insanity ahead?? watch it and ul c!!
  • sameer_4_all20 August 2003
    I am not that kind of guy who goes to theater to watch hindi movie but this film drag me in not only once but twice. One of the best movie ever made in hindi cinema. Salman Khan proved himself as a mature actor by this movie, his performance is the highlight of this film and Satish kaushik used whole cast very cleverly. A Must to watch for hindi cinema's viewer
  • this was quite a good movie with great beautiful music Satish Kaushik delivers a slightly disturbing tale of an obsessed lover and how the girl begins to like him but after that things go terribly wrong so like a Satish Kaushik film well Jainendra Jain who wrote a 2-hour script really makes a classic to watch but this movie has flaws like the ending what was that i hope that Satish Kaushik can make his stories better with improved endings overall it's a great movie if you're a sadness avoider in some areas Himesh Reshammiya's beautiful music is soulfull as the voices of Alka Yagnik and Udit Narayan just beautifully ring through all the songs good movie overall worth the watch
  • The reason that I wanted to see this was movie was a result of all the hype that this was an on-screen depiction of Aishwarya and Salman's affair. Disappointingly, only the first half can be said to be like that. The second half takes a completely unexpected turn and has no resemblance whatsoever to the love affair. As much as I hate Salman for all the crazy things he has done, I must say he acted well in this movie. I liked the different role of a complex character with an enormous ego falling in love with the submissive, traditional girl. However, this unique and perhaps even disturbing relationship was never developed. The story has a different ending, keeping the tagline in mind. The movie ends with unanswered questions and leaves you pondering over questions like "Was it meant to be like this? Why did this happen? Who is at fault? Did they deserve it?" I am not particularly a fan of such movies, especially when I am expecting a masala movie about the affair of my favorite actress. However, if you're into art movies, you might like this one.
  • Tere naam is an amazing movie. The music is awesome it has nice melody's with nice lyrics. In your name, i have bequeathed my entire life being the main line of the title song.

    The story revolves around a thuggish bully who falls madly in love with a shy new girl that is the priests daughter.. Saying anymore would be a spoiler. Th most enjoyable salma khan movie it never bores you for even a minute and you really do feel for him. 10 out of 10 but im not sure if it really is a true love story.

    Brilliant acting by salman and bhoomika and some of the heartbroken scenes are soul searching! Maybe the best love story ever! To all those salman khan fans, this is a must see.
  • Tere Naam is a remake of Tamil Movie 'Sethu'. This movie stars Salman Khan (Radhe), Bhumika Chawla (Nirjara), Sarfaraz Khan (Aslam). I saw this movie when it was aired on TV. The first few minutes of the movie is just boring with over the top action, a so called item song, and typical Indian Drama, horrible cinematography, I expected this flick to be a Below Average Masala Movie. But soon this movie starts getting better. Overall the first half of the movie is decent or we can say Good. The second half brings an unexpected storm for the viewers or after such a decent first half, I didn't expect such a brilliant second half. The story has pain which is enough to make you cry, for all the people heartbroken by love, this movie will play with the strings of your heart and leave you in tears.

    Performances - Salman Khan breathes fire in his role. Radhe's character has layers of Obsession, Rowdiness, Pain and Insanity and Salman nails all the layers. Salman was considered to be a below average actor with well toned muscles, attractive attitude and amazing screen presence, but Salman proves the haters wrong with this one. He is just amazing and now I consider him as an amazing actor. Bhumika Chawla is decent in Nirjara's role. Nothing extraordinary but nothing bad too Sarfaraz Khan plays his role well The Rest of the cast is good

    Music - Music of this movie is fabulous. Himesh Reshammiya does a fantastic job with the music. Udit Narayan is a legend and his voice is the heart of this Music Album. Sukhwinder Singh sings the very tough song 'Lagan Lagi' amazingly. Alka Yagnik is fab!

    Summary - This Movie is not for the weak hearted people. The First Few Minutes of the movie is boring and overall the first half is decent, but it's worth the wait for the extraordinary second half. Salman delivers a spectacular performance. I loved this movie. I will give this 8 out of 10!

    Should you watch this? Yes! To witness some spectacular performance and an emotionally draining story! Don't forget to carry tissues and thank me later!
  • saudaliazaz27 February 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Salman khan bollywood king Super looking my favorite looking
  • shreyanshsinha27 December 2017
    This movie touches the sentiments. Nice act by Salman. Awesome all in all.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Tere Naam is an Indian Bollywood film. A remake of the Tamil hit Sethu, the film was directed by Satish Kaushik and released on August 15, 2003. The film stars Salman Khan and Bhoomika Chawla in leading roles.

    The film is about Radhey Mohan (Salman Khan), a rowdy ex-college boy who, after a ragging (hazing) session, loses his heart to first year student Nirjara (Bhoomika), a traditional Brahmin girl. Just when Nirjara reciprocates his love, Radhey is attacked by a gang of thugs, loses his mind and is admitted to an ashram where, it is hoped, the more traditional means of treatment could have a therapeutic effect on him. Eventually he returns to normal, and rushes back to Nijaras house, only to find that she has committed suicide. After accepting this fact he returns to the ashram. In the end it shows Swamiji tending to nothing meaning that Radhey has been cured and has left the ashram fine except for the fact that he lost his love.
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