Sean: [grabs Wit and pins him to the wall] You! Shit!

Fon: [In Thai] You stole my friend's belongings, didn't you? Time to hand it back.

Wit: [In Thai] What are you talking about? I have no idea.

Fon: [In Thai] You have no idea how important it is. Hand it back!

Wit: [In Thai] Come on, how can I steal it?

Fon: [In Thai] Liar!

Wit: [In Thai] I didn't steal anything. Honestly!

Fon: [In Thai] Liar! Hand it back now!

Wit: [In English to Sean] Mr. Sean, you know me right? I wouldn't steal from you, I'm a good boy.

Sean: [Sean grabs him and frisks him. He finds a small drawstring sack and takes a wad of American hundred dollar bills out] And this?

[Sean grabs him by the ears and shakes him]

Sean: What's this! You little pimp! Who'd you sell it to? WHO'D YOU SELL IT TO?

Fon: Sean! What are you doing? We're in the street!

Sean: Look! Don't fuck me about! You know what I'm talking about! Where's my drugs!

Wit: I don't know!


[He pulls out a gun and points it at Wit's face]

Sean: I will shoot you in your face if you don't tell me where my drugs are!

Wit: I don't know!

Fon: Sean, what are you doing? This is not like you!

Sean: Not like me? YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW ME!

[turns back to Wit]

Sean: TELL ME!

Wit: I said I don't know!

Sean: TELL ME!

Wit: Okay!

Sean: Where? WHERE?

Wit: Bang Kaaw Dang.

Sean: [puts his gun away and leads Wit to the street] Alright. Let's go! TAXI!

Hea Mah: Business or pleasure?

Sean: Business.